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  1. hi. the title bar text color needs to be dark here for active window of explorer when these parameters are set. when the window is inactive the texts is ok(dark).
  2. hi. often i see that volume or language switch flyout does not respond to my click. and only after reverting back the standard taskbar they come back working.
  3. try it your self and tell us it's pretty cheap
  4. awesome, man. but can you make this also for control center icon? i personally hide the volume and network icon and use the new control center one only.
  5. it's the same way as in win 10 or 7. first unlock the taskbar from context menu on it. then just drag it to any side of your display
  6. maybe turn off focus assist? check your notifications.
  7. but. this translucency is more visible than start menu or taskbar. or even the native jumplist. maybe there is an ability to make them all to look same? without touching overrides in the advanced settings.
  8. yeah right. i disabled and re-enabled the "colorize everything with accent color" and the translucency came back. thanks anyway
  9. hi. i like the "use enhanced classic jumplist" feature but the translucency is not working on it. can you please make it also working? just like id does on start menu. thanks.
  10. i'm affraid your build is not yet supported. the supported build is the curent stable release, 22000.*
  11. please add this feature for SAB for the control center button
  12. why are you doing this? why not just set your daily config and stay with it? i personaly don need this chat and dont care about it.

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