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360 Extreme Explorer Modified Version

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I'm really liking how this is progressing!

It took me a few days to catch up on the 6 or so pages of posts, but I finally have, so here I am!

I have a question (or so) re: themes, if I may:  is it possible to have the title bar and minimize/maximize/close buttons render using the native OS controls?  I prefer to use the Classic (Win 2000) theme, and I'd like the browser to blend in a bit better.  And, if this isn't directly possible, is there a Classic look-alike Chromium theme out there that would work?  Can I create my own??

Also, can I even use themes meant for the official Google-supplied version of Chrome, or do they need to be specially modified somehow?


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Can't use Google-supplied themes in 360Chrome.

Creating themes for 360Chrome isn't difficult but it can be time-consuming.

Navigate to your 360Chrome's folder and hunt for the "Application" folder.

It will contain a sub-folder with this naming scheme  --  version.0.build.0

For example, I'm posting this from 360Chrome version 11 build 2031 so that sub-folder is named 11.0.2031.0.

That sub-folder will contain a "skin" folder.

The "skin" folder will contain several .srx files.

An .srx file is just a .zip file with the extension renamed to .srx.

7zip will extract them.

Extract one of the .srx files and take a peek at some of the files - you should be able to determine pretty quickly if creating a skin will be over your head or within your capabilities.

I was actually going to create a Win2k skin a while back but decided the time and effort didn't pique my interest for something that I myself would never use.

But it really wouldn't be that difficult for somebody that has the time to throw at it.

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On 9/12/2021 at 7:31 PM, ArcticFoxie said:

Device Manager -> Display adapters -> Nvidia GeForce FT 635 -> Properties -> Driver lists my driver version as and is dated 3/13/2015.

What a coincidence ! You're on the same driver ! While I agree that it is a good driver , is there any chance you or anyone else will consider trying this browser with any newer drivers ? Thank you ! I mean starting from 350.12 and up , I know XP was able to use drivers up to 368.81. Unfortunately I had to stop using this wonderful browser and rolled back my to my newer driver , otherwise I can't play with acceptable framerates...

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On 9/17/2021 at 2:05 AM, ArcticFoxie said:

All five of my monitors do have their contrast/brightness at only 40% so it's not like the neighbors are calling, "Hey, turn off your computer!  I can't sleep with all that brightness!".

Wow, FIVE monitors at home?!

Could you share a picture of that, please?


P.S. it's fine if you won't due to privacy reasons, just say so :P

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Also while some people get an extra cable TV box for a different room in the house, I have two cable TV boxes right here in my little corner of the universe.

And an audio mixer that plays BOTH of the TVs and my brain is trained to be able to follow the audio on one and tune the other out, then switch on a dime and follow the opposite TV and tune out the other.

Not that both TVs play 100% of the time, depends on the "news" of the day.  And when I watch sports, I only "watch" sports, I seldom actually "listen" to sports (dislike broadcasters not rooting for the same team I'm rooting for!).


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Quite a place you have there :)

My whole room is about the size of what is visible on your picture, maybe even smaller, with the table in the middle holding a 20" Dell monitor shared between two systems (with occasional laptop or other gadget connecting). My sofa in front of that is where i spend my days and nights, lol. There is also an unused bed to the side, currently covered with piles consisting of all kinds of parts, clothes, and what not, with even more under it on the floor. And by the wall behind the table a minibus 3-seat holding the rest of my clothes. And couple 17" CRTs and few boxes stacked in the corner behind the door...

It's the only room on the third floor of our villa/home (rest of the floor is a terrace and stairs to the roof), with three of the walls having huge windows, so not much options for monitor placement if i want to avoid constant reflections during the day.

I have a few plans for the future, but rarely get any time to do anything. And i mostly prefer to spend that time just resting when at home...

I'd be too embarassed to post a picture of the current state of my room, sorry :P


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Most new visitors walk into the living room and always are like, "Holy cow!  What's your electric bill?".

I always reply, "Less than yours" and they just laugh like I don't know what I'm talking about.

So I always have to prove it to them!  So I ask them, "How often do you do laundry?"  Typical answer is always EIGHT TO TEN loads EVERY WEEK!  (Families with one to three kids).

$0.1029 per kWh.


Me  --

50" LED TV = 95 watts turned on 16hrs/day = $4.76/month

32" LED TV = 55 watts turned on 2hrs/day = $0.52/month

20 watts per monitor turned on 10hrs/day = $3.15/month

TWO loads of laundry per MONTH --  washer roughly 1000 watts and a 30 minute cycle = $0.10/month...  dryer roughly 3000 watts and a 45 minute cycle = $0.46/month

So just the TVs/monitors/washer/dryer runs me roughly $8.99/month (my bill is higher than that, throw a refrigerator and your air conditioner costs in the mix and those with washer and dryer are bulk of electric usage).


Them  --  eight loads of laundry every week = 32/month...  no TV factored in, no computer factored in...

washer = $1.60/month

dryer = $7.36/month

$8.96/month  (their TV is costing them more than $0.03/month - I win!)


Them  --  ten loads of laundry every week = 40/month

washer = $2.00/month

dryer = $9.20/month

$11.20/month  (I win!)


Eight to ten loads of laundry per week seems EXCESSIVE to me, but these people SWEAR BY IT.

I'll rotate through three pairs of jeans for two to four weeks between washes.

I honestly cannot fathom how a family can run the washer and dryer DAILY let alone WEEKLY, but again, they SWEAR BY IT.



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What gets me is how amazingly cheap electricity can be even for high loads.  I see people always dogging the Dell Poweredge 2950 and HP DL380 G5 as 'power hogs' that should be 'thrown away' and recommend some server that costs $200-$300.  But when you break down the power savings between the 'newer' models and the older Dell or HP, you quickly see that 100w is like $5/mo and that it will take years to get the roi on the newer models if you're just looking at power, especially if the server is not on 24x7--but still no one gets that and these older Dell and HP servers tend to get thrown away regularly. :( Such powerful and stable xp platforms too!

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I had to have the ROI talk with a brother and sister when I remodeled the laundry room.

They were pushing left and right for the high-efficiency washer and dryer models over my no-thrills bottom-of-the-line but still has EIGHTEEN different dial settings.  And I only ever use TWO of them!

They bought their washer and dryer based on the yellow EnergyGuide sticker.

But was totally CLUELESS on what the yellow sticker actually says (intentionally decieved by the salesman, I have no doubt).


That one is for a refrigerator but it still shows my point.

My brother and sister both thought that the $67 was how much that model SAVED compared to a different model - despite it saying Estimated Yearly Operating Cost right there in black and wh.. er..  yellow.

And neither one of them even noticed the SCALE and the RANGE displayed UNDER that $67.

The energy-effcient costs $57 per year, this model costs $67 per year, a low-end cheap model costs $74 per year to operate.

$67 minus $57, that high-dollar energy-efficient model saves $10 per year in electricity.

But costs $800 to $1200 more than a simple model without the STUPID ice dispenser in the door - and then some if you want a digital display on the door telling you how cold it is inside the freezer.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, an average refrigerator lasts about 13 years.

$10 in savings per year spanning that 13yr life span is only $130 - and you spent $800 to $1200 more than the simple model because it was "saving you money" ???

Good Luck With That  lol...


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After several tests on x86 xp sp2 p4 3Ghz with the GPU disabled, as it is not supported by 360chrome on xp2. the latest version "Humming Owl"  360chrome 12. 1592 works better than version "ArcticFoxie" 12. 1247 build5.
No problem on youtube for both versions, but the 1592 version is faster and better finished.


2021-09-19_193511.jpg.d6e919692814db999f5413ff203f8b2e.jpg     2021-09-19_193839.jpg.bcb27796fa701a391a5fd128af565c9a.jpg

Humming Owl 12. 1592                               ArcticFoxie 12. 1247


version 13 crashes on youtube constantly...thank you for your work together:thumbup



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1 hour ago, ArcticFoxie said:

$10 in savings per year spanning that 13yr life span is only $130 - and you spent $800 to $1200 more than the simple model because it was "saving you money" ???

Good Luck With That  lol...


Awesome example!  As they say...a fool and his/her money are soon parted... :D

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1 hour ago, IXOYE said:

Neat test.  I never heard of it so I tried it out on my win pen pack chrome 45 on my i7-2600k running xp that I'm RDPd into from a thin client--37260 on antutu. :D

I wonder what the 360 builds would do on the same platform...

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4 results for each build (in my Windows XP SP2):

12 Modified: 21353, 18374, 18770, 20717

12 rebuild 5: 18561, 18067, 18531, 18435


13 2250 Modified: 19653, 20159, 18172, 19639

13 rebuild 4: 17786, 17431, 17482, 20357


- so this test doesn't mean much...


Another test to test: BMark - A HTML5 3D Benchmark: https://www.wirple.com/bmark/

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