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  1. There is a typo in the list at KB977377 there is a ! instead of a | so it's reported missing when it's there. Change: A|HF\WindowsXP-KB977377-x86-!lang!.exe!Security Advisory 977377: TLS/SSL to A|HF\WindowsXP-KB977377-x86-!lang!.exe|Security Advisory 977377: TLS/SSL
  2. missing (S): HF\msxml4-KB954430-NLD.EXE (MS08-069: XML Core Services (MSXML4)) KB954430 is not available in dutch. only in Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. Just like KB973685 (which shows me the correct ENU version)
  3. Same here.. can change language, but download is still ENG, seacrhed all over, but can't find a localized download. another localizable update: msxml6-KB973686-enu-x86.exe is reported as missing, while msxml6-KB973686-nld-x86.exe is reported as unknown
  4. hey thanks that works! (using 1.7.10 beta A) @tommyp any change this will be in the new 1.7.10 version?
  5. kb944882 is easely fixed. just remove the space from this line (between x8 and 6-intl) O|HF\windowsmedia11-kb944882-x8 6-intl.exe|Fix: Memory increases for each media file transfer
  6. Why quickly? it's not a critical update.... most of the poeple don't need it.
  7. Tried but failed only way I could get it to install correctly was to make a switchless installer and put it in HFGUIRUNONCE
  8. @thnx4thepen What is the output of the command "NET CONFIG WORK" in your language? and specifically the softwareversion part.
  9. Testrun without stripping anything works fine.. I'll do some more testing. EDIT:Problem is somewhere in the VC packages, so no problem in the script for me anymore. Trying different setups to see what the problem is.
  10. WU still complains about KB951847: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 en .NET Framework 3.5 Family Update x86 Langpack and OS detection fixed. I'll try a rerun without stripping anything out of the package (currently updating VC9 externally and excluding WIC)
  11. files removed (also from _EXTERNAL) making a new build (I removed the sourcess folder). Will report back after install is done. EDIT:problem solved! thanks!
  12. OS Detection now ok. still running XP install, will report back when it's done.
  13. Here you go. freshly made HFSLIP.zip
  14. Building the packages went fine using winxp=yes, but in WU KB951847 and language pack for .NET 1.1 are back
  15. When using the t release i get the following error. not getting this error when using the S release

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