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  1. Dzięki za poprawę (małe przeoczenie )
  2. I have purchased a key to StartAllBack on 3 x PC and each one has English instead of the system one, as in the screenshot.
  3. update to 2.9.92 PL-PL.txt
  4. can you add to the application so that after the installation there is a link to the application as (recently used items) and not to add it yourself I also have some UI strings not localized
  5. I can ask for Polish updates PL-PL.txt
  6. I already added this line in Polish
  7. and your translation file is missing a line
  8. Hi Tihiy I can ask you to update the translation to StartAllBack regards PL-PL.txt
  9. You did it nicely, but my point is that after hovering over the start there is a dark gray color
  10. The Start button in the SIB differs a bit from the original, whether it is driving the pointer or clicking it. You can do something about it so that it does not look so gray SIB Win11
  11. After installation, everything was fine, but after restarting the computer, some appeared in Polish and some in English
  12. You can ask for translation updates to StartIsBack(TBD) for Windows 11 Polish.txt
  13. I did the translation and added the file to the folder but not everything changed
  14. One more suggestion whether you can add a start shortcut to the Application as shown in the picture to have everything at hand.
  15. Hi Is it possible to provide a language file for translation? You did a great job. regards
  16. No tak bywa Jak chcesz mogę ci podesłać wersję testową prv Pozdrawiam
  17. https://www.stardock.com/products/start11/
  18. In Windows 11, the startup logo StartIsBack 2.9.15 with the system one is superimposed. Will there be any repair fix?
  19. Updated Poland to the newest version 2.9.14 PL-PL.txt
  20. Hi. Can you ask for updates of the Polish language? Some are in English

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