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  1. yep, dead. that's too bad. It was good while it lasted...
  2. All poetry aside, I insist, this project seems as dead as a doornail...
  3. Ok, so it seems this is officially dead by now...
  4. BTW, for some reason M$ is pushing the rvkroots update from december instead of the latest, even if you have aleady installed the latest it will insist you install the older one...
  5. we need a table with the replacement info, links and everything...
  6. Sure those updates are also compatible with "regular" winXP?
  7. Hey -x-, any dl links for the update? can't seem to find any in the links you posted Edit: Nevermind, searched on download.microsoft.com and found it disguised as a win2k3 update.
  8. Wow, an update! Thx a lot, mimo. Although,we might need a new version, adobe flash was updated again today (14.0.145) & MRT 5.14. c ya!
  9. Well, is this project dead or what?
  10. ah, ok, thx for the clarification... @bphlpt: Ever heard of virtualization????
  11. and what do those have to do with hfslip and winxp?????
  12. Sorry, but the hell is WEPOS and pos2009?????

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