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  1. Explorer crashes and restarts when you press Task View with the following settings. Of course the task view doesn't work. Use enhanced classic start menu = on Use enhanced classic taskbar = off The task view works normally with the following combinations. Use enhanced classic start menu = off Use enhanced classic taskbar = off or on
  2. Right-click setting of IME on the taskbar, selection of multiple IME software, update display of IME status, etc. will not work and will be destroyed. After uninstalling, it returned to normal operation as shown in the image.
  3. 20H1 / 19041.1 Clean Install for VM. OS settings do not change after installation. Install Beta2 and click update "Not updated" is displayed in the notification area. It looks like you haven't been able to get RC updates. I want to use either a general update method or a direct link.

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