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  1. This ended up working for me, full code, use and modify as needed @ECHO off ECHO Starting Batch Extract ECHO Adding RAR and ECM to PATH SETLOCAL PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files (x86)\WinRAR;C:\Program Files (x86)\ECM ECHO Parsing .part01.rar style files FOR /f "usebackq tokens=*" %%a IN (`dir /a:-d /b /o:gne /s *.part01.rar`) DO (ECHO Changing to %%~dpa & cd %%~dpa & rar e %%~nxa Extracted\) ENDLOCAL The purpose of this program is to take a bunch of ISO images I made a long time ago, extract them one at a time, then run a program called ECM on them to remove the error code stuff from each image file, then recompress it with 7zip, and delete the original rars and the extracted iso and ecm file. It saves me about 50mb per image after compression. That may not seem like a lot, until you consider that I make a backup of everything I ever buy bc I am bad with scratching cd's. I have a 1tb terastation nearly full of images like that (around 700GB of actual usable drive space with raid 5). I've removed the part of the for loop that runs ECM, recompresses the data with 7zip and removes the originals plus extracted stuff. I had to use the usebackq option to the for loop to get it to process the dir command, and set tokens=* to get it to output the full file name including spaces into %%a Hope this helps someone else in the future. Credit for some of the code goes to computerhope.com.
  2. Firstly, is it possible to put the output of a program I am running into an environment variable, or multiple, and if so, how do I do it? What I'm trying to do is take a directory listing and put each line of output into an environment variable which I can then run through a for loop. I'd use shift to shift each new directory I want to go to into %1. The goal is to extract a bunch of rar files in different directories without knowing the full path to each .rar file. Basically a mass extract. Something like the following pseudo code: @echo off for %%dirname in (dir /a:d /o:gne /b /s) do cd %%dirname rar x *.rar It gets all of the directories below the current, traverses them, extracts whatever rar file is in that directory (they are all old style rars with the .rar -> .r00 -> .r01 etc extensions), and then moves on to the next directory.
  3. Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control x64 Addon Microsoft Update Catalog is a site that allows you to manually download any update by searching for it by it's knowledgebase id. It will allow you to search for for updates with the same knowledgebase id on different versions of windows. The Microsoft Update Catalog is located at http://update.catalog.microsoft.com This addon slipstreams the Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control into Windows XP x64 SP2. Note that upon visiting the Microsoft Update Catalog for the first time, the default security settings of Internet Explorer will prompt you to RUN the control. Do not be fooled by the warning, and think it is asking you to install, it is not. Once you accept this, you will need to exit Internet Explorer, and re-visit the site for it to allow you enter. This will only occur the first time you visit the site. Language: English File Size: 67.79 KB MD5: 71d88e67fa34e1ebccb06761a55e748f Download: MediaFire EDIT: Just realized a typo in the entries.ini .. I have fixed it and reuploaded it. The link now points to the fixed one.
  4. So if anyone has been to Windows Update or Microsoft Update since March 25, you may have noticed a new update, KB943729, under Software Updates, the non-critical ones. If you tried to download it manually thru the download center, you might have noticed that after installing, it still shows up in Windows Update/Microsoft Update. This is because the version in the download center is out of date. It was published on 3/6/08, whereas the version on WU/MU was put together on 3/12, even though it wasn't released for just over 2 weeks. Anyways, I just wanted to point out that I have found a valid download location for the one on Windows Update, that is a direct link from Microsoft. Either go to http://catalog.update.microsoft.com and type in the KB ID yourself and find the one for your version of windows, or go to http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdo...d734b36ff18.exe for the XP Pro x64 version.
  5. Microsoft Update x64 Addon Microsoft Update is a tool similar to Windows Update, but that may eventually replace Windows Update. Upon visiting the Microsoft Update site, the Microsoft Update ActiveX Control scans your computer to see what updates are available for various Microsoft Software products, including Windows, Office, and a few others. This addon slipstreams Microsoft Update into Windows XP x64 SP2. Note that upon visiting Microsoft Update for the first time, the default security settings of Internet Explorer will prompt you to RUN the control. Do not be fooled by the warning, and think it is asking you to install, it is not. This can be disabled by a registry patch that you run at GUIRunOnce, if you like, but I do not offer that patch. Language: English File Size: 3.46 MB MD5: 102AC563F55DD2C3C03265B40D52B74A Download: MediaFire
  6. So, I decided to have nuhi look at this, and also to take a look at Boooggy's addon. I ended up taking Boooggy's DataStor.edb and putting it in my zip, and it worked.. A few hours later, I got an email from nuhi saying that I had incorrectly named the file.. The file itself was named DataStore.edb instead of DataStor.edb .... Go figure that I wouldn't notice something so stupid. So now I am trying to test it but I think my PSU is failing cause the comp keeps powering down when compressing a 34MB installer, and when I remove that it powers down while recompressing the cabinets..... SO I can't release the pack until I get it tested, but if someone wants to test it for me, please PM me your email, since it is too large to upload here.
  7. But if they weren't installed correctly, you would have compatibility issues because of mixed versions of dll's, not to mention that just because the registry entry is there doesn't mean wu/mu will see the hotfix as installed, because it does check file versions afaik
  8. Yes, the order matters, to an extent. nLite will figure out which updates go where, with the exception being the IE7 installer, and any IE7 updates. What I do is I take my original CD, and integrate IE7 by itself, with no other modification done to the CD, and make an ISO. Then I delete the folder, and extract the IE7 iso into that folder. Then I do all of my hotfix integrations, including IE7 hotfixes (it will figure out which ones go in what order this way), as well as doing all of the other mods (drivers, unattended, patches, and tweaks). Then when nlite gets to the make iso page, I minimize it and run the WMP 11 slipstreamer to integrate WMP11 and all of it's hotfixes. Once that is done, I bring up nlite again and make the ISO. This way when I go to windows update, it shows 0 critical, 0 high priority, and I dont get any compatibility issues.
  9. Hi Boooggy, that pack is great, but I'm a bit of a nut about things (like customers that call support saying that this is wrong etc).. The pack breaks 8.3 filename spec, and includes a cat file that I won't need, to say the least. There's other stuff I could gripe about but, ultimately it boils down to the fact that I am tryin to learn this stuff, so having you do it for me, while much appreciated, doesn't help me figure out why my pack is broken..
  10. That didn't work either. Just to reiterate, the problem is that nlite is not copying the DataStor.ed_ from the temp folder that it extracts addons to, to the source, but it is creating the entries for it in the txtsetup and dosnet files. Possibly a bug?
  11. Thx, I'll try it and report back in a min. What do you mean not using the latest ones? How can I tell? I copied these files from a virtual machine i just installed and went to ms update on.
  12. Anyone? Someone must know why nlite refuses to copy DataStor.ed_ into the source?
  13. So I'm trying to convert xable's MS Update addon at http://xable.net/dl/addons/xable_Microsoft...-v1.1_addon.cab to the 64-bit version of MS Update. I have gotten all the required files, and got the addon to integrate, but when I go to install, 2 files won't copy. wwups2.dll and DataStore.edb .. I found the problem with wwups2.dll .. The entry already existed in TXTSETUP.SIF so I modified the txtsetup_files entry for that file in my entries.ini to mirror that of the entry in TXTSETUP.SIF, but DataStore.edb (DataStor.ed_) for some reason didn't copy to either the AMD64 or I386 directory. Attached are the .inf and entries.ini Note that the entries.ini originally used 100 instead of 1 for the DataStore.edb but that failed, so I changed it to 1, and am testing that now, but I don't know if it will work either. entries_MicrosoftUpdateEngine.ini mu.inf
  14. It shouldn't affect anything with intel processors. It just has a more recent driver date, so when windows looks for drivers for your processor, if this driver supports the processor, windows chooses it over the default one. You dont install this by the inf file, you install it by integrating via nlite's driver integration, or thru device manager, like any other driver. This is NOT an addon, and I will not make an addon version of this. It's too simple to go to device manager, find your processor, right click it and click update driver for me to bother making an addon for it. If this driver does support your processor, the device manager will let you install the driver. If this driver doesn't then it will say unable to find any new drivers for this device. The easiest way to tell if you need this driver is to go to MS update (on a clean non-updated install) and look in the hardware, optional section. If you see anything about AMD Processors, then you know you need it.
  15. There is an update on MS Update for AMD Processors. I couldn't find any info about it on the MS website, but I did manage to find some info about it on the web, and even a download of all of the files it includes so you can manually install it. I've attached it here. It basically enables the AMD Cool'nQuiet features on all processors that support it. This has both the x86 and x64 driver, and the inf will install the proper one for whichever OS (XP or 2k3 32-bit or 64-bit, and possibly even 2k, not sure tho) It can be integrated via nlite's driver integration, and satisfies MS Update. Make sure you integrate this in the driver integration portion, of nlite, not in the Addons section. AMD_Processor_MS_Update.zip

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