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Windows 11 First Impressions


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Some time ago I installed Vista from NTFS partition with its installation files to the same NTFS partition. The disk already had Microsoft's MBR from before, so I just marked the target partition as active. I then launched CMD after the installation environment booted, renamed all files and folders on the disk root which name started with "boot" to something else (so the installation environment wouldn't be added to the boot menu of the finalized installation) and launched setup.exe from sources folder.

A similar procedure would probably work for later versions as well, maybe even for UEFI systems with some adjustments.

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Yes, it's in correct thread, some may wish to avoid burning a DVD or using an USB flash drive to install Windows.

I just didn't do it exactly from partition to the same partition on a newer OS yet. It doesn't look from the outside much (if anything) has changed in how installed OS boots compared to how installation environment boots.

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In many areas I don't think it's that different to Windows 10.
I wouldn't say it was worse or better, just different!
I'm sorry about the loss of the live tiles in the start menu though, for some apps I found them very useful.

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I used to say Windows 10 is worst Microsoft operating system, but I have to take my word back, Windows 11 way worse :realmad:. I did more testing with it more on my isolated lab network (Yes I highly trust new MS products). It is pain to configure for deployment. Yet have not found way to configure start menu template properly. Was way easier on classic start menu since mostly needed drop files to sample user folder on image or server. ADMX templates on servers need to be replaced. Also I do not like built in android emulator, because it may take developement away from win32 and 64 (or appx if someone even uses that). When Microsoft will enable it somepoint I really hope they add GPO option to disable it (more replacing files on server yey!). And worst of all it feels like running Windows 95 on 386 with 4mb ram despite test hardware is fast enough (ryzen 5 3600). I keep having high cpu usage from edge.

And do not get me started on Windows 365. It is like returning to terminal era where all client systems were dumb terminals connected into company mainframe that generally was leased off big company like Digital or IBM that charged per cpu cycle at worst. I really really hope my or other workplaces wont get it. I see huge security risk on that too. Imagine your hard drive being on cloud and then someone hacks that service and downloads all of virtual disks. There goes trade secrets and others.

I really wish could have had something positive to say, but Microsoft did not learn anything from Windows 8 or Windows 10 and future of computing looks dark :no:.

Well since it will be shoved down everyone throat who works on IT (or anything with computers) without questioning, time to start testing deployments. I have not tested, but pretty sure using bios will fail on MDT since Windows 11 needs uefi. Then test automated installations and other things.

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I tried Windows 11 in a VM and I am very disappointed. The new task bar and start menu infuriate me and the high system requirements are a turnoff. My only first impression is Windows 11 not being as bad as other bad release cycle versions, like Windows Me, Vista, and 8/8.1. Just a boring, bland operating system.

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16 hours ago, testaccount66766 said:

Windows Me, Vista,

to be honest those two are nothing like Windoze Orwell build 1984 I mean windows 11.


Neither of those did not cry I need internet when installed it. Sure vista had activation but atleast it did download tons of adveritisin junk during end phase of setup ignoring user may be behind metered or slow connection.

And to be fair for ME and Vista both had improvements over previous versions. ME added system restore, had decent video editor software by default, built in mass storage drivers, was first to have proper protocol for scanners and cameras (WIA) which felt like heaven over TWAIN. Sure there was IE with adversiting when launched, but that feels zero compared what these days

And vista added native MTP support, had improved memory management, had Windows Media center built in which was daily use for years (shame ms ignored need of european cable tv freqs). Also having search on start menu without downloading internet results (again ignoring connection) that just showed files on hdd made use of computer much easier on work.

Windoze Orwell build 1984 I mean windows 11 only had new artificial hardware requiments, more spyware, less user control, more ads.


This is not personal and you did not use that argument but I hate keep hearing argument "it is like <some version of windows here> when something is wrong on new one to silence any critic.

Well you are speaking to person who had (still has) hard time accepting internet Exploiter on Windows and believes ads has no space on any operating system. After I was able midigate Internet exploiter security issues and it advertising features for good, I though finally have good config, but no Microsoft decided release Windows 8 10 and 11 that made those issues 10000x worse.

Issue why this keep happening is because companies like Microsoft and Apple and even some projects like Linux got some blindly loyal fans who defend their precious products no matter what. I am pretty sure if Microsoft would come smash your computer with sledgehammer "for your benefit" Microsoft fans would still defend it as good decision.

When will consumers understand companies are not their friend or care from them and it is not bad to judge them. Companies see you as walking wallet

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I've put it on a VM out of curiosity. Firmware type was set to BIOS, TPM wasn't added to hardware configuration, after booting the installation ISO the installation wizard soon complained about not meeting system requirements, but could Shift + F10 to Command Prompt, partition the disk with DISKPART and put Windows on it with DISM's /ApplyImage option, pointing it to install.wim file on installation ISO and the target partition.

It booted, went through OOBE, made it to desktop. Right click on the taskbar - only one option - wut? Can't make it smaller neither. Immersive context menus everywhere, spacing between folders/files in Explorer seemed even bigger than it is by default since Windows 7. Went through Task Scheduler, Group Policies, Settings, Control Panel.

Now, to make it more familiar and see how old (and some new) tweaks would work. First stop, ExplorerPatcher. Seems old taskbar code is still buried in there. After install, some settings needed tweaking by messing with registry since eg. option for small taskbar icons doesn't exist anymore in GUI. System icons (network, sound...) had to be enabled, Action Center icon doesn't survive the log off. Loaded Open-Shell 4.4.160 next, seemed fully functional at first glance. I skipped Classic IE part of the installation. Then OldNewExplorer 1.1.9, I only use it to restore proper drive grouping, next QTTbar 2048 beta 2 - yay, tabs are back in Explorer, after loading the backed up configuration file, among other things got back the familiar denser view of the files like it was pre-Windows 7. Afterwards, the just released beta version of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker, also seemed to work as usual and finally T-Clock Redux 2.4.4, which also worked with the old taskbar.

Then wanted to see if the old Windows 7-like visual stye tailored for Win10 1809 loads by any chance. It did, though it disabled windows animations and UWP apps had to be manually brought to the foreground, there could be more glitches, it would have to be based on this build's aero.msstyles to work properly. Speaking of UWP, even before loading 3rd party tweaks, I couldn't type anything in their text boxes for some reason, simply nothing happened when typing.

Picture of the desktop with Open-Shell's start menu, Task Manager and Explorer (Hard Link Shell Extension was also loaded, hence icons with red arrows indicating NTFS hard links):


Older VMware Workstation 15.5.7 was used as virtualization platform, Windows 11 cold boots in 35 seconds (from the end of the BIOS screen to the login screen), its virtual disk is hosted on WD WD10EZEX (1 TB, 7200 RPM, 64 MB cache), consumes cca. 1,1 GB of RAM idling. Windows Defender was turned off, along with "DiagTrack", security center and health services and some tasks that fire periodically.

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@ UCyborg. So it sounds like many of the taskbar, startmenu and interface issues can be fixed with 3rd party tools? Also, I've used OldNewExplorer but not ExplorerPatcher. Yet on the ExplorerPatcher website, isn't that the old style drive grouping shown or am I missing  something?

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