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  1. Load offline registry and enumerate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\sys\ControlSet001\Services. Check if ImagePath starts with \SystemRoot\System32\DriverStore\ or System32\DriverStore\.
  2. Very good work on trimming down Windows. If you only use this VHD for RAM booting, you could save roughly 80 MB of NTFS logging. format /FS:NTFS /v:RAMDISK /Q /s:disable /TXF:disable /LogSize:1024 /NoRepairLogs X:
  3. I was tired to update my batch files for every new Win 11 ISO, so the following will pick the first matching iso: WinNTSetup_x64.exe NT6 -source:E:\ISOs\22*.iso RunAfter does not have wildcard support. Variables can be accessed in a batch: %_build% %_drivers% %_source% %_syspart% %_tempdrive%
  4. WinNTSetup 5.0 Beta 2 - fixed drive combo not updated after run diskpart script - fixed drive combo not showing drive letter from DefineDosDevice - fixed drive combo on classic selection - new dikspart GUI with selectable disk and warn dialog - ini option nodownload added - command line source accepts wildcard
  5. Yes, can be set in the ini file. [Options] NoBootMount=0
  6. Not sure what you mean, the format dialog will only show file systems that are supported by windows format engine.
  7. WinNTSetup 5.0 Beta 1 - mounting boot partition is disabled by default - combobox list to select boot and installation drive - MRU feature for most inputs - mounted ISO in VHD menu will stay alive - mounted ISO sources will be save with ISO names to ini - regimport supports HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes (UsrClass.dat) - regimport will effect all existing user profiles - separate disable Windows Defender tweak (-nodefender command line)
  8. Yes, it will be added as an ini option. But after reviewing the code I think I'll change that function. I guess v5 is Beta ready at the end of this month...
  9. What you type in the input box will be passed to a hidden cmd.exe. cmd /c "%input%"
  10. For GPT formatted disks, it will only show 1 icon.
  11. I'm not so sure that it's iaStor that causes the BSOD. I mean if you boot from USB, the internal AHCI controller is not needed for successful boot.
  12. Looks like you inject x64 drivers to an x86 Windows.
  13. Well, your log files only show that you integrate intel usb3 drivers, not the generic win 8 ones. Yes, you can use the add drivers option, in case you have an updated Windows 7 WIM file.
  14. Starting with Windows 8 there is a generic driver for USB3.x. IF you add modded windows 8 driver as described in Tools\Win7USB3\ReadMe.txt, then there will be another checkbox on Ready page.
  15. Well you mount the VHD, let's say the driveletter is X: Run this from admin Comment Prompt to load the offline system registry reg load HKLM\sys X:\Windows\system32\config\system than use regedit.exe and check "Start" dword value, it should be 0 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\sys\ControlSet***\services\iusb3hub HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\sys\ControlSet***\services\iusb3xhc and finally unload offline registry with: reg unload HKLM\sys or use WinNTSetup on the mounted VHD, check the native USB3 checkbox on Ready page. BTW: If you don't select a source in WinNTSetup, but an installation drive with existing Windows Installation, all tweaks and setting will be applied to the offline system.
  16. That's properly happens because setup has set the start type of your usb driver to manuell (3) try set them to boot (0).
  17. Ah, yes thanks. Sure a USB flash drive without partition table will have alignment of 0.
  18. Problem was the hook in the dialog that let you play wav files. OFN_ENABLEHOOK= 0x20 OFN_ENABLETEMPLATE = 0x40 So replacing the 2 values with 0 removes this customization from the dialog.
  19. There is a folder XP-Users should look at: _DeltaPatchWinXP. @click-click This is common error, try a different PC. Or place vhd on locale disk, finish setup and than copy VHD to USB. BTW: the partition alignment of your device is unknown to WinNTSetup, what's the starting sector of the partition?
  20. Nope, that's a feature! Besides the last 6 are directly coming from windows.
  21. "drive letter preassignment" does nothing if you only have 2 drives and want both to be changed. If you select C: as boot and B: as installation drive than: - you will be able to multi boot both - your NT6 system will be see it self as C: but your NT5 partition will properly get a D: as drive letter
  22. Yes, NoPageFile has effect on VHD, too. Windows does not like to put the pagefile.sys inside a VHD so it would just use another drive. As for the ini file simply use WinNTSetup to set the options. Everything you can't set in the GUI is explained inside WinNTSetup.ini.txt.
  23. I wouldn't actually call that a fork, but it means you have selected the wrong boot partition. Or this partition is just not marked as EFI System part.
  24. Guess I placed the imdisk folder directly under tools to make it easier to update it. Some guys may confuse with the different architecture names (x64 == amd64) && (x86 == i386). The x86 subfolder is still there for 32-bit wofadk.sys, if you want to setup a 32-bit windows with WOF support.

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