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  1. I'm not sure I understand. I have specific sites that I need to access that (assuming I had a VPN) I can only access via MyPal. Do you have any solutions for MyPal or Palemoon, or know how to get Firefox extensions installed on them? Or perhaps a vpn that has a client that installs to XP? In terms of the phone stuff you lost me there, I do not use "smart" phones. I'm sorry if I sound dismissive or picky, I'm actually not very computer savvy and therefore sometimes I get rather confused on these forums. About Tunnelbear, is NET 3.4 not compatible with XP or is there something I'm doing wrong when trying to install? The Tunnelbear setup application actually does launch but it stops at requiring that .NET. EDIT: Problem has been resolved, via switching to MyPal68 and using the extensions there. Thanks anyways to all who answered.
  2. Unfortunately, as I am not employed in such a profession that would provide or involve the use of such things, the first option is not possible for me. I believe MyPal is based on Firefox, not Chrome. Any other browser excluding MyPal or perhaps Palemoon, to my knowledge, will not serve my needs due to website incompatibility. I am aware of a Firefox extension that does work quite well but I am not sure how to install such extensions to MyPal.. The TunnelBear application requires .NET 3.4, which does not download due to failing to connect to a server... Any other options? At this point, it is less about absolute privacy and more about necessity, as I am connecting to a free wifi which is locked down heavily. To get an idea, most video websites are blocked, as well as most game websites for instance. This is a temporary situation but it will likely be like that for at least another month. VPN is required to bypass that censorship. Therefore ANY free VPN option that will work on XP and can bypass that will be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, Windscribe did not wok on Windows XP, it requires a later version of Windows... I'm not sure how freevpn works.
  4. Hello, Where I am currently living, there is pretty much no way for me to use a lot of the internet without a VPN, I am wondering if there is any VPN client that still works with XP, that does not require payment. XP 32 bit, browser is Mypal.
  5. On Yahoo Mail: Yeah I was aware of it working on 98 browsers, but as I mentioned before my old account is locked due to inactivity and to create a new one requires a phone number. I see no way of getting out of that, unfortunately. Again I have no need or desire to use Linux, very basic web browsing provided by browsers like RetroZilla are sufficient with the exception of only email, and do not want to learn a new Os. I did get Gmail to work and logged in successfully within Firefox, I believe it's version 10. Can't get a higher version to work due to the probably bugged KernelEx, but its more functional than 9 at least. Palemoon works amazing for almost everything on Win 2000 (including ProtonMail, interestingly enough) but I'm not sure about 98, I'll have to give it a try assuming it will run.
  6. Really thinking about it again, as I implied in the OP I don't really need full modern web support since as I said I won't be online as often as per the plans. I suppose my thoughts trailed off to a "make 98 as functional as possible" experiment, when the reality is that was not my actual reason for making this thread.. And the reason this thread seems to be veering off topic. I went into it with the intention of, in the future, using the computer only for basic things like email, occasionally things like IRC, and light browsing, and since I had achieved the latter two, I figured I needed help since I was (and I suppose am) still stuck on the former. My only real intention with this thread is to get email working, not anything else. sorry for letting the thread derail, haha.
  7. Update: It turns out with the new unstable version of MyPal I am able to chat on discord. Yay! No voice calls though due to an artificial block ("this browser is not supported") but hey I'm glad I even have text.
  8. Yeah I'm already not a fan of Peppermint, looking it up just now. Looks kinda like if Windows 10 had a dark mode and a proper start button. Like I said, too "sleek and modern'. I really love the oldschool Windows aesthetic. Ya know, before everything went flat. Also doesn't look like it would run on pre-2000 hardware so is pretty much irrelevant to this thread. I don't think usp3 installed correctly... I was pretty confused on what to do with it. Maybe I did need to check something... My assumption is by terminating the hanging program I probably killed the installation halfway or something.
  9. Linux would be extremely difficult for me, I am stuck in my ways and pretty poor at adjusting (for an example, I can't wrap my head around the newer windows versions with their ugly and confusing UI, even if I wanted to). Must be the Autism, LOL! I am a little curious in terms of experimenting with it but none of the distros catch my attention aesthetically. Too "sleek and modern" I suppose. Plus I like my Windows games. I've used 98 since it was new but not as a daily driver until a little over 10 years ago, so I'm a bit behind on all the tweaks that have come out for it (and completely forgot others lol). so forgive me everyone for the ignorance, and thanks again for working with me. Currently 'm looking at a checklist , in usp3, what do I check there if anything? Edit: Well, I went through with it without checking anything but a few interesting looking addons, it froze in the background after extracting (program open in taskbar but window not displaying), so I restarted. No idea if that's installed correctly or not. KernelEx is now reinstalled. PopPeeper still doesn't work. I assume Thunderbird won't either. Might have to keep this vanilla and just stick with gmail on Firefox, until that breaks one day. The missing DLL is GDIPLUs, but I am gonna bet replacing it will do nothing.. I tried this with another application already, it keeps asking for different dlls and once I have downloaded everything it asks for it gave me some error I forgot and still didn't work.
  10. Unfortunately it does appear that my KernelEx is indeed broken... I set the file's to XP compatibility and it still gives me that missing dll error and doesn't start. so it looks like I am going to have to reinstall and hope all goes well. sure wish someone would compile all the information about making Win 98 somewhat functional in the modern day, and write a full tutorial with step by step.. If that existed I would have known to install that other thing before installing KernelEx! Thanks for helping me so far, hope this stuff can be sorted out.. EDIT: so I'm already stuck. There are multiple versions of usp3 out there, which one do I download? Also will this really install the correct unicows or should I download that too just in case? I wanna make sure I have it before reinstalling KernelEx. I've never used a Linux anything in my entire life, this is unfortunately way over my head. Plus, its kinda not in the spirit of the pre-2000 limit, you would still be required to own a modern machine if I understand correctly.
  11. At risk of going off topic, how would I go about fixing the broken kernelex installation? I'll try mail.com later and see if I can register successfully sans-phone number
  12. Hello, what email provider would you suggest that does not require phone verification? Which do you use that is compatible with the Win ME clients? These days even going back and trying to create AOL email addresses for instance requires a phone... It's annoyingly difficult to find a provider that does not. About unicows, I have already installed possibly an old version... What do I do now? Winsslwrap confused me right at the beginning, when the post mentioned "blackwingcatopenssl files" and "configuring apps to localhost"... I think it would be easier to understand in the format of a how to for absolute beginners Edit: Problem solved I suppose? Firefox 10, I was able to login to gmail.
  13. Thanks for your reply! Is there an English download link for kafan that does not use Mega? Due to using a VPN Mega does not work for me, and unfortunately that blog uses mega to source its files..
  14. I have read these before joining and they do not help. It connects to the server but does not receive mail and does not send it. The version of Firefox I have, does not display almost any webpage at all. I think it is the last version compatible with 98. Again I am having issues with KernelEx and have not yet gotten any xp-only program to run whatsoever... Has anyone here ever done this at all in the past 2 years???? I see a lot of people on here who claim to use 98 as a main Os, do you guys not use email at all? It's crazy how difficult this is considering email has existed far before windows 98... And I used 98 up to 2010 as a daily driver and I was able to send and receive mail on Yahoo (I no longer have Yahoo and cannot sign up for a new one due to requirement of a cell phone, before that is suggested) For the record on XP email works (including protonmail), but that is too new for my goal which is to stick to pre-21st century. It just seems bizarre that something so simple is now so complicated... Perhaps there is a free email provider that does not require javascript?
  15. In 2020, I was able to access Discord, on the website using I believe Opera (I forgot the version). Now it seems no matter what browser I use on my XP 32-bit laptop, it doesn't display anymore, and of course the application is 64-bit only. Has anyone had any luck with Discord on XP? My current main browser on XP is MyPal (stable, not the new beta), and it seems to display all websites I have tested just fine, with the exception of only Discord.

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