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HFSLIP - Test releases


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I know this is a crazy idea, but given that you're having trouble with hfslip.org would you consider code.google.com or ourproject.org to host your project?

There you go I've said it..... awaiting flames from every corner of MSFN.

I'm not opposed to the idea. But please note that we aren't having trouble with the current site. It is just that our webmaster is on hiatus.

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When using the t release i get the following error.


The following value in the SIF-file that setup uses,

is damaged or missing:

The value 0 on the line with the key 999

in section [WinntDirectories]

Setup cannot continue. Press F3 to end setup.

not getting this error when using the S release

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Glowy, What is HF923800.INF? Do you get any other errors other than HF923800.INF not copying? Something tells me that HF923800.INF is the only prob. This is something you are adding in and not a hotfix.

Delete the HF923800.INF = 1,,,,,,,999,0,0 line from your txtsetup and it should work fine (hint type in makeiso instead of i have read the instructions. A new iso will be created using the sourcess folder.

It seems that the prob lies in HFSLIP_PRE_KB838079.CMD or HFSLIP_PRE_KB923800.CMD. Is there a way I can view those files? Where did you get them?

edit again - looks like you can delete those two CMD files I just mentioned. They are outdated and not required. Rerun hfslip and you should be OK. Please report back.

Edited by tommyp
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It is updated now for those who are in a hurry. But TP hasn't had a chance to check the changes to ensure I didn't screw something up, so proceed with caution until he chimes in.

Sorry I'm so slow on the webmastering...we really need Tomcat76 back :(

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Was it causing a problem? No. However, V1.7.9 includes the same killbits as v1.7.8. It's ridiculous to continually update the hfslip for activex killbits that are released every month. There was a lot of back and forth killbit discussion on the past few pages. The conclusion that evolved is that hfslip processes msft killbits hotfixes without error.

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Hello All,

Just finished my testing of v1.7.9 with Windows 2000 and it worked fantastic!

The only modifications I had to make were:

Put DNF1120 from Silent .NET Maker synthesized in HFSVCPACK folder.

Put "Windows2000-WindowsMedia-KB952069-x86-ENU.exe" and "Windows2000-KB958470-x86-ENU.EXE" in HFSVCPACK_SW1 folder changing the filenames to KB952069 and KB958470 respectively.

Put "Silverlight3" in HFSVCPACK_SW2 folder changing the filename to SL3 and changing switch to \q for silent install.

With those changes in place everything ran smooth.... no copy errors ....no updates missing .... heck, no errors at all.

Great job tommyp. Thanks to everyone who posted helps to get me through.

Now it on to testing XP. Report back when I'm finished.


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