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  1. thanks , will test the proxy thingy another time , have to find the files needed and read up on how to use. bold fonts only on v11 and v13.5 , hope that helps.
  2. no Roboto but found Segoe Ui Bold.ttf. hope that helps , must have installed it sometime ... closed the browser , renamed the ttf to old , started the browser , still bold fonts. and thanks for the new 13.5 build. (only change found is the more visible "optimize memory" icon) question: would Proxomitron or ProxHTTPSProxy help with storing passwords in v13.5 for https sites without a green padlock? and would Proxomitron or ProxHTTPSProxy slow down the browser? have not done any research on how to use.
  3. thanks! learn a bit everyday ... added this to the script: // @exclude https://www.youtube.com/* // @exclude https://www.google.com/* all working now!
  4. @NotHereToPlayGames, thanks for pointing to this script: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/2372-clean-font-families i use this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/font-overwrite/efnhmidkajhnpdgfdpfnioiibmdjnkmn it can replace all website fonts to what you want. (i use arial black) tested all similar extensions , this one works best for me. disadvantage with that is that it changes all "icon fonts" to squares. (on msfn for example) the above script solves that. edit: the script "disables" the extensions on some other pages like youtube. can't have it all i guess ...
  5. don't , you created something amazing. no harm in experimenting and running a field test.
  6. connections not made in v13.5-r4 with my profile from v13.5-r3. this is just the second issue found with the changed default chrome / default folder and file structure.
  7. am just concerned these tweaks will break unknown things in the future. (like the file system) also not convinced these changes are needed ... at the moment i am leaning to v13.5-r3. as for keylogging in the leveldb log file , it is not , just local storage to some function in the msfn reply editor. type some text in a reply , close the page , open the page again and reply. your previous text will be there , can be useful. google also stores some data there.
  8. thanks for the explanations. as for the leveldb log file ... i think it has something to do with msfn storing reply text. "Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor" will do some more testing if this new rebuild v13.5-r4 is something for me. am very much content with v13.5-r3 without folder and file tweaks.
  9. folders present in v13.5-r4 but not in v13.5-r3 360Bookmarks , 360History , 360History-journal , heavy_ad_intervention_opt_out.db-journal , Media History , Media History-journal , Network Action Predictor , Network Persistent State , page_load_capping_opt_out.db , previews_opt_out.db , previews_opt_out.db-journal , Reporting and NEL , Reporting and NEL-journal , Secure Preferences , Sync360_V8.sqlite3 , Top Sites , Top Sites-journal , Translate Ranker Model , TransportSecurity , Visited Links. may have missed some. just a quick compare between clean extracted first run versions.
  10. hello NotHereToPlayGames, saw the new 13.5 r4 rebuild. it has more folders in the default folder compared to v13.5 r3. also has some files replacing some folders. besides from that are there any significant changes? also , the file system tweak (folder to file) breaks mega.nz downloads.
  11. @NotHereToPlayGames , maybe a solution for your issue with v13.5 and a multi monitor setup. https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/77251594/chrome-freezes-while-using-two-virtual-desktops?hl=en also i forgot something i got in the reply from retrobrowsers.com. he said he also updated a wiki ... https://xpforever.miraheze.org/wiki/360_Extreme_Explorer
  12. http://retrobrowsers.com/windowsxp send them an email several days ago. got a reply and now this topic is added to the browser list for xp. (portable versions)
  13. 13.5.1030 quick reset devtools language to english. open browser > F12 > F1 > select top left rectangle box ( 的脚: 的脚本优化) ) and click the second option.
  14. got a popup while in tampermonkey settings a few days ago , something about donate and such. almost sure that is what created the folder. "The Feature Engagement component provides a client-side backend for displaying feature enlightenment or in-product help". can't recreate but will check if that happens again. i keep only selected cookies (delete only in cookie keeper) and clear cache at the end of the day. (browser)

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