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  1. I don't want it. If you're hacking it yourself, rename it from Aero.msstyles to some other name, then SAB won't apply.
  2. That's not helpful. What's your theme?
  3. StartAllBack does not alter custom theme... unless it's Aero.msstyles
  4. I don't see that in latest Beta/Dev. You using it in Stable does not made it stable, it's not shipped yet.
  5. 2. There is no such feature 3. Update your Win11 Insider 4. Double-click Bluetooth icon
  6. https://startisback.sfo3.cdn.digitaloceanspaces.com/StartAllBack_3.6Preview_setup.exe
  7. NoSyncDisplayChange = 1 in 3.6 for multi-display configurations
  8. Middle-click opens new instance. Use middle-click on thumbnail
  9. It works with classic taskbar only
  10. Google DontUsePowerShellOnWinX. It's supposed to be in HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced Look on Twitter. There are search box on taskbar plus more dark mode plus bugs.
  11. Add DontUsePowerShellOnWinX registry key
  12. I've implemented search box, test if you're interested https://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe Not implementing pill, globe, s*** on stick or whatever.
  13. Why tho? Latest version seems to work ok. You can disable tabs using vivetool.
  14. I've prepared a version which should fix M sized icons mix up https://startisback.com/StartAllBack_setup.exe
  15. There's vivetool for that. It's tempting to add feature switchers for StartAllBack.
  16. Yes, but that will lose its Mica titlebar then.
  17. Move it to the edge you need, I don't get the issue. Google 'how to move taskbar'
  18. Yes, soft blur is present but buggy in 22000 and removed in 22H2. It's not coming back as is

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