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  2. i430VX

    Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    For what its worth, the .exe installers function just fine on XP x64 edtion/Server 2003 http://prntscr.com/nfv7qn (note: I believe this installer screenshot is from around the 8u170-era but i can confirm that it still works.)
  3. heinoganda

    Microsoft security essentials and Windows XP

    It was anticipated that the end of MSE definitions would come. Have myself made some tests, but unsuccessful. Thus, MSE has definitely become unusable without the possibility of updating the definition or engine.
  4. A newbie to this site,although have been following this thread for some time now..I am currently running NewMoon ver.28.5.0a1 -32 bit on xp....A question I have is when new updates are posted byRoy...When the updates are posted under the heading “Test Binary”..are these stable versions or are they considered as betas?...One other thing I would like to mention..I am writing this from my Ipad...because for the life of me I can not figure out how to correctly send a post from my desktop computer...Only ad blocker I have on it isNoScript whichI disable when on MSFN..Where a message appears to reply for writing your post,nothing happens!!....Hope this is understood.
  5. erpdude8

    Internet Explorer 11 will be available for Windows 8!!

    like duh (I mean yes) Jody that's why I don't remove IE10 - the MSU package needs to update some IE files to version 11 and if they're not present then IE11 won't get installed I'm gonna try installing IE11 (KB4492872) on my relative's old HP a6050y desktop PC running Win8.0 Pro and see how it goes - it already has the April 2019 rollup (KB4493451) so I don't need the Feb. 2019 updates
  6. erpdude8

    Server 2012 Updates on Windows 8

    yup. I manually extracted the specific cab file and used dism.exe to install it - seems to go quickly than usual though (which meant it installed/updated a few files) but anyways, .NET 4.8 just came out also IE11 for Win8 Embedded / Server 2012 R0 from MS support article 4492872 which has some Prerequisites (or IE11 installation may fail, also IE10 must be enabled/installed for the package to upgrade from IE10 to IE11)
  7. although MS ended support for XP POSReady 2009 on April 9, 2019 (for those XP users who have used the posready reg hack) - no more new posready updates will be made btw, Lenovo has only Win10 downloads for OP's Lenovo desktop PC (it's a 310s-08iap), no Win7 downloads available
  8. OK, so "bootstrapped" add-ons are something that have been around since FF 4.0 (!), but Waterfox is just now adding support. (Horrible name, by the way. "Restartless" is much more descriptive.) So Jody was right: if Waterfox had been UXP-based, it would already have had that support. I'm guessing that Waterfox was forked from FF 56, the last version with any XUL add-on support, and "bootstrapped" extension support had already been removed from FF 56, and now Waterfox is putting it back in. Good grief. Talk about the memory hole! Not only have we removed all support for XUL add-ons, and removed all XUL add-ons from even the "older versions" section of our add-ons page, we're even going to remove the documentation and try to pretend that these things never existed! Good thing there's web.archive.org.
  9. erpdude8

    DX12 Win 7

    it's only the D3D (direct3d) portion of DX12 that is getting back ported to Win7
  10. Jody Thornton

    Internet Explorer 11 will be available for Windows 8!!

    Yeppers - I learned since that's not the reason .... but ..... Are you saying that if I restore IE 10, and then install a February 2019 security rollup - I CAN upgrade to IE 11? For real? I have installed the latest IE10 rollup, so it sounds like (from your description) all I need to do is restore IE10 (which would mean that my first reason is actually in part - true after all)
  11. Today
  12. erpdude8

    Internet Explorer 11 will be available for Windows 8!!

    that's not the only reason, Jody. if you read MS support KB article 4492872 about IE11 for Server 2012 / Windows Embedded 8 Standard: need to install at least any of the Feb. 2019 updates for Win8/Server 2012 or newer before attempting to install IE11 (and restore the IE10 feature from Add/Remove Components). edit: unlike the IE11 downloads for Win7 SP1 / Server 2008 R2 SP1 which are in EXE files, the IE11 downloads for Win8 are packaged in MSU files
  13. Nothing NEW here; I'm starting to get the impression your web searching skills are falling behind : https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Archive/Add-ons/Bootstrapped_extensions aka "restartless" addons; according to the page itself, Regards
  14. markhunts

    New network: or

    Na man there's no specific reason why you should use over any other IP address. You can SETUP ANY IP ADDRESS THAT YOU WISH TO!!! iF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT CLICK HERE
  15. Mathwiz

    Possible to get Skype 8 up and running on XP?

    Skype Web works even though you admit you're on WinXP? Earlier reports said you had to lie & say you were on Windows 10
  16. JFX

    WinNTSetup v3.9.4

    Yes The WofCompress tool for Win7 - win10 http://jfx.cwcodes.net/WofCompress/WofCompress.7z
  17. My confusion results from the fact that it preserved XUL APIs for "classic" add-ons. In fact, Classic Add-Ons Archive had to make a special kludge for Waterfox to run in multiprocess mode. There would be no point in that if XUL add-ons couldn't be used.... After my last question, I sort of hate to ask, but what the heck are "Bootstrapped" add-ons, and why does anyone need them? The WebExtensions API, I dig, because of the aforementioned multiprocess mode. But another new add-on type so soon after WE? It's really starting to sound like Mozilla is just making random changes for the sake of making random changes.
  18. Dave-H

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    I tried the new file, and it seems to work fine. Strangely, the quality on some of the system sounds seems a bit rough now, but I don't know if that's worse with the new file or not. Playing music tracks, both MP3 and WAV, sounds fine though. I'll have to try and do a comparison. I'm definitely not using HDARUN, which doesn't sound like a good idea from what you were saying! EDIT: I tried reverting to the older hdaicout.hda, and the sound quality is exactly the same. It's mainly the system sounds like the ringing tones and chimes which sound rough. One thing I have noticed is that with the old file there are two "pops" from the speakers as the desktop loads, with the new one there's only one!
  19. VistaLover

    Newest Adobe Flash and Shockwave, and Java, too!

    Latest .EXE files (installers) have been uploaded now! http://faucet.aas.duke.edu/pub/pc/bigfix/patches/java/jre-8u211-windows-i586.exe http://faucet.aas.duke.edu/pub/pc/bigfix/patches/java/jre-8u212-windows-i586.exe But these are valid for Vista+ users, only ; Duke Uni DO NOT upload the .tar.gz archives necessary for XP ...
  20. MVoloshin

    KernelEx for Win2000

    Blackwingcat, could you tell me which versions of Intel and AMD AHCI and VGA drivers from Windows Legacy Update are the most stable and well-tested for now, please?
  21. I just downloaded this and ran it, and although apparently nothing happened visually, it did work. I thought those files didn't work on XP any more? Anyway, I guess that's the last one. Microsoft Update offered a definition update, but always failed with error 0x800700F, which is something to do with failing a licence check. MSE itself goes through the motions and then fails with an unspecified "network problem". The definition being offered by MS Update was, which is later than the one I just installed, which is 1.291.2489.0. I don't know which one is actually current (there seems to be a big gap between them!) but MSE seems happy at the moment that it's up to date.
  22. Ok that looks better. --) Wonder how long before Mozilla starts complaining about copyright or something.
  23. Hi Pythoners, I have quite an unusual problem here. I have newest python 2 and python 3 installed together with python launcher and PIP, all coming from newest, official installers from python.org. And I wanted to install Spyder IDE for them. For various reasons I am not going with Anaconda, as they suggest, or any other python distro like python(x, y) or WinPython. I decided for the PIP way spyder3 went smooth, I just needed to: pip3 install pyqt5 pip3 install spyder And it works like a charm. Hovewer, spyder 2 is not that easy. For pyqt for python 2 is not avaliable via pip, so it looks like buildig from source, as described here, is the only way that will work for me. Unfortunately, it requires having sip for python, which is also not available via pip and one have to build using source code. And this is the moment I am quite lost. I managed to run configure.py using python 2, all paths were valid, I managed to find makefile files it created... and don't know what to do next. SIP installation instruction assumes that reader can use "make" command and is experienced in C\C++ building, and I'm not at all. I googled a bit and tried to use nmake, simply passing my makefile as a parameter, but only got a response "cannot build" What I need a hand with: First, I would like to get that built and installed. this case simply got me curious. Secondly, I don't even know if this will allow me to install spyder2 using pip2, and this is my ultimate goal. My setup is Win10 Enterprise, major build 1703, and a Visual Studio express 2015 - and "enterprise" means, I cannot use any other. Any help is welcome.
  24. win32

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    It is just as stable as vanilla Windows 2000 and still very fast, though competing with Server 2003 x86 (and apparently XP x64) in performance. On my ThinkPad T60 I get "unknown hard error" dialogs from time to time, though the OS never crashes, and the software rarely does.
  25. deomsh

    Audio driver for Realtek HD Audio Hardware?

    @Dave-H: I finished the Realtek ALC883 HDAICOUT.HDA. If you'de like to test: rename your working version to HDAICOUT.OKE , rename the new file to HDAICOUT.HDA , copy to your %windir% and reboot. Please attach HDAICIN.TXT Dave-H_ALC883_Hdaicout.hda.200
  26. Jody Thornton

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    And just how stable is Windows 2000 with KernelEx? Does it slow down the OS any?
  27. win32

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    All of @roytam1's browsers work with the extended kernel, as do most XP-compatible software titles, and a few smaller utilities for Windows 7 and up (Throttlestop, Acrobat Reader DC off the top of my head). The universal Boingo WLAN client supports more EAP methods than the XP SP2 native client. If you don't do DX10+ gaming or need modern MTP support, Windows 2000 still goes very far.
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