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VPN for Windows XP


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On 12/25/2022 at 9:42 PM, verta said:

I have a working version of Windscribe for XP, It is not completely free though after a certain amount of bandwidth. 

Im not sure how to check the version.


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The outlook for VPN anonymity using Windows XP is looking grim because XP only supports PPTP and L2TP IPSec protocols.  L2TP is being phased out by VPN providers and PPTP is no longer considered secure.  I was beginning to despair because PureVPN have reduced L2TP to four locations in the world, and usually it is impossible to connect to the UK servers, while I remember that their OpenVPN service was terrible.

However, PureVPN have appeared to revamp their OpenVPN servers, and they now provide an excellent service with this protocol.  I can rely on connections to the UK servers, except at weekends when occasionally a connection attempt fails,and I can play streaming 720p video without problems.  So far I have not experienced dropped connections using their OpenVPN servers.  A big plus for XP users is that the PureVPN servers will accept connections from PCs with the OpenVPN version 2.3.18 client installed.  If you do use this version of the OpenVPN client remember to uncheck the TAP Windows driver when installing it, because it installs a version for VISTA.  There is a separate XP compatible installer for TAP Windows version 9.9.2.  If at sometime PureVPN demands a later version of the OpenVPN client then we have the option of using a custom XP build of version 2.5.4 which you can obtain from here.

Another plus for XP diehards provided by PureVPN is that you do not need to use their app if you need port forwarding.  Port forwarding is activated in the members area after paying a fee.  If I need a kill switch I use the VPNWatcher app.

Also I must say I have had no problem with the OpenVPN client hogging CPU time.  I am using a Core2Duo 2.59 Ghz CPU and System Explorer showed that while playing streaming 720p video openvpn.exe had an average CPU load of 0.84% declining to 0.17%.

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