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  1. It used to in (my memory) 2017-18. Back then many things forgotten today were still possible, and had to be abandoned, after unfettered market power exercised by a few corporations began to try to stop users from using a piece of software -XP- that, when well tuned, helped make a third world country's rover photograph what none had seen of the moon, before. Cheers!
  2. No problem at all, only I like better the sound I can get with lavaudio, particularly when using lavvideo with cuvid. My personal comp is old, but still good enough, including two nvidia quadro. Back in 2018-9 I used NM27 just because of that. When I moved to ST52 (I think we had chat about it in previous versions of this thread), I continued to hardcopy my lav files into the basilisk folder, until you told me that was in vain. Until then, for a few months, I kept tweaking my settings, wondering why they didn't affect the rendering of ST52 :P I'm all for foss, when I can.
  3. Hi, in line with the latest discussion on audio decoder, I wonder if there may be a way to force st52 to use lav instead of the built-in ffmpeg?
  4. Chech this thread: https://msfn.org/board/topic/181447-what-to-do-with-8gb-of-ram-on-xp/
  5. I couldn't replicate in a fresh profile, so it may have been something in the social media profile, that build, and my state of mind (m=ec2, c is required to be constant in a given space-time block, but c may be changing, as we speak, and no one will notice, until later, when it becomes common sense: life is a state of mind). Roytam1's new latest build presents no issue on my side. Cheers!
  6. @roytam1, I took a while (one week!) to test your last build. I really like it. I have no idea why this may be (other than because I've been using one or two of your builds daily since 2016-2018 or so), but I like this latest version, very much. However, I have noticed that visiting linkedin or gmail, I get a rather surprising bug. I can access them better now than with the last remains of chrome in XP. But page down (or something, I'm not yet really sure) results in a recurrent keyboard-tab command link by link in the page, then up and then all over again, until pressing escape. I don't yet know if that is just me (like freak in scanner darkly), or not. PS: It is either a bug or that the gang of 4 or 5 experts on everything they've never tried before has found mine hiding hole. I've got an stify already.
  7. You dinn't try to download tuggy221.doc.exe, did you?
  8. Any counterindication ref leaving these off? I like the idea of 32mb ffmpeg, but I use one ffmpeg set, hardlinked to the very many programs that use it. I have been using https://rwijnsma.home.xs4all.nl/files/ffmpeg/?C=M&O=D, which works in all programs I use that use fffmpeg, except for the last xp version of kmplayer, which only likes its own.
  9. You should read more carefuly, Milkinis: "it has to be a combination of changes in fb and settings in the firewall, etc., not changes in the browser(s) -unless those who see these lateral bands have altered the UA." I confirm what you are showing (an m.facebook+ rendition of facebook) but others in this thread have shown they don't have that problem. So it has to be something in the way we have tweaked our systems, relative to what the web asks of these "old" browsers. PS: viejos son los trapos - old are our flags.
  10. I congratulate the new owner of basilisk, @basilisk-dev, for setting the stage for this change, and Moonchild for having reformed its development team into a more amicable gang that what used to be the case long (hopefully) ago. Above all, I congratulate and thank @roytam1, for the consistency and quality of his work over the years: whenever the history of the decade long siege the oligopolistic gang imposed (mostly unsuccessfully) against XP just to maintain rents is told (I'm sure there will be a PhD or two out there with the capacity and interest to do so), you will be remembered, mate (and those who were helpful to you). They shall not pass.
  11. In old 360chrome 13.x, it suffices to save and copy over the profile the extensionless Preferences AND Webv Data files (which you should save once all settings, including search engines, are done).
  12. I also noticed the recent missing lateral bands, both in fresh 360Chrome and sp52 profiles. So, as noted above, it has to be a combination of changes in fb and settings in the firewall, etc., not changes in the browser(s) -unless those who see these lateral bands have altered the UA. If it were a question of censorship, fb works with TOR, so you can check if that makes a difference.
  13. Same idea as canvasblocker on random, for sp52?
  14. Well, I hope you do it safely, and covering your tracks. Ahem, I hadn't offered any opinion. The PhD holder in your mind is talking to himself.
  15. Yeah, I am and have always introduced myself as an informed user, period. When I find someething noone else (to my knowledge) has noticed, I post in these (among other) forum(s) so people who know point me in the right direction. PhDs today are worth nothing, in my opinion, beyond the quality of the beholder. And quality recognices no academic boundaries, in my humble experience. PS1: I love the Netherlands. I've been there and done all that and will do it again, shortly. Food included. But in the country where I live, ranked foodwise above the fine dutch cuisine, PhDs are things that money pays. And in the streets of my country's cities (they do still exist, like they do in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, at least) they are considered relatively well paid servants of oligopolistic crooks, for the most part. There are of course, exceptions, and among them, only a few (I dare to guess) use XP. Unless they are wise enough. Be well.
  16. To the excellent 3rd party apps mentioned before I would add cmexted by reverver.inc (no link, sorry), where you can call prompt, and many apps from a custom folder(s) in the context menu. I reported it back in this same thread in 2017 or so. The app hasn't changed. PS1: In xp I do not use the console unnecesarily, and have found ways to restrict it, so using it is a bit convoluted. I prefer to use fit-to-purpose apps instead. PS2: I apologice if saying "I feel your pain" made you feel insulted. I didn't imagine you at all, really, it ws just a very common figure of speech. I will put sticker on my monitor to remind me not to ever say it (to you) again, given your sensibility. PS3: There was no insult in my comment. To clarify I simply meant (in case you need translation) that your effort to discredit the technical advice given by two great member of this forum did not go unnoticed, nor is it welcomed. Particularly when backed by "a PhD said it, I read... have you got a PhD?". Particularly when asking for an MVP certification in an XP forum... Do you dig the joke?
  17. Beyond the very subtle (but noticeable) FUD, I feel your pain. You'd be better served in a non-xp forum, or paying for advice you can trust, for an OS that you actually use. Better yet, get a PhD, and come lecture here, for free.
  18. I think the more variation in browsing-sources and experimentation, the better. That is the magic of FOSS.
  19. Thank you very much, @KeyCat. I will start building the thing in one month or so, and report back. Cheers!
  20. But in my browsing (not fresh) profiles, sometimes the addon-page comes out empty. Either a conflicting addon, or an about:config setting. EDIT: on refresh it works again...
  21. ... Thanks for the confirmation! Can't replicate. Maybe 2023-07-70 was updated? I downloaded just today, after word the about:addons thingie was working. EDIT Note that I delete the following files from basilisk root folder: :: Kill borwsers C:\Desktop\Filemngt\KillProcess.exe BASILISK.EXE C:\Desktop\Filemngt\KillProcess.exe mypal.exe :: Clean basilisk and mypals installations cd C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk del api-ms-*.* del "C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk\D3DCompiler_*.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk\msvcp140.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk\ucrtbase.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk\vcomp140.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk\vcruntime140.dll" rmdir /q /s C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk\uninstall\ copy /y "C:\Internet\Browse\[settings]\1Basic\dependentlibs.list" "C:\Internet\Browse\Basilisk\dependentlibs.list" cd C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal del api-ms-*.* del "C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal\D3DCompiler_*.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal\msvcp140.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal\ucrtbase.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal\vcomp140.dll" del "C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal\vcruntime140.dll" rmdir /q /s C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal\uninstall\ copy /y "C:\Internet\Browse\[settings]\11Mypal\dependentlibs.list" "C:\Internet\Browse\Mypal\dependentlibs.list" Where dependentlibs.list includes entries not deleted by the bat file.
  22. But it works and can still download definitions, give or take a few occasional errors. Somewhere in this forum, couldn't find it, mentioned an xp compatible version of a more current clamav. But I'm happy with clamwin, so I have not tested.
  23. [ot] Damn barracuda. They are not good near the equator's flush vegetation, though :P Got my first and last in 2008, for a computer I was going to use somewhere out there for a few years. A week after beginning to set the pc up, I start noticing problems retrieving data, until the damn thing finally refuses to restart. I opened it, and saw coming and going a small colony of tiny ants that had nested inside the barracuda. Which at that time they were more expensive, bloody ants. I moved to hitachi, still running.
  24. Using downthemall-nightly-20190820 I can't replicate this on build 2023-07-07 of SP52. All fine on a vanilla and browsing profiles on my side.

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