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  1. Just shrink your C drive by 100 MB to 1 GB and create a FAT32 partiton from the new free space. Ideally, but not necessary use diskpart's set id with c12a7328-f81f-11d2-ba4b-00a0c93ec93b to mark this partition a ESP. Select this one as boot drive in WinNTSetup and install your Win7. After you successfully booted Winows 7 to desktop you can select the same boot drive but another partition and install your Win10.
  2. You need to partition your drive correctly, there should to be a FAT32 partition as boot drive.
  3. Yes, you need an x64 OS if you want to boot with an X64 UEFI.
  4. Yes, make sure they point to your NTFS partition where the VHD is located.
  5. Shrink the partition, create a new FAT32 around 100MB in size. Mark this one active and copy all boot files from your F: to it. \Boot \EFI \bootmgr
  6. How, is the partition layout? Many UEFI do have no NTFS driver, so you need a FAT32 partition that contains the EFI boot files.
  7. I no longer provide an x86 version, but you can use the last package WinNTSetup_v425_WinXP_Supported.rar.
  8. Good question, Windows 10 natively supports booting from USB 3. Never had this problem.
  9. Yeah, the problem is you did not change the system mount point, it's still points to the old drive. WinNTSetup always set HKLM\SYSTEM\MountedDevices, \DosDevices\C: to avoid this trouble. You could load offline registry and set this value with the binary data from your current system. Or just use WinNTSetup without selecting a installation source.
  10. WinNTSetup 5.1.0 - fixed global disabling of combobox animation - fixed vertical alignment of edit controls - fixed now using rounded button in Win11 Darkmode - fixed vhd-create commandline option only accepts - not / - fixed combo could add empty strings and accepts them as valid input - removed subframe from Darkmode Messagebox in Win11 - added format option to ini and GUI (right click on F button) - added /help command line option - added option 'VHD creation, FAT32 Part' boot file creation - added option 'VHD creation, FAT32 Part' select as boot drive - added option 'VHD creation, FAT32 Part' assign drive letter - updated BootICE Darkmode
  11. Problem was introduced with support for relative paths. I had not thought that PathIsRelativeW API returns true for an empty string. So now for some Combo boxes, selection is interpreted as the WinNTSetup directory even is there is no selection.
  12. Yeah, there are still problems in some places with the empty combobox. Guess I really have to go through all the 100k+ lines of source code to get them all
  13. @ilkertezcan One and Two will be added to next version. For Three, don't know if there is a need for drive letter on the VHD internal boot partition. WinNTSetup always create boot files on this partition. This is to make sure the VHD is boot able if you attach it to a virtual machine. If you don't want to physical boot this VHD on real hardware, just select any partition as boot drive and set BCD to NONE. As for the command line that will be fixed. FOUR: I'll think about it, but after 5.1 release I have no new features in mind.
  14. @bphlpt, yeah took me over a hour to successfully upload 1.4 MB I'll update Tools\Win10Builds.ini with following content in next version, unless someone has an improvement: [Builds] ;Threshold 1 10240= v1507 ;Threshold 2 10586= v1511 ;ReadStone 1 14393= v1607 ;ReadStone 2 15063= v1703 ;ReadStone 3 16299= v1709 ;ReadStone 4 17134= v1803 ;ReadStone 5 17763= v1809 18362= v19H1 18363= v19H2 ;Vibranium - 19041 - 19044 only works it capture with wimlib or WinNTSetup 19041= v20H1 19042= v20H2 19043= v21H1 19044= v21H2 ;Server / Enterprise 2022 20348= v21H2 ;Win11 - Sun Valley 22000= v21H2 22400= Dev [Exclude] ;Don't add if name already contains ... 10240= 1507 10586= 1511 14393= 1607 15063= 1703 16299= 1709 17134= 1803 17763= 1809 18362= 1903|19H1 18363= 1909|19H2 19041= 20H1|2004 19042= 20H2|2009 19043= 21H1|2104 19044= 21H2|2109 20348= 21H2|2109 22000= 21H2|2109 22400= 2209|22H2
  15. @alacran Thanks for reporting. About ESD and WinPE problems I need more information. He can post on reboot I'll watch this topic. WinNTSetup 5.0.3 - run ScanFiles.cmd if exist - Mica titlebar is default again on Win11 Dark Mode - fixed right-click on unattend label not open editor - fixed iso source mru selection problems - fixed wimboot:wimcopy exitcode not set
  16. @SuperKolobok I hope i have now fixed all relative paths. WinNTSetup_v5021 will run a ScanFiles.cmd if exists. You could use something like the following to recreate WinNTSetup_mru.txt before it will be loaded: @echo off title Scan for files ... pushd %~dp0 >WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [Source_NT6] for /f %%c in ('dir /b Sources\*.wim Sources\*.swm Sources\*.esd Sources\*.iso') do ( >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Sources\%%c ) >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [Drivers_NT6] for /f %%c in ('dir /b /ad Drivers') do ( >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Drivers\%%c ) >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo [RegTweaks_NT6] for /f %%c in ('dir /b /ad Tweaks') do ( >>WinNTSetup_mru.txt echo Tweaks\%%c )
  17. Click the Win icon in the right top corner and than "Create Language File"
  18. WinNTSetup 5.0.2 - added command line -fat32:n - drivers and regtweak combo display relative paths - offline windows detection correctly identifys Windows 11
  19. Should be possible, if you add these lines to WinNTSetup.ini: [WinNT6] sourcedir=.\ driverdir=.\ unattenddir=.\ regtweaksdir=.\ oemdir=.\ rundir=.\
  20. I uploaded WinNTSetup_v501a.rar. This should fix it, just wonder that I have not seen this one the 200dpi screen.
  21. Yes, it only runs on 64-bit operation systems. 32-bit version was dropped after 4.25. Old version is still available for download.
  22. WinNTSetup 5.0.1 - Win11: disabled buggy Mica effect - Win11: use new font only, if system font is Segoe UI - fixed scaling with higer system fonts - fixed combobox flyout high for high dpi systems - fixed wrong log line - ini load/save dialogs remember last selection
  23. Win7-11-Select.xml (a simple option for fully unattend installs) is only applied if you choose it. With WinNTSetup there are not complaints about hardware restrictions, but it does not mean it will work.
  24. Use adksetup.exe and only select want you want.
  25. Nope, this app has been discontinued. Version 21.04 is the very last one.

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