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  1. Hi. The new version notification does not work in the application. You have to check "Check for updates" yourself and only a new update will appear
  2. It's okay just a matter of habit
  3. Will it be possible to disable Acrylic classic tooltips
  4. Dzięki za poprawę (małe przeoczenie )
  5. I have purchased a key to StartAllBack on 3 x PC and each one has English instead of the system one, as in the screenshot.
  6. can you add to the application so that after the installation there is a link to the application as (recently used items) and not to add it yourself I also have some UI strings not localized
  7. I can ask for Polish updates PL-PL.txt
  8. I already added this line in Polish
  9. and your translation file is missing a line
  10. Hi Tihiy I can ask you to update the translation to StartAllBack regards PL-PL.txt

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