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  1. After upgrade to 3.7.6 broken scroll bar in explorer Win 22631
  2. Upgrade SaB to the latest version 3.73
  3. Win11 22631.2861 With v3.7.2 System icons disappear
  4. Hi. I have a question whether after selecting the selected sliding style, the Win11 option can be left on the volume control https://ibb.co/VYpQZQk Sorry about the quality, I'm blocked by the size limit. Max total size: 28.23 kB
  5. Some translation corrections have been made 3.7 PL-PL.txt
  6. Tihiy It's nice that you took my suggestion into account
  7. corrected updated 3.7 if possible and it can be "Ikony w zasobniku" / "Ikony zasobnika" PL-PL.txt
  8. Hi I have a question (suggestions) currently SAB Win 11 after clicking in the tray for an hour whether the same notification is sent. Isn't it better to restore the clock and calendar from win 7 if you click on the time in the tray
  9. I found another DU Meter 8 program
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