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  1. don't understand. sometimes the error is with 360chrome.exe and sometimes with chrome.dll. hitting the escape key just closes the error and the browser. this is a "non issue" as far as i'm concerned. no need to click that "bookmark menu" star three times when there are no bookmarks ...
  2. clicking the star on the left next to the "click to restore" button three times crashes the browser. just add one bookmark and it will not.
  3. thanks UCyborg for the palefill xpi and the structuredClone script. works well in NM28 and 360chrome 13.5 with violentmonkey. ( default template ) had a question about setting this for all sites ( // @match *://*/* ) from the polyfill link NHTPG posted i think that is correct. test can be done here : https://www.measurethat.net/Benchmarks/Show/18967/0/structuredclone-test thanks again UCyborg for the valuable input and also NHTPG for the additional info.
  4. https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/chromepass.html chrome stored passwords can be retrieved with this little free portable utility.
  5. 360ChromePortable_13.5.1030_rebuild_7_regular and ungoogled , webgl files and folder are missing : in the 13.5.1030.0 root folder ... 1 / the swiftshader folder with the two dll files ( libEGL.dll - 352 KB , libGLESv2.dll - 2,35 MB ) 2 / libegl.dll ( 332 KB ) and libglesv2.dll ( 5,13 MB )
  6. https://www.skyrc.com/Charger/t1000 for this page to load on xp sp3 in 360Chrome ( v13.5.1030 and v13.5.2022 ) : you will need to install this extension "change all UI fonts 1.4.2" https://www.crx4chrome.com/crx/57736/ ( also available in the store ) set a local font name like Consolas , save , and the page will load. ( i use Arial Black ) after the initial failed first load of the page , 360Chrome will change to IE mode. so change that to webkit and reload the page. not every font name will work with the page however. tested on all "clean" v13.5 versions with ONLY the above extension installed. don't ask me why ...
  7. 360chrome is portable as in : it removes regedit entry's when closed. and all data is retained in the 360chrome folder. encrypted data ( passwords and such ) are not "portable" from one pc to another. that is a chrome / windows security "feature". some reading : https://portableapps.com/node/21266 as for chrome waking sleep drives : more reading : https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=68655 old chromium bug could still be present. no data is send anywhere and no unwanted connections are made.
  8. thanks for the ungoogled and the regular version. everything working as expected. ( using regular ) rebuild my profile for this one. are there plans on removing the avatar in future builds or does it have a function ? quote from the extreme-explorer-360-chromium-78-86-general-discussion topic : "2 MB login resources have been removed (which also removed Avatar context menu [may bring it back in a later rebuild to use as dropdown for chrome URLs])" don't think anyone uses this and it would remove all chinese from your version. also "less resources" sounds like a good idea.
  9. i see , tabs are fine for me as they are and so is the rest of the skin. will use the skin as it is now.
  10. won't pretend to understand what you said there ... i like the new win 10 skin as it is. much easier on my eyes. ( vision problems and all ) was just pointing out some residual differences.
  11. i stand corrected. bookmark folder icons are the same color compared to the xp skin. had a good look , this time with my glasses on ... the gray text "issue" remains. maybe that is somehow tied with the now gray text on inactive tabs.
  12. thank you sir ! very nice skin indeed with the icon padding fixed. still gray text on a folder in the bookmark bar with a less bright yellow color icon compared to the xp skin. expanded folders placed inside that new folder appear bright yellow with black text. also gray text in bookmark icons with text if that can't be changed i will get used to that. regards.
  13. QuotaManager file is in the profile , QuotaManager-journal is not , both are not in the ini. DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\IndexedDB\http_*,https_* does not work. edit : i have no extensions that use the IndexedDB folder. have now added DirRemove=%Profile%\Default\IndexedDB to the loader.ini.
  14. subfolders don't always have the same name. deezer.com and youtube for example create them. but recently some random page dumped 50 mb in it's own subfolder. https://msfn.org/board/topic/182993-360-extreme-explorer-arcticfoxie-versions/?do=findComment&comment=1208905 "For now, I'm just adding a line in the loader .ini to delete-on-exit http_* and https_* folders that are now being collected in this folder."

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