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StartIsBack(TBD) for Windows 11 beta testing


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Since this build of SIB doesn't implement a option to add new orbs start button just yet, so i used a dirty trick to add a custom start orb, its very buggy as its currently have brightness issues for now.

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6 hours ago, JakubDriver said:

The Start button in the SIB differs a bit from the original, whether it is driving the pointer or clicking it. You can do something about it so that it does not look so gray





I noticed that too, I made a fixed version of the start button a couple days ago. You can download it here: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qj6ey33bayme7/unnamed

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Once again SIB is doing right what Microsoft, once again, is getting wrong. Great work!

I know that SIB TBD is currently in an (early) development state and many functions are still on the dev's to do list. So please excuse me if I mention some things that the devs are already working on. Please don't see my findings as critique of SIB.

What I have noticed is missing in SIB TBD (currently Beta 2):

  • In the original Windows 11 task bar in the window preview function there are snap groups previews shown always on the rightmost side next to the window preview thumbnails. Those snap groups previews are missing in SIB TBD.
  • In the original Windows 11 task bar there are the most recent searches shown when hovering over the search icon. Those are missing when hovering over the search icon with SIB TBD active.
  • The new animations from the original Windows 11 task bar (for example when hovering over or clicking an application icon) are missing in SIB TBD.

My conclusion is that SIB TBD injects some older Windows taskbar DLLs into the system which lack those newer functions and animations.

My question is: is it possible to add those Windows 11 features into SIB?

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Great for Windows 11 to have StartIsBack++ so users have a possibility to Fix all the mistakes from Developers :)

Because iam have to Stay @ Windows 10 with also many mistakes by Developers there is one thing that after tryed StartIsBackTBD i found as ++ against StartIsBack++ thats the Explorer Search Function .

Dont know but there must a easy way also for Windows 10 to bring back Legacy Search like in Windows Server 2022 or in Windows 11 with StartIsBackTBD . . . but wich .

Personal i had to search 2 Years for the Fix to bring back the Legacy Touch Keyboard after the Kiding one after Windows 10 1703 for ( Example: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\TabletTip\1.7]
"DisableNewKeyboardExperience"=dword:00000001 ) and now @ near Day i have the same with Damn Windows Search in Explorer . . . and hey one they Bright side of live i have to find that in Windows Server 2022 there is a Enviroment wich is Usable but not for Creativity more for that whats @ Server is Indicated . . . not called the avaibility for a profane end user like me :(

How will it possible to find out of this mud ?


Sorry maybe for wrong area !

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Just installed on the latest build for W11 which I assume is just about RTM. 2 things I wish that could be added...

1. There is a folder on the start menu that will not move or can not ever be renamed it's called UNIVERSAL APPS. Wish there was an option to remove it or at least rename or hide it. 

2. On the taskbar on the right, you can not hide the network or sound icons anymore in W11 like you could in W10. Wish there was an option to hide these icons for a super clean loo on the taskbar. 

Also thanks to the developer's for all the hard work you guys put in, makes W11 more bearable lol 

Regards and Thanks!

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First of all, great work on StartIsBack TBD for Windows 11!
I really like having the old(er) taskbar back and the right-click context menu…

I did notice however, the Teams Chat icon is missing from the new (old) taskbar, see attached screenshot for which icon I mean.



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It would be great if there were an option to have SIB start menu enabled, but at the same time use the Windows Search instead of the built in search of SIB. So that the SIB start menu invokes the Windows Search when users hit the Windows Key (WinKey) on the keyboard and start typing. Currently this is only possible when the SIB Start Menu is turned off.

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