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  1. Hi I can't see the peertube instances on the Roytam1 browsers is there a solution for this problem? it works on Chrome https://instances.joinpeertube.org
  2. Hi Mypal 29.3 because 68 does not work on xp2. Mypal and Newmoon are with new profile and I have an additional default list in mypal with update of January 22, 2023 " version by hawkeye116477"
  3. Hi there is still something strange...Why the list "Online Malicious URL Blocklist" with the old address? updates in old Mypal 29.3 with " version by hawkeye116477" and on all versions of Roytams 28/52/55/iceape with version by hawkeye116477" it refuses to update and we have to add the line "https://malware-filter.gitlab.io/malware-filter/urlhaus-filter-online.txt" Mypal 29.3
  4. Hi It works, but I didn't see any difference with the experimental version. mpv open time remains double of yt-dlp_x86_XP version. I prefer "mpv-youtube-dl-binding" and "youtube-dl-gui-0.4-win-portable"... there are too many errors with "Open with" on a new profile of newmoon 28
  5. Hi "yt-dlp_x86_XP" by changing the name of "yt-dlp" to "Youtube-dl.exe" it works well with windows XP x86 sp2... I use MPV from 10.2015 which works with the "mpv-youtube-dl-binding" plug-in on Newmoon 28/52. The external mpv player is triggered well after ~ 10 seconds on youtube or "piped.video" or even "vid. puffyan.us" without problem, but causes an error (failure) when I use the "youtube-dl-gui-0.4-win-portable" software to DL a youtube video. I have installed the "yt-dlp" transformed into "youtube-dl" in c://.../application data/youtube-dlg. Now for yt-dlp experimental this one works perfectly on xp x86 sp2 with "mpv 10.2015" and the plug in "mpv-youtube-dl-binding" it works very well also with "youtube-dl-gui-0.4-win-portable" without any error. there is only one problem is that it takes ~20 seconds on my system to open the MPV window, i.e. double the time of the "yt-dlp_XP" version
  6. Hi information: "Youtube redux 3.0.0" which uses Google's "manifest V3" refuses to install on all versions of chrome v86 and dcBrowser... but it works on Edge with Windows 10 This promises us a serious headache... with Manifest V3 and plug-ins for Chrome 86 install Edge
  7. Hi UCyborg, Thanks for chrome.dll, it lowered the memory by 3 Mb, and it also solved the problem of the two orange addresses below with their disappearance. with the new chrome.dll.
  8. Hi here is my system with chrome 13.5.2022 in active use with only Ublock origin
  9. Hi Strange as memory consumption on your machines, on my XP x86 sp2 at the launch of chrome 13.5.2022 with an open tab. ~ 120 Mb
  10. Hi Personally I have no problem with 360chrome V13.5.2022. I use a PC that is 18 years old, with Windows XP2 x86 with a pentium 4 at 3Ghz and 2GB of memory and an AGP Ati Radeon 4650 graphics card, and it works properly without ever bsod problem with the use of Chrome V13.5.2022. Unlike Newmoon and serpent ,chrome13.5.2022 does not use hardware acceleration for videos,.but I fixed the problem with the add-on "youtube redux" and "Viewtube" which runs Vlc in integration in youtube. a big thank you for their provision of XP browser allowing us to use our old machines. NotHereToPlayGames and Humming Owl: personally you have all my gratitude. for example, try to make the content of this "whatever.social" Newmoon or serpent ...good luck
  11. Hi I use the latest version of Newmon 28 and Serpent 52/55 with a new profile with no add-on, with the "user agent mode", native, gecko, firefox", and the page is always blank on Dropbox. Strangely, that works on "iceape-upx" without problem.
  12. @NotHereToPlayGames Have you thought about archiving your Chrome versions? the Dropbox page no longer works on Newmoon and Serpent 52, The Dropbox page is displayed on Firefox 52 but refuses the download of all your versions... Something to change on Dropbox that prevents DL https://msfn.org/board/topic/182993-360-extreme-explorer-arcticfoxie-versions/
  13. Hi Roytam1, I would like to watch "youtube" on "this clone" which is faster for xp with a P4, but it causes problems with the video player which displays badly on New moon 28 and serpent 52, for serpent 55, it does not work at all. Can this problem be solved? This works on 360chrome 13.0.0 but not on the 12
  14. Hi I had the same problem of script with the bank and Newmoon 28 and Serpent 52 which refused to function, whereas, that functioned on 360chrome 13.5.1030, but, that functions again on Newmoon whereas I did nothing, that it is solved all alone, and I can pay my invoices in CB with also. Also, the website "radio.garden As far as DcBrowser is concerned, it works well now, because at the beginning it was putting an error message when it crashed on the videos. "WARNING:pe_image_reader.cc(181)] CodeView debug entry of unexpected size in C:\WINDOWS\system32\OLEACC.dll" That also solved itself , now Dcbrowser plays videos better compared to 360chrome all versions. 360chrome all versions produces crackling sound with video streams, and float video does not work on the "crowdbunker" website it displays a blank, black window instead, but it works with youtube. The float video of Dcbrowser works on all of them without any problem. Newmoon 28 and Serpent 52 does not work with the internal video player of "crowdbunker". So, I use DcBrowser which is for me the best for playing videos with "Hardware acceleration disabled" on Windows XP sp2, Intel P4-3Ghz, and 2GB of memory.
  15. Hi I'm surprised you're leaving out on soggi.org - tools "Iceape-upx (Suite)" which is a construction that also works very well and has the advantage of integrating "Mail". There is also Arcticfox, the New Moon 27 clone that allows you to add the add-ons planned for Pale Moon, without any modification of the Arcticfox browser
  16. It's not normal if the bitchute.com index is not displayed, maybe you blocked "cdnjs.cloudflare.com". in your "host" file and with 360chrome it works ?
  17. Hi This was a strange failure that displayed a blank page on launch on odysee.com on all Roytam1 uxp browsers, but inexplicably it worked on Windows 10 with Edge and especially with 360chrome browsers on Windows XP. Now it works again on uxp browsers, as if my original post about this problem was heard by the all-seeing eye on the internet.
  18. Hi Here is another streaming website that doesn't work at home since yesterday, with all uxp browsers from Roytam1. The website odysee.com displays a blank page, but it works with 360chrome. "https://odysee.com" which is under the control of Google.
  19. Hi Personally, I have no problem with the PMPlayer module after having modified install.rdf. But another solution works by disallowing inline scripting that causes the problem in bitchute. In "uBlock origin" go to "settings". and activate "I am an advanced user". then you can forbid the "inline script". this will allow you to view the video with the Bitchute player.
  20. Hi In the new version 13.5.1030 v4_ungoogled, I have persistent parasitic connections at Google at the launch of the V4 browser. Connections do not exist with the old V3 version. So I removed Google's default search engine and replace with "swisscows" but the connections are always existing at the start of the V4. The parasitic connections do not exist with V12.0.1247_REBUILD_10_ungoogled IP Google Parasite on 13.5.1030 V4
  21. Thank you Dixel your method worked on occasion, but your method does not last, because it comes back by default on the squares as soon as I close the browser and restart it, and that, even after having done a full cleaning. I'm using the ArcticFoxie v3 version but something came up to default the Chinese language that is displayed in a small square on the browser. Anyway, I downloaded the portable 13.5.1030 v3 version of arcticFoxie again and it works with that version. I think there must have been a file corruption with the use...
  22. Hi There is a problem with version 13.5.1030 because the font is not displayed in "Developer Tools". there are only squares that are displayed instead ... the other version works 13.0.2206 and 12.0.1247
  23. Hi No way to watch videos on bitchute with all uxp versions of Roytam1. The only way that works is to use the Palemoon or Basilisk "PmPlayer" add-on which works well with bitchute to view videos using Serpent 52 and Newmoon 28.

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