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  1. Yeah it seems to be somehow related to the classic taskbar as it doesn't happen with the native one and I found out it's not just Moonlight but also the native Remote Desktop that triggers this. Thanks for the workaround, I enabled it now and will see what happens on my end
  2. I have a very weird bug with StartAllBack. I've recently started to use its taskbar and whenever I connect to my PC remotely via Moonlight Game Streaming this language select panel appears: It also stays after I disconnect and will persist until the PC is rebooted. The strange thing is I don't have any other keyboard layouts other than German set in Windows yet suddenly English appears twice. This does not happen with the native Windows 11 Taskbar and Moonlight. I'm running build 22621.900 and SaB 3.5.6. Any insight on this?
  3. Does this mean I could enable tabs but keep the Windows 7 Explorer look from SaB?
  4. Ah right that's also a thing but I'm glad it worked out in the end. You're welcome
  5. This already happens when you unpin everything from the left side.
  6. Ah okay, I wasn't aware that this toggles this, I just tried it out and it works like a charm, thanks!
  7. Thanks for this! Could we have a toggle for the background of the compact address-bar though? It makes some custom-themes look different than intended.
  8. Could we alternatively maybe get a option to use custom icons from a file-path?
  9. Just put Caps Lock on the left side and ALT+Space on the right, or Shift + Caps Lock, whatever the keyboard combo is:
  10. I think the Keyboard Manager of Microsoft PowerToys can do this: https://github.com/microsoft/PowerToys
  11. It should be straight on your C: drive if I remember correctly.
  12. Ah I see too bad but good that you are aware of it and regardless if it's fixable or not, thanks for your hard work!
  13. Ah I see, I suppose SaB has to load second? If so couldn't I delay the task or whatever SaB uses to initialize? When I manually restart explorer.exe the problem goes away and both seem to work fine.
  14. Yeah I do, is there a conflict? Like said 3.2.2 was fine.
  15. After updating from SaB 3.2.2 to 3.3.2 most of my tooltips in Explorer and elsewhere have white text: I'm on Windows build 22000.527.
  16. Could we have a cosmetic feature to offset the taskbar a few pixels from the bottom so it's floating?
  17. I don't use Office but Windows was easy to get up and running again and while my SaB didn't stay activated I could just enter my key again and it activated fine
  18. I'm getting a new CPU and Mainboard soon, can I deactivate and reactivate my license on the new system somehow?
  19. I just found out something that is bugging me, StartAllBack's Start Menu should invoke shutdown /sg and not shutdown /s when pressing Shutdown on Windows 11 to match the behavior of the normal Win 11 Start Menu: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/shutdown /sg performs a background logon at next boot.
  20. A request, could we get an option to hide the scroll-bar in the All Apps list?
  21. Thanks for the context-menu fixes
  22. Yeah it was added in Windows 10 20hX after an update and definitely had touch in mind but I never use my PC with a touch-screen and it's all personal preference. That's why we use StartAllBack in the first place don't we? To have more options to chose from how we want Windows to look and work
  23. And it's needlessly huge on my 1080p monitor with 100% scaling. I never said to make it default, merely add an option.
  24. Congratz on the release! I upgraded my license right away and so far it works great Could StartAllBack eventually make the Address-bar and Search-bar more slim again like they were in the 19x builds of Windows 10?

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