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ArcticFoxie/NotHereToPlayGames -- 360Chrome v13.5.2022 rebuild 3

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1 hour ago, msfntor said:

This browser behaves strangely during its download: first shows dark page

without " very fast rapid "flash" of FULL VIEW PANE WHITE"...

So this first dark page is not after white flash...It would be nice to stop downloading of DCBrowser at this time...  to not continuing to white flash and white new tab page...

WHY you wrote: "Most of you are aware that I hate hate HATE "dark mode"." this is of no interest for me or others surely too, I think. What you "hate hate HATE" - it's of no interest for me, Your problem.

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3 minutes ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

This thread is for 360Chrome v13.5 build 2022.

For me, it would be nice to have the possibility of Dark Mode in this browser, like in DCBrowser, that means a Dark Mode button .... if I could ask. Then it would be an opportunity for me to change my favorite browser.

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1 minute ago, msfntor said:

For me, it would be nice to have the possibility of Dark Mode in this browser, like in DCBrowser, that means a Dark Mode button .... if I could ask. Then it would be an opportunity for me to change my favorite browser.

For me as well ... having to change skins is not worth it in 360 when in DCBrowser just the 1/2 moon and its changed.

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I haven't looked into how easy/difficult a toolbar button would be.

What I have been experimenting with is an "alternate loader".

My loader would load the portable loader but would pass different parameters to the portable loader.

For example, hold the ALT key down when launching and it swaps between two skins but remembers the last skin used.

Lanuch the loader with no keyboard buttons depressed and it loads whatever skin you used when you last used the browser.

Launch the loader with the ALT key depressed and if your last browser session was "light mode", then this session loads in "dark mode".

Launch the loader with the SHIFT key depressed and the ungoogled version loads in "regular" mode instead of ungoogled.

But it's kind of just a free-time experiment.

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4 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Does anybody know how to change the default background color for about:blank?

The new tab background color can easily be changed, but I'm asking specifically for about:blank.

In chrome://flags: 

Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Android

#enable-force-dark - enabled give dark page for New Tab page.

Thank you...

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That flag does not change the background color for the DEFAULT about:blank.  The default background is WHITE so whenever you open a new web site, you get a very fast flash of white background BEFORE the browser switches the DEFAULT WHITE over to "dark".

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Here's a screencap video that illustrates - https://www.dropbox.com/s/65lbswly2ftrr8c/white-flash.mp4?dl=1

The very FAST white FLASH happens for ALL NEW TABS OPENED.  It's so FAST that the video capture did not catch the one before loading Google but you can clearly see the WHITE FLASH when YouTube is loading.

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Updated links in first post.

Ungoogled and Regular.

Regular restores Chrome Web Store and Translate to English.

Both versions remove context menu "share" entries, resolve English translation when deleting favorites subfolder from bookmark bar, remove "mobile" bookmark context menu entries, think that's all of the changes.

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thanks for the ungoogled and the regular version.
everything working as expected. ( using regular )
rebuild my profile for this one.
are there plans on removing the avatar in future builds or does it have a function ?
quote from the extreme-explorer-360-chromium-78-86-general-discussion topic :
"2 MB login resources have been removed (which also removed Avatar context menu [may bring it back in a later rebuild to use as dropdown for chrome URLs])"
don't think anyone uses this and it would remove all chinese from your version.
also "less resources" sounds like a good idea.

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I just updated to the Rebuild 3 version of the 'Googled' version.
All working fine thanks.
As an aside, I was interested to see that the (now removed) menu options to generate QR codes from links, and share images, both seemed to depend on you having a mobile version of 360Chrome installed. Whether this is for Android, iOS, or both I don't know, but it certainly isn't in the Android app store!

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Could you make sure that each new rebuild is embedded in the previous one that I have already downloaded and tweaked? Because soon I'll have a nice flock of icons from these rebuilds on my desktop, and each time I have to repeat the same adjustments in the new rebuild... pity
Thank you in advance!

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Just an update from my last post here. I added a few parameters I had previously erased so as to make sure whatsapp works: in my set up, these parameters allow for whatsapp (plus YT, FB and linkedin; I can read twitter, but have no account, so I don't know about it).

I have a bat file that, on launch, copies my standard "preferences" "bookmarks" and "favicons" into Default, and another to update and save them outside Default when I make changes that I want to keep for future sessions.  Otherwise all changes to those files get lost (with said files) on quitting 360chrome. The same applies for extensions that lose settings when deleting (as I do) Default\Local Extension Settings when closing the browsing.

The only things I leave in the Default folder after closing are in the attached image. Those highlighted are 1 empty folder and 9 0 byte files (somewhere Articfoxie suggested his back in the day, and works for me) to avoid the browser creating folders with those files names, and a file with the folder left in default.

The two non-highlighted folders are the extensions' settings. All the rest is gone on closing the browser, and recreated automatically when opening it.

I hope it may be useful. I will test back test Humming Owl's build 13.0.2310.0 and works well (other than for a crash now and then in whatsapp, as it was always the case for me. The 13.5 seems much more stable.



Parameters=--user-data-dir="%Profile%" --no-first-run --no-default-browser-check --no-referrers --no-pings --disable-component-update --disable-logging --disable-background-networking --allow-outdated-plugins --disable-client-side-phishing-detection --safebrowsing-disable-download-protection --disable-background-mode --disable-quic --disable-suggestions-service --kiosk-printing --disable-print-preview --load-media-router-component-extension=0 --disable-features=PreloadMediaEngagementData,MediaEngagementBypassAutoplayPolicies,RecordMediaEngagementScores,RecordWebAudioEngagement --ssl-version-min=tls1.2 --enable-strict-mixed-content-checking --cipher-suite-blacklist=0xe013,0x002F,0x0035,0x000A,0x009C,0x009D 

Profile=.\Chrome\User Data


DirCreate=%Profile%\Default\Reporting and NEL

FileDelete=%Profile%\*-journal*;chrome_shutdown_ms*;switch_core*;*.log;Last *
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Google Profile.ico
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\History Provider Cache
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\gcbommkclmclpchllfjekcdonpmejbdp\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\jchobbjgibcahbheicfocecmhocglkco\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\lckanjgmijmafbedllaakclkaicjfmnk\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\mpiodijhokgodhhofbcjdecpffjipkle\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\ogfcmafjalglgifnmanfmnieipoejdcf\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Extension Settings\ponfpcnoihfmfllpaingbgckeeldkhle
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Storage\leveldb\LOCK;LOG;LOG.old
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Local Storage\*-journal
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Login Data
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\MANIFEST-*;*.ldb;*.tmp;*.bak;*-journal;Archived History;History Provider Cache;Visited Links;Current *;Last *
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Media History
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Network Action Predictor
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Network Persistent State
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Reporting and NEL
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Secure Preferences
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Top Sites
FileDelete=%Profile%\Default\Web Data
DirRemove=%Profile%\Webstore Downloads|e
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Application Cache
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Code Cache
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Download Service
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Extension Rules
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Extension State
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Feature Engagement Tracker
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\File System
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Local Storage
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Media Cache
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Pepper Data
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Platform Notifications
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Reporting and NEL
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Service Worker\CacheStorage
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Service Worker
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Session Storage
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Site Characteristics Database
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Sync Data
DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\Sync Extension Settings




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3 hours ago, msfntor said:

Could you make sure that each new rebuild is embedded in the previous one that I have already downloaded and tweaked?

No, I can not.

3 hours ago, msfntor said:

Because soon I'll have a nice flock of icons from these rebuilds on my desktop, and each time I have to repeat the same adjustments in the new rebuild... pity

Perhaps other folks here can teach you how to carry one profile over to a new build, I will be unable to instruct users how to perform "file management" as my file management is unique to my own preferences and not "universally global".

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