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ArcticFoxie/NotHereToPlayGames -- 360Chrome v13.5.2022 rebuild 3

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thank you sir !
very nice skin indeed with the icon padding fixed.
still gray text on a folder in the bookmark bar with a less bright yellow color icon compared to the xp skin.
expanded folders placed inside that new folder appear bright yellow with black text.
also gray text in bookmark icons with text
if that can't be changed i will get used to that.

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i stand corrected.
bookmark folder icons are the same color compared to the xp skin.
had a good look , this time with my glasses on ...
the gray text "issue" remains.
maybe that is somehow tied with the now gray text on inactive tabs.

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won't pretend to understand what you said there ...
i like the new win 10 skin as it is.
much easier on my eyes. ( vision problems and all )
was just pointing out some residual differences.

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This is what "real Chrome" background tabs look like in Win10.



I kind of don't "want" my Win10 Theme to make 360Chrome v13.5 "look like that".

But I also know that the "Luna" (XP Theme) is discussed very "negatively" in other forums that I am not a part of but do "stumble upon" here and there.

These are mostly Humming Owl followers wanting Humming Owl to port some of my tweaks to his version, excluding the XP skin.

But the reality still remains, folks not on XP have a much larger pool of web browsers to choose from and 360Chrome v13.5 is not going to satisfy a crowd that "can" use much newer alternatives.

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On 12/1/2022 at 12:45 AM, XPerceniol said:

Then I also wonder about this.

MediaFoundation Video Capture

Enable/Disable the usage of MediaFoundation for video capture. Fall back to DirectShow if disabled. – Windows


I'm reading this was only from Vista on up as well, so enabled would try and fail I guess trying to capture, but disabled would fall back to DirectShow and I don't have this capability. I wonder what is default then.


Presumably (don't quote me on this!) it's used for capturing video off webcam. https://support.google.com/meet/thread/157845243/i-need-help-with-camera-failed-in-google-meet?hl=en

Maybe, judging by one answer there, Media Foundation is default for newer OS and DirectShow may be used by default on older Windows OS. I don't know whether it falls back to DirectShow when the flag is enabled and MF isn't available.

Edit: Well, that would be logical, but need an actual webcam or maybe some software that makes a virtual capture device to test. I seem to remember DxTory making one, but never actually tried how it works.

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25 minutes ago, UCyborg said:

Presumably (don't quote me on this!)

I won't, don't worry :buehehe:

Thank you for the answer as I didn't know that and don't have a webcam anymore, Its frowned upon where I reside anyway ... like anybody actually gets permission here. but if the office gets wind its not too good because people do bad things. I do have a microphone (external) If I needed to ever make a call, but I've not yet, only to record my guitar on my PC.

I've disabled the following flags, but perhaps, NHTPG has already removed it anyway, but why not?!

Enable Media History
Enables Media History which records data around media playbacks on websites. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android


Enables Media Feeds Background Fetch
Enables the Media Feeds background fetch feature which allows feeds to be fetched in the background. Requires #enable-media-feeds to be enabled. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS


I have these disabled, just in case :)

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2 hours ago, NotHereToPlayGames said:

Does anybody know how to change the default background color for about:blank?

The new tab background color can easily be changed, but I'm asking specifically for about:blank.

Hmm you demand background of page - from about:blank to another color??.


Then found by Swisscows search:

Turning about:blank page different colors: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/turning-about-blank-page-different-colors/td-p/2082620 - it's for Edge... 

"To change default browser's background color you can use a custom stylesheet." - it's from here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8645814/how-to-change-default-background-color-for-tchromium-component

Indeed, my New Tab in DCBrowser is still blanc, but I use Dark Mode of DCBrowser, so your question is of interest to me!

I would like to have black this New Tab page. There is an extension to do this, but I don't want to use it now...I used it in the past and it works - maybe you could see in this extension, how its developer made this .This browser behaves strangely during its download: first shows dark page, then blank page (and this process to get to the blank page takes time!). How to stop browser from downloading this last blank page, I'd be very interested in the solution, please.

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Most of you are aware that I hate hate HATE "dark mode".

HOWEVER, with this as a "hobby", I have been experimenting with a dark mode skin off-and-on over the last couple of years (shows how "back-burner" this endeavor is, lol).

I cannot bring myself to releasing a "partial" dark mode skin with known flaws right out of the gate.

The BIGGEST flaw that I am finding with "dark mode" in XP (though I suspect this to carry over to other OSes) is a very fast rapid "flash" of FULL VIEW PANE WHITE before the browser can "switch over" to dark mode.

More commonly referred to as a FOUC.

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