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  1. PC takes ages to shutdown and restart now, was faster after uninstalling AeroGlass and deleting folder. Tried to reinstall and it messes up my tool buttons on top right of every explorer window (the min / max / (red) close buttons
  2. My Windows 10 latest build just grabbed all symbols on its own there (was up and running all day not a reboot). I am not on experiment; build of AeroGlass.
  3. It did work for the previous build for me, now does not. So 1 build newer than RTM it does work.
  4. Same error on new Insider build but still works going by what I can see.
  5. Thanks, works fine and accepted my donation key that was sitting in the empty folder from old build that was there from Win 8.1 before upgrade.
  6. I noticed this issue randomly happens after a long use here (generally after several days without rebooting or sometimes after doing many operations in the File Explorer in a short time), happened since the earlier versions of OldNewExplorer. Restarting the explorer.exe process usually fix that problem. Both Windows 8.1 and now Windows 10 are concerned. This happens for me too. Also Details Pane are sometimes back in the right side of File Explorer‘s windows even though it‘s set to sit on bottom. As NameNotRequired said, this problem can be solved by restarting explorer shell. Obviously that will work but so does a restart which IMO Is always better and takes about 5-8 seconds for me. I just would like to see if it can fixed in a later build.
  7. One issue that has been there since day 1 (can be fixed by a reboot) is this: Not sure how it randomly does that after Windows is up and running.
  8. Thanks, fixed my WinRAR issue, cannot remember if I had other issues but could not save/names files from Paint/Snip/Notepad etc without a hang in said App which sometimes recovered. Edit : yes above addition issue were due to the last build of this App now fixed.
  9. The new build works for me in Win 10 as last build did not but I have an issue where 9 x out 10 cannot use WinRAR to extract a file I have archived by double clicking on it (default action), I can right click on it and extract. It simply freezes for a second then does nothing This issue goes away when I hit uninstall button and appears back when I install again in OldNewExplorer.
  10. With Fast Startup it will take longer to close down fully as its got to write the files to DISK for the next Fast Startup. Even though these files are smaller then the Hibernate Files it still allocates 12GB of SSD space (may be related to 16GB of System Memory) for my system so its a no go for that alone. If you disable Hibernate you loose Fast Startup anyway but gain SSD space. IMO on a SDD with a new EFI Mobo/Bios setting set correctly for Fast Boot/etc. that bypasses all junk and posts in 2secs or less you best to disable Fast Startup for more s[pave on your smaller SSD's and faster Shutdowns.
  11. That is to speed up Startup which was a well documented Pro of Win 8
  12. If you actually read info on his site and this thread you would know the License dies if you change hardware and you can generate a new License automatically without bothering him. That would have took less effort to do so than post the 3 moaning posts here.
  13. Some reported issues but after initial Firmware/Drivers update on a Asus Z68 ROG with NEC/Renesas USB 3.0 I was solid and now on Asus Z87 ROG with Intel USB 3.0 also solid only its using MS drivers as Intel have not pulled their finger out yet and the early driver will not even install for many or do install and act up. I would expect it to be Firmware/Drivers causing issue. I still cannot paste here with IE11 (think it worked once) go to station-drivers.com and see what is there to update. My issues were fixed during Win 8 before .1 update and I have none since.
  14. Even though mines was working for a few days, WU on Tues grabbed new Symbols so I seen the CMD window on 1st reboot. Still running fine.
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