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StartAllBack for Windows 11


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8 hours ago, helmutcheese said:

The new build today has brought back that issue I posted previously.

I cannot use either of the two search functions,

I don't think it is related. Try using native start menu?

19 hours ago, killingZ said:

this feature is still buggy

It is a system feature.


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It is the new native Win 11 Start Menu I am having issue with the two Search functions since I update SAB again and the past two builds have a glitch where when you return to the desktop (if watching full screen movie or waking up monitor out of standby) the icons on the Taskbar are missing till you click on it then they redraw and it is random which ones it happens to (I did have screens but deleted them after the new update as I assumed it would be fixed) so will take them next time it happens again.


I cannot type in the green part anymore.




And the other Search function is totally wrong now; it does not normally open this:




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Issue with the un-supported, Windows 11 beta build 22H2 , 22616.1:

I hope there is a fix for the taskbar, especially the systemtray/clock that becomes blank after applying a different windows theme.

A rough fix is hover the mouse over the affected area or restaring explorer.


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Same as you and me both:

"Winuser said:

Are the icons pinned to the Taskbar supposed to disappear until the mouse curser scrolls over them in this build or is this a bug caused by me using StartAllBack? The icons on my primary monitor will occasionally disappear until my mouse curser scrolls over them. They appear one at a time as I scroll the mouse curser over them. It doesn't happen on my secondary monitor.

I'm not seeing this. Try disabling SAIB and rebooting?"

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Config: W7Style+All programs like WinXP

Some bugs with focus.

1. Last selection in submenus(2nd or more level)(in All Programs) not reset after submenus hides.

2. Not able to open any shortcut with one click on taskbar if all programs menu is open.


and All Programs arrow glyph not at same level as arrow glyph of last used apps.

Need a more height of All programs item(or height setting). Now is very thin.

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On 5/10/2022 at 9:36 AM, killingZ said:

so is this intended that it is always retuning back to checked state?

No. There's no scenario to affect this setting - except when you check it yourself. Please find when this happens exactly.

21 hours ago, helmutcheese said:

I cannot type in the green part anymore.

There is no way for StartAllBack to affect native search.

9 hours ago, JFX said:

Preview pane is also still in light mode.

Which one? Preview pane in explorer is dark without SAB.

4 hours ago, helmutcheese said:

but the Taskbar icons still glitch

Yes, there is some redrawing issues in Beta/Dev.

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1 hour ago, Tihiy said:

Which one? Preview pane in explorer is dark without SAB.

The right one in explorer, if you select text style files like txt or xml it shows a RICHEDIT control.

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