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  1. as chrome by default does not offer to store passwords for sites with a red padlock i now use this. https://keepass.info/download.html freeware , portable offline password manager that runs on xp sp3. chose version keepass v1.39 portable. newer version seem to offer browser integration and also require dotnet. both things i don't want or need. importing passwords from new moon 28 did not work for me. (added them manually) has a search function with options to copy user and password and can open sites from the program. with 360chrome now set as default that combo works just perfect for me. maybe useful for some ...
  2. sneeky i do appreciate the heads up when changes are made to those files. finally found what prevented me from seeing the spinning dots when loading html5test. it is my custom style sheet to reduce maximum font size to 14px. am now running with you default ini. deleted --disable-webgl and added DirRemove=%Profile%\GrShaderCache tested with my profile and all good.
  3. good that you report changes to the exe and / or chrome files ! tested against html5test , for me still THE site to test 360chrome stability. (with default profile and ini) with that page i can crash all 360 versions except your v11. only difference is in properties / description of the 360chrome.exe. (no more squares shown) seems stable. no more news on 13.5-a4 from me is good news ...
  4. nice ! still stable. noticed some changes , looking good. grtz.
  5. understand , more work ... screenshot of the download window.
  6. had a look at the en-us pak file. so that's where the text is. 4313 objects unpacked , that is indeed a staggering amount of work. copied the en-us pack from v13.2206-5 to v13.5-2 and look what that does. whole is menu now in bold fonts. will not keep this , just curious enough to test.
  7. "It happens with ellipses quite a bit when rendered as a single glyph" right ... , know exact what you just said there ok , webgl not present by default. something else found: in the download window there is now text (Op...) in the upper right corner. no text present in 13.2206-5 both show text on hover. (sure that is still in the to do list) appreciate all the hours you put in ! massive undertaking so please , no rush !
  8. @ArcticFoxie. thanks for yet another v13.5 update ! refreshing to see this browser finally works without crashing. could not find any changes at first glance. still some russian in settings / advanced / https-ssl. dev tools are now in english by default. bookmarks toolbar icons issue still present. about the loader.ini : you left out --disable-print-preview , --js-flags=--noexpose_wasm , --kiosk-printing and --disable-webgl. my ini is the extended one from 360ChromePortable_13.0.2206_rebuild_4.zip. have removed --disable-webgl here and added the swiftshader folder to 360Chrome\Chrome\Application\13.5.1030.0 from a build by Humming Owl. maybe you should too as the --disable-webgl flag is not present at this point and some people would like webgl to work. am keeping the other three flags for now. found a regression in the translation. settings / lab / acceleration : there are two "reminder" settings that now have squares in them.
  9. i know but for me for some reason it was not ? checked again with a fresh unpacked folder from zip. more feedback : C:\Documents and Settings\USERX\Application Data\Microsoft\Protect\S-1-5-21-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx-1003 another 1kb system file was created there on my system by xp on first run of the v13.5 russian version two days ago. that file has not changed when i started to use your v13.5 alpha. so a different system file from the one that was created with v13.2206. that file needs to be copied to another pc along with the 360chrome folder so that passwords and stored cookies (cookie keeper) are able to be used on that other pc. have other pressing matters to attend to , will be offline for a while. grtz.
  10. feedback on v13.5 : developer tools is not set to english by default. used this video posted by Humming Owl to do that. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ho5IKFkXwlAZ77y87MX_zgp7CAMgAV_e/view
  11. bold ui fonts with your luna blue skin that comes by default and so does the v13.5 ru version with the dark skin. remember that my system font settings are all arial black and i did replace the xp arial black font file with the one from win 10. also have modified ms shell dlg and ms shell dlg 2 reg setting to arial black along with reshacker modified system files such as shell32.dll.
  12. https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/dns_query_sniffer.html#:~:text=DNSQuerySniffer is a network sniffer,queries sent on your system.&text=You can easily export the,Excel or other spreadsheet application.
  13. had ported my user data folder from v13.2206 to v13.5 ru after deleting the extensions that came preinstalled. must have done it wrong because now i found myself with a "polluted" preferences file with many "ru" text in it. mostly from the deleted extensions but could not be sure. so had to start clean with your v13.5 , installing the saved srx files , tampermonkey scripts and importing the srx settings from v13.2206. copying the data folder without the pref file won't install the extensions. deleted all the "non en" from the extensions locales after that. kept me busy for a while but all good now. this v13.5 version has , as a bonus , the bold fonts in the ui for me. time for a new system backup ...
  14. Host Name : hiya.browser.360.cn Host Name : puv.tt.browser.360.cn and one more : dl.360tpcdn.com
  15. Alpha release for version 13.5.1030. YES ! thank you very much ArcticFoxie ! i was hoping you could not resist ! was starting lo learn russian after 2 days of use. have not been able to crash the 13.5 ru version and by the looks of it neither could you. (even with dep enabled) this alpha is very much usable and i don't mind some untranslated leftovers. maybe the chrome and exe files should be left untouched this time if possible. that way there is less risk of creating stability issues , i think. hosts file will do just fine for the two connections i posted earlier. i would like to ask for one improvement (change) to the skin. bookmarks toolbar icons in 13.5 look more compacted (rectangles instead of squares) then in 13.2206 and icons are off center to the right. i use bookmarks in the toolbar with text removed so only the icons show. what i very much like about this skin in 13.5 is that links (on hover) in the statusbar are very much more readable vs v13.2206 ! i am one happy camper now !!!

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