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  1. Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it. I had to use both Alky for Applications and OS Spoofer to get it to run. In case you don’t know what Alky for Applications is, it basically is a plugin that allowed Windows XP to run Vista applications like the Windows Sidebar that would allow you to run Vista gadgets, but it somewhat runs on Windows 2000 w/KernelEx, albeit poorly (not in this case, though). First, spoof the win2k installation to xp, then if you haven't installed Alky already (Link to download Alky), make sure to install it first before installing Spotify. Then, install Spotify. You can then spoof it back to win2k if you want. Don't just directly open Spotify up, Right click on the desktop shortcut and select "Run Vista Executable..." in the menu. It runs, but its a bit buggy. Note that I tested it in VMWare, how sure how it would run on real hardware.
  2. Thank You for the detailed analysis, but I would like to correct you on this: Brave recently added Gemini integration for those who don’t wan’t Uphold. Not saying it’s any better
  3. The Brave Team did respond back with this: https://old.reddit.com/r/brave_browser/comments/nw7et2/i_just_read_a_post_on_rprivacytoolsio_and_wtf/h18fxec/ I guess one can take it with a grain of salt, as they can be seen as trying to defend themselves. I have never had issues with it, I only use it for the BAT it gives you. OP suggested to add alternatives they may have missed
  4. I was with you until the part where you said Brave was the worst privacy-respecting browser. I am notably confused even after reading the article and your analysis. Why? How is it any worse than Chrome, Edge or even Firefox? Other browser alternatives I suggest reviewing are Epic Privacy Browser, GNU Icecat, Iridium, and Vivaldi.
  5. Msiinst.exe lauches fine and everything, however msiexec.exe runs into an entry point not found error due to a missing NdrClientCall2 in RPCRT4.dll. I’m not fully sure how to hex edit, but how would I hex edit the dll file to add the missing NdrClientCall2 in the dll file? No worries, just doing it for fun .
  6. I tried Windows 11 in a VM and I am very disappointed. The new task bar and start menu infuriate me and the high system requirements are a turnoff. My only first impression is Windows 11 not being as bad as other bad release cycle versions, like Windows Me, Vista, and 8/8.1. Just a boring, bland operating system.
  7. Thanks for the answer, but whats wrong with using something like Mesa3D and/or wined3d for software emulation?
  8. I’m wondering, would it be possible to get a newer version than OGL 1.1, preferably up to 2.0,and maybe D3D working on VMWare? If not, what alternative VM or emulator software would you recommend, or should I switch to Virtualbox? Note that SciTech Display Doctor does not work properly in VMware.
  9. I used a mixture of the dll files of the XPSP2 and SP3 from ApertureSketch's video:
  10. Took me a while to get working, but Thanks! It actually works better than the Firefox versions 45 and 48 on the win98 VM, and I'm impressed!
  11. Any possibility we could get a tutorial on how to run FF52 on win98/me in the near future?
  12. I’d also recommend attempting to contact BWC, before giving up, to see if he may still have the file somewhere
  13. Avast sucks anymore, anyway. Welp, time to finally drop Avast products on my remaining machines. Can anyone recommend a better alternative to CCleaner?
  14. Do you have the extended kernel installed? You should be able to get the normal version to work, if you have it installed. (I found this, but the download link seems dead.)

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