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  1. 24 hours with test build and all is fine on latest Win 11 Can build. 👍
  2. Also happens on new Can build (1st in weeks) but that is to be expected, I will wait on a new build.
  3. Today's Can build it does need reenabled after update.
  4. I thought you meant when SAB does not run 9/10 after update to new build and you have to agree to run it.
  5. What's the difference, they are both test builds not aimed at general public, it takes 1 click to fix it. My only small PIA issue is I lose the layout order of my Tray and OverFlow Area Icons.
  6. I know the Reg entries as looked them up before, but I read it is not as simple as that and will not work. https://superuser.com/questions/1332399/where-is-the-icon-tray-notification-area-registry-stored
  7. Windows remembers then even after upgrades, but SAB does not, it is a little bit of a PIA to redo each week. I was looking at way to export/import the reg entry.
  8. Works fine on Canary as basically that is what the old Dev is now as Dev has now been watered down.
  9. From ESET Staff: "The files should no longer be detected. They were not signed, were new (about a week old) and very few users had them on their machines."
  10. It is possible todays new build is messing with ESET as it wants to delete most of my App exe on startup due to a change in this bellow:
  11. Check for update from your installed App.
  12. Quote: "It's now possible to disable taskbar elements because the UI is 100% XAML" https://www.reddit.com/r/Windows11/comments/ychs9q/its_now_possible_to_disable_taskbar_elements/
  13. Again, in its normal state side by side they look the exact same unless I changed something long ago.
  14. The Windows 11 default one and the one in SAB look exactly the same before you press/select it, I will check later if it is the same for the other two states (hover over and selected) but I seem to remember it may be different.
  15. It was a reupload to add a fix for Kor language.

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