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  1. Well I tested SaB in a 23H2 VM now and it worked like a charm
  2. So do I see it correctly that SaB 3.6.12 works fine with 23H2 and I can safely update?
  3. Oh I agree with that, I'm just saying for my personal use-case I could make due with less, especially since RoundedTB exists.
  4. If we have to make due with the new Taskbar I hope there will be a way to atleast customize the Start Icon while centered.
  5. Say what happened to the Mica effect in the folder-properties etc.? It's gone again for me after SaB added it a while ago. I'm running SaB 3.6.4 and Windows 11 22621.1555.
  6. Could we have non Aero.msstyles patching as an option in the settings? I use a custom theme that's named differently but I liked the mods SaB applied. Or should I just rename my theme?
  7. Hmm interesting, but do both solutions also re-enable Live-Tiles? I tried Start 11 before and it could replicate the Windows 10 menu but Live-Tiles weren't functional, is Explorer Patcher different here?
  8. As far as I know there isn't any third-party application that can re-enable the Windows 10 menu with tiles. The function itself doesn't seem to exist in the OS anymore and replicating it seems hard.
  9. I guess you're a fan? 😅 Also thanks for the update!
  10. Oh wow thank you! Upon trying it it seems to work amazingly short of a small incompatibility with SaB: I'll open an issue on the projects Github and see if the dev can do something about it.
  11. That's a fair note although I think it would be nice as an option if it doesn't add too much work for you. I use bolder fonts across my whole explorer so readability shouldn't be impacted too much for people who use non-default fonts.
  12. I've been thinking, could StartAllBack add Mica to the whole explorer window? I know MicaForEveryone can do this but since it's a hacky way it only works in dark-mode so I thought maybe SaB could do it properly for light and dark.
  13. Yeah it seems to be somehow related to the classic taskbar as it doesn't happen with the native one and I found out it's not just Moonlight but also the native Remote Desktop that triggers this. Thanks for the workaround, I enabled it now and will see what happens on my end
  14. I have a very weird bug with StartAllBack. I've recently started to use its taskbar and whenever I connect to my PC remotely via Moonlight Game Streaming this language select panel appears: It also stays after I disconnect and will persist until the PC is rebooted. The strange thing is I don't have any other keyboard layouts other than German set in Windows yet suddenly English appears twice. This does not happen with the native Windows 11 Taskbar and Moonlight. I'm running build 22621.900 and SaB 3.5.6. Any insight on this?
  15. Does this mean I could enable tabs but keep the Windows 7 Explorer look from SaB?
  16. Ah right that's also a thing but I'm glad it worked out in the end. You're welcome
  17. This already happens when you unpin everything from the left side.
  18. Ah okay, I wasn't aware that this toggles this, I just tried it out and it works like a charm, thanks!
  19. Thanks for this! Could we have a toggle for the background of the compact address-bar though? It makes some custom-themes look different than intended.
  20. Could we alternatively maybe get a option to use custom icons from a file-path?
  21. Just put Caps Lock on the left side and ALT+Space on the right, or Shift + Caps Lock, whatever the keyboard combo is:
  22. I think the Keyboard Manager of Microsoft PowerToys can do this: https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys
  23. It should be straight on your C: drive if I remember correctly.
  24. Ah I see too bad but good that you are aware of it and regardless if it's fixable or not, thanks for your hard work!

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