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p version fixes the wpdshext.res problem. works 100% for me (though I'm not including MSI 4.5)

Although that's weird, rev m and rev p work fine. it's rev n and o that give the wpdshext.res error.

You should re-check your HF list and clean it up.

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yeah, like including unneeded/obsolete/redundant hotfixes.

Just for kicks, I rebuilt using beta q and everything went just fine, no errors whatsoever.

Although I didn't include MSI 4.5 (is it really necessary??? I don't think so)


(and thx again, tommyp)

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Many thanks for Windows Installer 4.5 support!

I have tested Windows Installer 4.5 using Dutch Windows XP Pro SP3 including Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 8 and all security and other hotfixes and everything works flawlessly!


It's a shame Microsoft still haven't fixed their Windows Installer 4.5 installer as all included files have no valid digital signature. When installing Windows Installer 4.5 manually you would get big trouble whenever sfc reverts to Windows Installer 3.1 files.

Using HFSLIP SFC reports no errors to the user or asks for CD's, except the event log will contain notices.

@jvidal. MSI 4.5 isn't required, but is much faster than MSI 3.1 and contains additional features.

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nice release tommyp, MSI 4.5 is neatly slipstreamed :) ever since downloading DX9 August 2009 I just realised some DX11 runtime is included. The new dx11 dlls are slipstreamed perfectly and there is also a new library d3dcsx.

So I've got a feature request for a d3dcsx slipstream if you don't mind. The following modification is just a suggestion and most probably not be the best way of doing things.

Line 2144 needs to be modified to


and the following should be added to line 2167 (after D3DCompiler slipstream)

REN WORK\DX9EXTRA\d3dcsx_%%I d3dcsx_%%I
ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF d3dcsx_%%I = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0,d3dcsx_%%I&ECHO>>SOURCESS\I386\DOSNET.INF d1,d3dcsx_%%I

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Just wanted to let you know that in a another hfslip run (with version "r" this time) I had several files in the textmode phase of setup with the "could not be copied" error message. Files seemed not to be related to each other or to all belong to the same patch. Nothing changed compared to my previous attempts (except that I this time installed on a real system instead of a virtual one), so I'm really puzzled.

Not a big problem, as all these files (6 or 7 IIRC, among them "advpack.dll.mui", "jscript.dll.mui") were translation files only, i.e. "<something>.mui", but strange nevertheless. By the way, "wpdshext.res" was not affected this time.

What's going on here? Can someone confirm, or is this something only I experience with the new beta?

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