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  2. Hi, I'm using Windows 10 with Aero Glass and Translucent TB. When certain apps are playing animations, I get a very strange artifacting/screen tearing problem. It tends to happen mostly with Windows Store apps and browsers playing YouTube videos. It also sometimes happens while watching a Discord screenshare. It's difficult to replicate because it doesn't happen consistently, and I also can't get a capture of it. [Doesn't appear on screen recordings or to those watching my screen.] Any help is appreciated, I'm at a loss for what to do. Thanks in advance!
  3. Official announcement: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/windows-it-pro-blog/sha-1-windows-content-to-be-retired-august-3-2020/ba-p/1544373 Opinion: https://virtuallyfun.com/wordpress/2020/08/04/microsoft-to-delete-legacy-updates-in-the-great-sha-1-purge What a sad day!
  4. This is so awesome!! I wish someone could create generic Bluetooth Low Energy/Bluetooth 4.0 drivers too for Windows 7 (and Vista).
  5. Oh gosh! I hope someone creates an unofficial SP3 for Windows XP x64!
  6. I tried MBSA again, and the result was the same. It spent ages downloading the data, and then said it had failed to download it! It then performed a scan using the old version from 2018. I suspect it hasn't actually failed to download the data, it's just decided that it can't use it, exactly the same as WUMT. I'm now getting five identical error messages in the Windows Application Event Log on every boot,! I think what I'm going to do now is restore the entire SoftwareDistribution folder from a backup I made a week ago, before any of this happened. Hopefully this will get rid of the error messages, unless something in the registry is causing them. BTW FWIW Belarc Advisor is still working fine for me, and tells me I'm not missing any updates!
  7. Version numbers are highly misleading. If you compare the "whatsnew" of both, you will very likely find that the version 28.10 from here includes nightly patches that have not made it into version 28.12 from "there". ie, "here" might be a 'lower' version number but it contain NEWER fixes/patches than a official release from "there". And to confuse the two will get you thumped in the head by people from over "there", lol.
  8. The Permissions Manager does not seem to work in this build of v27.
  9. I doubt what you've done will cause any problems, but it is strange that the behaviour on your system isn't the same as on mine and Daniel's.
  10. the newer clients work anyways in small mode like win32 and i have already investigated , but in broken form with big picture mode or small mode the only way to use it at the bare minimum. The main task is getting everything to work , you will need a working steamhelper aswell to get it to work.
  11. I've gotten newer clients working without a browser, so only small mode works. Also, I only get the superior old chat UI.
  12. can you click on view games and actually see them? and do you get the new chat interface? on chrome 72
  13. Is there any news about New Moon 28.12? I ask since we are still on version 28.10
  14. @Dylan Cruz Mse is not working on my vista system today 9th August. It was fine yesterdy. Gives a message that it cannot install the definition update. Perhaps MS have nobbled it.
  15. Can't get Oct 30th Steam working, so I don't know if Chromium 76 will work
  16. As Ben said, it's purely cosmetic. I know it's not adequate; I just wanted to do it because I can. I don't run any antivirus at all on Windows 2000 and haven't had any issues, so XP + MSE seems like a decent combo to me. I'll never be able to update MSE again, so why be updated with its colors? I thought Windows 10 Defender was annoying, but I was on Vista the other day and extracted a 7Z file from MSFN and MSE 4.4.304 promptly removed the files.... guess it's trying to send me a message
  17. Thanks, @VistaLover - this really clears a lot of things up, even though I did manage to get somewhere at last. Eventually, I figured out that mpam-fe.exe was no longer compatible with XP as you said and my attempts to extract MpSigStub and all that failed as well. I ended up finding the last compatible mpam-fe.exe (~475 days old now) and running that. Old, but better than nothing. I'm not kidding myself that this is adequate for XP, but it's better than nothing, I figured. Now, my MSE is yellow instead of red - sometimes, it's even green! No issues at all on Vista. I have 4.4.304 there and manually running the definition worked well.
  18. Got the Chromium 72 built into the Oct 2nd 2019 Steam to work, but with one major issue I put the Windows 7 x64 CEF into the XP CEF folder, so Steam loaded it, then I used -no-cef-sandbox Will try this with Chromium 76 Steam
  19. I don't really know, it was just the first thing I tried when I heard about the extended kernel
  20. The main advantage of creating a folder for each update is that all the extracted files that pkgmgr extracts will be contained in them. It's easier to maintain and then delete. Plus, I had a few errors (not sure why) when trying to install without specifying a temporary directory, so I like to do it just in case.
  21. Great so I got all English files installed now. With this batch file, I installed all the cab ones without making any mess of tons of files in the folder where the cabs themselves are located: md %tmp%\Updates cmd /c for %%U in (*.cab) DO pkgmgr /ip /m:"%%U" /s:"%tmp%\Updates" /quiet /norestart rd %tmp%\Updates /q /s
  22. The updates that say pt-pt or ptg are in Portuguese. All others are language neutral. In fact, the Ultimate Extras are language neutral (forgot to change the folder names). I'd estimate only an extremely small amount of them are specific to my language. Just install the "cab" files through pkgmgr. Works just like you installed them through Windows Update. If you give that Ultimate Extras folder to your friend, he should know how to integrate them into the ISO. I did go multiple times through this list at the time I compiled it, but I'll try to see what daniel_k has.
  23. It would be a really strange PC, with no bootable USB but with a BIOS/NIC capable of PXE boot. AFAICR while USB and PXE booting were introduced at the same time, USB was adopted faster, at least in comsumer hardware, and while circa 2001/2002 *any* PC would have USB booting, not that many motherboards had a built-in NIC with PXE ROM (and even common PCI NIC's had rarely the PE "ROM" socket actually populated with a chip. jaclaz
  24. Probably not. Try deleting Avcodec-57.dll or replacing it by renaming an earlier version.
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