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  1. The windows file protection is still an issue in xpsp3 5512. I still have to add some files to the install after the os is loaded. Can Nuhi fix it so it dose not show up at all. Last_Session.ini
  2. Would you please not add any spam to your addons. It infects people's machines. You need to remove the ebay spam files from your addon's.
  3. If you intergrate drivers in nlite then you loose the ability to install hardware. Example Netowrk Adapters Please fix nuhi
  4. i have installed ryan's update pack and have included dot net 3.0 as an addon
  5. the newest nlite dose not pick up hardware correcty on a live system. It also dose not find any live hard ware on os install. also drives are not kept. i have not selected any drivers to be removed and all i get is my own drivers that i have intrergrated into the cd. PLEASE HELP Nlite_v1.3.ini
  6. I still cant login into vmware's nlite xp iso. <br /><br />And there is no unattented settings made.<br /><br />I have told nlite to install the xp recovery concle and it dose not do it. <br /><br />Also i get an accembly error when i intergrate open officwe 2.1.0 using ryans intergrater program <br /><br />PLEASE HELP Got it working had somewhing to do with .net
  7. Still did not work going back to nlite v1.2.1 to test
  8. I cant log in to the newly created nlite disk. I used Ryan intergrater v1.4.2 with update pack 1.5a. And alot of other update software. What could be the problem. Please help
  9. i ran ryans intergrater and intergrated all of my updates and the addon pack from his site. the only file that i added to the ryan's update 7z file was msi.dll out of the 100% cpu svchost.exe hotfix. i re ran nlite and when i was finished with the install i get a login in sscreen and i cant login the machine is unresponsive to and commands the mouse locks at the first login in screen what has caused this LAST_SESSION.INI
  10. i did that and it is still 300 meg
  11. What is causingf this to happen all i have updated is the explorer.exe file and the ntoskrnl exe file with vista resources also my programs crash after i leave them alone for a few minutes any help will be acepted
  12. Some removed features are not being removed in nlite in Program Files Directory frontpage movie maker msn gaming zone netmeeting outlook express windows nt xerox what do i need to check in nlite to get these to stay removed Last_Session.ini
  13. Nuhi can you add the option tyo install the recovery concle as an addon to nlite.
  14. dose xpize support win 2k

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