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  1. You can disable acrylic menus in shell with ImmersiveMenus=0 registry entry, but Dark Magic can't do that yet.
  2. Posts about Canary missing system tray will be removed. Canary is technically Windows 12 and is not supported.
  3. Try test build http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe I did not meet right-click issue
  4. Yeah, system tray area code is removed, let's hope it's just for Win12.
  5. You enabled Dark Magic, post there.
  6. Tihiy

    Dark Magic

    It shouldn't have
  7. Try test build for 23511 http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  8. That doesn't make sense. Can you record screen?
  9. Tihiy

    Dark Magic

    What's the theme? Do you run Fences? It should be. Did you reboot?
  10. Tihiy

    Dark Magic

    Dark Magic 3.6.10
  11. Support for obsolete old Beta / Dev versions were removed
  12. That's alarming, can you show a screenshot?
  13. That's Windows 7 style for ya
  14. Can't reproduce. No idea how SAB can affect this
  15. Did you reboot after? Try to explain all the things I need to do to reproduce this, hope you find simpler reproduction. Try disabling taskbar / start menu, maybe that matters
  16. Well that does not look like dark magic shadeout. Did you enable dark magic?
  17. You can Alt-click close window instead
  18. Tihiy

    Dark Magic

    There's no dark theme (third-party theme, high contrast, etc) support yet
  19. Tihiy

    Dark Magic

    Dark Magic 3.6.9
  20. That's a bug on unreleased version which is known.
  21. Use test build http://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe

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