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  1. The above setting Mica Effect on Top or Colorize Everything with Accent Color is what I think gave me the issue bellow but I only disabled it the other day , I could not see the new menus (they were still there) and I have highlighted the part that becomes invisible in green. Also the Enhanced Classic Jumplists setting effects MusicBee Shortcut Menu on the Taskbar but does not effect others, I think it needs a Dark Font to fix and someone mentioned something simliar before for the TaskBar effects. Disabled : Enabled: Tihiy you can put that in your pipe and smoke it! 😋
  2. The one on the right is better for me as more settings and not a big waste of space at bottom as I use it daily and as I said before the choice is nice to have so much so I no longer use the SaB old style Start Menu more so since last Dev update you can show more on the PIN's and as there is no toggle button for it (like in SiB ) and you said quite adamantly it would not be coming back but I like the SaB taskbar and some other features, and some I do not use.
  3. "Restores Control Panel applets redirected to Settings (System, Network and Sharing, Devices and Printers, Programs and Features" < can we have option to toggle this on/off please.
  4. Done, will let you know how it goes.
  5. The Start button jumps from left to middle on its own as you move mouse about taskbar.
  6. Have this on the new build, seen the missing Menu before but not Notification Icon issue. A reboot fixes it and I know it has to do with colours as I always have the same issue in MusicBee's Pinned shortcut (TaskBar) Menu.
  7. Thanks for the new build, fixes the recent issue caused by changes to Win 11 I posted above.
  8. This new Accent is messing with SiB: https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows11/comments/qm0j1n/finally_a_nicer_looking_old_context_menus_build/
  9. You cannot see in capture but my mouse cursor is going round and round and Start button disappears this is by clicking on Start menu or right clicking anywhere on the Taskbar.
  10. New version still randomly crashing explorer by simply clicking start menu.
  11. Not sure what I missed and seen a quote alert that was removed but I have never flamed/attacked anyone in this thread and AFAIK you are the one guy making this app so you are the support so not sure on the last "support" or "We" part unless as I said it was something to do with the removed post. I did however see attitude problems. Where do I make a request for a setting (if possible) like the other settings to Toggle on/off the Win 11 Start Button?
  12. Seriously less of the attitude (it is not the first time) esp. as I paid for your app each time, I never seen any reply to it and I cannot read minds. Basically you have made this now defunct for myself and no doubt others.
  13. Used to be like that in SIB which did mostly work on Win 11, I have asked above more than once but gotten no reply as I am not sure if the Win 11 Start Menu button was removed intentionally from the very top of SiB/SAB menu or if a bug as many shortcuts there broke a few update ago (I re-added them).
  14. You mean by having to disable/enable it each time?
  15. Thanks, I was unaware those settings were different to MS ones as it lets us do things we can no longer do in Win 11 like disable the Vol icon (I use EarTrumpet so do not need two). I am still none the wiser if the MS Win 11 Start Menu button is meant to be gone after the update a few days ago as I now have to disable SAB to use it on the occasions I need to, before there was a button at the very to of the SAB Start menu to do so.

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