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HFSLIP - Test releases


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hi tp, I'm happy with the wm11 codec slipstream, good stuff :)

It's amazing to find that you could slim it down to 160 MB, I could only manage down to around 400 MB for my Win XP.

On the subject of HFCLEANUP I'm having a minor issue. I use the Driver_DisplayAdapters.rdv and with 1.7.9 I got no issue, but with the 1.7.10 during the GUI install around T-36 I got prompted with a screen asking for msyuv.dll. I'm sure that msyuv.dl file is listed in the rdv so I shouldn't get that prompt. Can I try to re-enable your code on line 2912 - 2928, I don't mind longer waiting time for my slipstream.


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Gluon - Every PC and what people want to use is all different. Sounds like you need a file that I don't. Here's what you can try. Go through the reducers and locate the problematic binary. Search for msyuv.dl (notice that the last letter is omitted). Then you can either remove that reducer, or you can remove that particular line from the reducer. The reducers are all text files. Good luck!

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Hi Tom :)

I have a question for ya...

The only residue file left after install is hfslipwu.inf. In sysoc.inf you've added 'hide' for the 'WinUpdate' part and then i thought why not delete that file from e.g. a runonce regkey, and also why add a non-hidden OC 'CLEANUP' section which does nothing(calls a non-existing addreg section)?

Just curious :)

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Martin,

Once it was working, I decided to leave it alone. At one point in time, I had the program set up where you could run hfcleanup on a fully sourcess'd folder. Some of that functionality still exists ;). Because this effort was kind of halted due to time constraints and lack of hfslip funding, this resulted in some dead code. Then again, there's plenty of dead code in the script. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Those entries would only show up on the add/remove programs windows components anyway.


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So, tommy, what exactly was FDV's "special request" for beta E?


No biggie, really. In 2006 or so, I set permissions on all of the empty directories in 2000 in DEFLTWK.INF so that an admin call truly delete them. I carried that trick over to XP.

The added request for E is to run a new file, DELDIRS, to delete directories like:

system32\com_dmi, system32\ias, system32\1028 and others, etc. just before first boot.

There are a bunch listed in the file but networking in XP has a dependency on one of the folders, I don't know which one yet. I suspect dhcp or oobe. Haven't had time to find out.

So, beta E is just doing a bit more cleanup.

If this topic intrigues people, I encourage them to have a closer look at DEFLTWK.INF.

FWIW, I also assign WORLD to the time set permissions, and a few other little things as well, such as a branch in the registry required for my eventual mp3-Car PC fileset.

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New beta is up. Inki discovered a flaw when slipstreaming drivers when not using hfcleanup. All is fixed. If you haven't used hfexpert or hfcleanup, then this change probably won't affect you. Remember, I can't test all cases out, so please test away and report back. I'd like to make this a final one day.

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Helo TommyP, i used HFSLIP 1.7.10 BetaF and got this result in Windows XP SP3 PT-BR(Portuguese Brazilian):


In this Screen Says: "The install Program Cannot copy the file msimsg.mui."

The log File is in Attach^^ i use 1.7.9 normally and works fine, this started with 1.7.10 Beta.

PS: I used VMWare 6.5 to run The ISO made from Nlite. I used Nlite only to make the ISO.

Thanks for any light!



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I used the youngest beta and the newest hotfiles from MU to build an normal installcd with XPSP3 german, no ie8 ,no mp11.

All fine, thanks again for your work tommyp, fdv and all the others.



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