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  1. Thanks for the new build 2. I have an issue on both build's I cannot toggle the Context menu back on, it remains the old one no matter what I set it where as when it was first installed I could choose either and go back and forth.
  2. No I already touched on this, you are not missing it and AFAIR SiB changed the fonts for you when you made the theme dark for TaskBar so FlyOuts.
  3. Take back what i said previously, it does not work fully in new dev build, I have lost the New Context menu (it was added to the Recycle Bin in todays build so may be the reason). I tried all sorts, including check boxes, reboot then uncheck the same boxes reboot and finally installed SiB again.
  4. I can confirm the above if I open two media players at same time it messes up. I listened to music in MusicBee and opened MPC-BE to play a video.
  5. If I make taskbar black and blur and adjust so I can see though it the text of FlyOuts is hard to see as black, I know there was setting before to make it white for this and hope it will be added back in as this is good for the first build. Would also like the buttons all together be it middle or not.
  6. Who the hell cares, its a few £/$ via Paypal, your not buying house or a car.
  7. On page 49 (no post numbers) so 4th post from bottom by: MeanEx2 1 2 posts OS: Windows 10 x64 Country: Report post Posted August 1 orb-small.zip2.65 kB · 13 downloads
  8. The proper Win10 Orb has 3 colour states and is smaller, I have one someone uploaded here. White > Blue > Dark Blue.
  9. Do not remember this till today (the yellow folders are now Windows Flags): EDIT: Now they have all took on the Red YouTube Music icon (will reboot alter as cannot as files uploading). EDIT 2: Reboot cleared it. EDIT 3: It has took on another icon once again.
  10. Today's new version Downloads and Installs itself without issue.
  11. RC 4 broke auto install again it just sits there.
  12. Did not need to do anything it installed fine and this time it appeared at bottom of Notification are as well as top (if you understand what I mean). EDIT, the one at bottom was a flyout, it was on top of the notification are, I just tested again with notification area closed and it is on desktop so all ok.
  13. RC2, downloads 100% but waits on install so did it manually.
  14. Too late I installed it going to the location you posted above.
  15. Win 10 1909 and its not hiding bellow any other windows and I removed all for you to see, the download can also stall at 44% (always 44%) but restarting it gets to 100%.
  16. The Update button in the App. I got notification about update then it downloads but it sits waiting on installation EDIT: Reboot and same thing, no way to install it and do not even see where it goes to.
  17. Sometimes that can happen (but ok for me right now as just tested), try saving the link, via right click.
  18. PC takes ages to shutdown and restart now, was faster after uninstalling AeroGlass and deleting folder. Tried to reinstall and it messes up my tool buttons on top right of every explorer window (the min / max / (red) close buttons
  19. My Windows 10 latest build just grabbed all symbols on its own there (was up and running all day not a reboot). I am not on experiment; build of AeroGlass.
  20. It did work for the previous build for me, now does not. So 1 build newer than RTM it does work.
  21. Same error on new Insider build but still works going by what I can see.

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