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  1. Working perfect on my end, i lliked the old right click feature available again.. i was wondering since we have explorer options now, can we also have options in oldnewexplorer suchs as hiding library folders etc on this pc? if not np i'm totally ok to install old new explorer too... if we are going to have alignment options, maybe we can have taskbar alignment options too. to the right left top or hide completely etc but its perfect as it is thank you very much for not stopping support. i was wondering if you were coming back since no new comments on forum from you... thanks again
  2. so thats it then. donate 10 euros for nothing thanks all thank you really. i wont do this mistake again.
  3. its not about that :/ they are correct.
  4. I am having trouble at window's titles. there are some transparent rectangles like everywhere. i can't capture them with screenshot because it look perfect without any bug. but actually there are.. how i am going to fix them? its windows 10 th2 x64 + all gpu drivers and others are updated witn aero glass 1.4.5

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