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  1. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    What is it? OldNewExplorer is the Windows 10 (and Windows 8.1, and 8) shell extension / tweaker which can undo "improvements" to file browsing made in newer Windows version. Everything is optional for your liking. - Restore devices / drives grouping Everything is 'Devices and drives'. That's stupid! O-N-E can restore grouping which made sense in Win7/8. - Restore libraries / remove folders Remove all those folders which were unoptionally added into Windows 8.1 This PC folder and put the libraries back to their place, without registry hacking / breaking apps. - Restore command bar / remove Ribbon Because some people consider it an abomination. - Restore details pane at bottom Same reason; reclaim useful horizontal space. - Improve styling Get rid of some Win7 stuff here and there; improve styling with some built-in visual styles. For themers / skinners, O-N-E can help to override a lot of hardcoded styling in Windows 8, maybe even Start screen! Download https://tihiy.net/files/OldNewExplorer.rar TEST VERSION READ BELOW 100% FREE Stupid FAQ - This is a TEST version, no installer. Potentially dangerous too! - This is for Windows 8.1. Also should work for Windows 8 as well, though 8.1 options do not apply there; - No changes are enabled by default. If something does not apply, try logging off / restarting explorer.exe; - Install is for all users, settings are per-user. For long thoughful posts use email.
  2. This is not tweakable directly. Accent colors are dark thus text is white I guess.
  3. SatirsBack++ 2.6

    That means trial time is over. Uninstall StartIsBack with checkbox 'Remove settings and license data' and reinstall for current user, not all users. Then reactivate with your license key.
  4. Licence not valide anymore

    Write to support e-mail
  5. License problem

    Uninstall StartIsBack with checkbox 'Remove settings and license data' and reinstall for current user, not all users. Then reactivate.
  6. Beta channel

    Please read latest pages to get StartIsBack++ beta
  7. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Please welcome on the stage again: the Start menu which refused to die! StartIsBack++ is the all-new StartIsBack version for Windows 10. What's hot about StartIsBack on Windows 10 now? - Full taskbar skinning! - Jumplists replacement! - Ability to reduce resource usage by disabling newer Start menu and Cortana processes from prelaunching - Ability to use adequately sized (32x32) large icons and larger start menu button on taskbar - Modern icon glyphs on Start menu right hand pane - Modern blur, drop shadow and immersive context menus for start menu - Fully dynamic DPI aware start menu and configuration app - New modern style with round user picture - Lots of new minor additions and tweaks
  8. Beta channel

    Yeah 2.6 works ok.
  9. StartIsBack+ 1.7.5

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome StartIsBack+! StartIsBack+ is the all-new version of StartIsBack for Windows 8.1. It's a FREE upgrade for all StartIsBack users. What's cool in StartIsBack+? New unique features: - "Everything at once". Hold down Windows key for half a second until search icon appears in the center of the screen; release it and have instant access to all your running apps, taskbar and charms or search bar at the same time from any app you use. Its a great multitasking helper which should be very useful for both tablet and classic PCs. You don't have to learn all keyboard shortcuts, run your mouse to the screen corners or perform awkward swipes. Just hold down Windows key on keyboard or double-tap Win logo on the tablet! (off by default) - Taskbar on Start screen. You can set StartIsBack to always display taskbar on Start screen and greatly reduce Start screen stress! Although this function appeared in SIB 2.1, it really shines in Windows 8.1 when you set your wallpaper for Start screen. General: - Start menu has been rebuilt from ground up. It no longer uses code present in explorer; but! No features were lost and actually has been improved with new features and many fixes for bugs present in original menu code. StartIsBack+ uses LESS resources than native menu! - Start menu utilizes start menu "soul" left in Windows; it's fully compatible with Windows 7 / StartIsBack settings and policies - StartIsBack+ does not require a process or service to run, comes with support / translation for all Windows languages (where MUI is available) - StartIsBack+ is better suited for tablets and convertibles. Start menu: - Start menu has been rebuilt from ground up. Lot of Windows 7 menu bugs were fixed - Items in right pane can be removed or tweaked in-place (hold shift with right-click) - Items in right pane can be configured as menu for more items (like Connect To) - You can add your own folders into right pane by drag & drop - All Programs can show folders before items - Start menu configuration is much more streamlined Start Apps (Modern apps) folder in All Programs: - Higher-quality icons are used - You can create a shortcut for Modern app from Start Apps folder directly via drag & drop - You can uninstall Modern apps directly from context menu Start button: - StartIsBack+ provides start button for each taskbar - StartIsBack+ uses built-in Windows 8.1 start button image (by default), but with different selection / animation effect to distinguish it Skinning: - Same skins included; Plain8 is the default - Start menu is a full sheet of glass; without hacks - Glass layer can be turned off totally; without hacks - StartIsBack+ allows using msstyles from Windows 8 unaltered (you still need UxStyle or whatever) Other changes: - All screen edges but bottom-left are enabled by default - Settings for bottom-left corner were removed - F3 on desktop no longer launches desktop search - StartIsBack+ settings for start menu are now stored in ..\StartIsBack registry key, not in ...\Explorer\Advanced. Existing settings are migrated. StartIsBack+ is for Windows 8.1 only. If you want to upgrade your Windows 8 with StartIsBack installed to Windows 8.1, make sure you have StartIsBack version 2.0 or above!
  10. StartIsBack translations

    How do I translate StartIsBack? Start with sample which contains latest strings: http://startisback.com/langs/RU-RU.txt (there are other languages on server but only Russian is the latest; if you're skilled you can extract language file from StartIsBackCfg.exe) How do I test my translation? Put your file, named appropriately with you language code (ES-ES.txt, ZH-TW.txt, SR-LATN-CS.txt, etc.) into StartIsBack folder, alongside with StartIsBackCfg.exe; you have use this language as your system primary one. What to do later? Send me an e-mail or publish your file here. What do I get? You'll receive StartIsBack license for free. That is true if you provide a better / fuller translation than StartIsBack contains.
  11. StartIsBack translations

    Please provide FR-FR file in UTF-16 encoding
  12. Beta channel

    Yes, now if explorer is restarted more often than once per 30 seconds, an advice to disable StartIsBack is shown.
  13. Beta channel

    StartIsBack++ 2.6 http://www.startisback.com/StartIsBackPlusPlus_setup.exe - Support for Windows 10 Spring 2018 update pre-release builds: * Added support for Acrylic and Acrylic+ blurring styles * Microsoft Edge pre-launching can be disabled * Added Properties content menu item for metro apps - StartIsBack will stop working on unsupported Win10 builds even when installed per-user - StartIsBack will advice to disable itself on boot if explorer crash loop if detected - Minor fixes and improvements
  14. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Yes. You can create NoTaskbarSkin = 1 DWORD in HKCU\Software\StartIsBack to workaround crashing. If you're in crash loop, hold Escape key.
  15. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    What has to be modified in explorerframe.dll?
  16. Here are some lightweight tools made by me which you may have seen before, or may not. It's mostly abadon-ware (no further developed), but all stable and useful. They should work on 98/Me. Network activity indicator Nice applet blinking like 2000/XP does. Shows simple network stats and open ports. Link: http://tihiy.net/files/IpTest.zip Install: extract dll&exe into \windows\system, run install.reg and re-login. Uninstall: run uninstall.reg, delete dll&exe from \windows\system. Task manager Simple process manager which hooks Ctrl-Shift-Esc (not resident). Link: http://tihiy.net/files/Taskmgr.exe Install: copy exe into windows\system, run taskmgr /install Remove: run taskmgr /remove, delete exe Add/Remove program alternative I think it's clear what it does. Link: http://tihiy.net/files/programs.zip Shut down dialog alternative XP-alike shutdown dialog. Accepts command line flags [-f] [-r|-s|-l] ([force] reboot/shutdown/logoff). Link: http://tihiy.net/files/shutdown.exe
  17. Start orb scaling - request/question

    StartIsBack mostly does not support scaling beyond 200% yet. Will improve this.
  18. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Yep, older versions does show overlay icons on small taskbar buttons. However, this is no longer a case since it does breaks app icons for some apps like Telegram.
  19. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    StartIsBack++ 2.5.1 is out http://startisback.com/#download-tab
  20. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Reproduced this /silent http://startisback.com/GroupPolicy.zip Yep will be fixed
  21. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Where do I get it?
  22. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    What is the theme you're using?
  23. StartIsBack++ 2.5

    Sorry, that wall of text does not help. Provide a crash dump if possible.
  24. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Try fix: http://tihiy.net/files/OldNewExplorer.rar
  25. OldNewExplorer 1.1.8

    Please try to capture crash dump, because I'm unable to reproduce the issue. Some "anti-spyware" or shell extension may affect this.