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  1. Excellent nuhi, this is my favourite nLite version yet. Have created 2 seperate isos (one for main machine, one for laptop) without a single issue. Flawless Victory!
  2. Congratulations nuhi on a terrific application
  3. obviously that guy just has no idea about Windows or nLite. stfu please
  4. Sounds to me like you're doing this commercially, ie, for a business? I believe this violates nLites license?
  5. Well done guys - deserve all the recognition you get!
  6. wow this thread is bonkers What's nLite?
  7. You better read the nLite License, you cannot use nLite in a commercial environment.
  8. Excellent... very much looking forward to an XPize independant release
  9. Just wanted to confirm running the latest nLite 1.3 with many options removed, I have no issues running the latest 1.6.0a release of XAMPP B)
  10. WOW looks fantastic! I'm loving these new releases - all thanks to XPero going OS with his source code *applauds* Terrific job B)
  11. Would be greatful if you could point out which backgrounds look pixelated... You are correct, that is how I created the black backgrounds. Probably just me being picky (the Wizards in your first post screenshot is an indication of some of the pixelated edges). Like I said, not a big deal tho, just me being picky! Looking forward to the next release
  12. any chance you could share just the logoff dialogue box?
  13. Question if i may... Can this be slipstreamed into an Unattended CD like Xpize can? Or do I need to slipstream Xpize and then run this once Windows has been installed? Also, it appears as tho the images where the backgrounds have been replaced (with a darker gradient) look to have pixelated edges?
  14. Because sometimes, you just have to move with the times... Looking good XPero.. I'd have to agree with a few others tho, definately need a progress bar of sorts for boot screen. Cheers
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