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StartIsBack(TBD) for Windows 11 beta testing


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On 9/7/2021 at 9:56 PM, Tihiy said:


All-new StartIsBack(name to be determined) for Windows 11 is available for beta testing


Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

omg, this is what exactly i expected from windows 11. this is the lifesaver tool for many years for me. definitively will buy also for windows 11 !!!!!! thanks for keeping it alive

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On 9/10/2021 at 7:50 PM, cartman cartman said:

Hello, the beta runs great. The taskbar is exactly what I was looking for in Windows 11.

I would like to offer myself to make German translations.

One more question / help: Can someone help me to build the start menu like this?



hey can u share your style and orbs?

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Such a masterpiece again by Tihiy who's been enhancing Windows since the 9x days (remember RevolutionsPack and the Network indicator for Windows 98? :D) ! And it has survived Dev channel Windows 11 build "upgrades" too so far (well it gets uninstalled by the evil OS but can be quickly reinstalled). I only wish the missing icons in the context menu (Shift+right click menu) for items pinned to the taskbar would return.

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An excellent work as usual.

some problems:

- taskbar icon width is ignored, instantly reset
- starting an explorer.exe instance as admin, StartIsBack has no effect on this elevated window.
- OldNewExplorer is not compatible at least not with redirected Shell folders onto another drive 
    HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders
        Desktop or Personal

Feature request:

- Windows 11 explorer does not create thumbnails for folder, maybe SIB could fix that.
- integrate all OldNewExplorer features into StartIsBack .

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I've been using this since the first preview came out and it's been working great.


However sometimes when switching between .svg start buttons, the taskbar goes blank.spacer.png

Can you look into this? Thanks again for your incredible work!

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