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ArcticFoxie/NotHereToPlayGames -- 360Chrome v13.5.2022 rebuild 3

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1 minute ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

They do.  The problem there is that several phones steal network IP Addresses when plugged into USB Ports even if only plugged in to be charged.

Wall outlets? Just being a devil's advocate; I much prefer freedom. :)

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1 hour ago, UCyborg said:

Not sure how to time it right since it seems to keep sending requests long after it looks ready.

Correct.  What I observed is that the favicon, Roboto font, player css, and polymer js/css were always loaded in the same exact order.

I based my times on the last of them, which always occurred AFTER the page started to do its "fade in" stuff.

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2 hours ago, msfntor said:

Found a website link, that does NOT work (no content in the center) in all chrome forks (DCBrowser and other 360Chrome 12 to 13.5.2022 r1 ung) , except these:

it WORKS in 360Chrome 13.5.1030 and 13.5.2022 r2, and in ALL Firefox based forks ( Bnavigator, IceApe, New Moon 27, New Moon 28, Basilisk 52, Basilisk 55 Moebius..).

This website link: https://theinternationalforecaster.com/topic/international_forecaster_weekly


Yeah, this is add, indeed, but I can confirm.


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Agreed.  I am personally leaning towards not having the Translate to English feature and to keep it out of the context menu.

But at the same time, I don't want it to be too "complex" for other users to restore the feature if their preference differs from mine.

Does Firefox "embed" its own 'translation service'?

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2 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

But this is fairly standard when working for international companies, especially when "intellectual property" is protected.

Right, has to be different vibe compared to some small company. The place I work is a bit too relaxed. But it works with the right people.

37 minutes ago, mina7601 said:
52 minutes ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Does Firefox "embed" its own 'translation service'?

No, it doesn't. I could be wrong though.

Chrome's built-in translating is neat IMO, at least as long as you're happy with their service. BTW, websites can have the directive in their HTML that prevents the translator from automatically kicking in (it's enabled by default on stock Chrome).


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