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  1. Hi There is nothing to do it's a kernel32.dll error at startup of 360Chrome V9 and V11 under x86 xp sp2.This error does not occur under xp sp3. That's why I was asking why the Chinese made 360Chrome V12 and V13 compatible with xp sp2 kernel32.dll, while the older V9 and V11 were not compatible with x86 xp sp2 kernel32.dll.
  2. Hi I can't test on my x86xp2, V9, V11 doesn't work on x86 xpsp2, V12 and V13 work very well on xpsp2. Question: why 360chrome has gone backwards to ensure operation with version 12 and 13 for windows xp sp2...
  3. Hi I don't understand, I don't have this problem on V13 2206 V2 updated en_skin.srx x86 xpsp2, the tooltips work fine and are always above the "X". and on the download dialog and I never got it behind and the same thing for minimise... No problem here...
  4. hi it becomes really problematic with all the uxp browsers Roytam1 , none of them can read this website https://gettr.com/post/p3vi4y , fortunately, "ArcticFoxie" 360chrome is there...
  5. I was forced to clean my registry, the portable version 360_extreme_explorer_13.0.2250 had left significant traces, then the version 2206 and 1054 and does not pose any problem and works well without crashes for me... The 1054 has a bug with the swich web kit and IE I prefer the version 2206 v2
  6. Hi There is a problem with the switch in the taskbar between IE and webkit with version 1054 and 1106. I'm running webkit and if I switch to IE, it won't switch back to webkit on the web page I'm looking at. I have to go to setting/advanced and the "Kernels witching setting" button to remove IE websites. I don't have this problem with version 2206 which automatically restores the default webkit mode. With an old Pentium 4 at 3 GHz on x86 xp2 and 2 Gb ram, the videos on youtube are bad with all versions of 360Chrome (1054,1106,2206), there are crackles on the sound and the video jerks in 720. 360Chrome leverages the GPU partially from my Ati radeon 4650 AGP graphics card and uses much more CPU resources. Newmoon uses ~ 40% less CPU resources for the same video at the same 720 resolution. The problem comes from the 360Chrome on weak machines. 360Chrome uses a lot more CPU than New Moon and causes slowdowns and crackles on video and sound.
  7. Hi no problem, the audio stream works very well...
  8. Hi I have a problem on absolutely all internet browsers Roytam1 uxp from Newmoon 27-28 to Serpent 52-55 . iceape, Newmoon 27, as well as Firefox 52.9 don't even display the " crowdbunker.com " website, there is only a blank page. It is not possible to play videos hosted on the " crowdbunker.com " feed from Newmoon 28 and Serpent 52-55, except the youtube link videos that work. The video player is active, but refuses to play the video stream. Example: here " https://crowdbunker.com/v/rHMXI57ydPo " this website has a particularity, it is the freedom of expression. Strangely, I'm having no trouble viewing the crowdbunker.com videos on the chinese browser "360 extreme explorer build V2 refurbished by "ArcticFoxie" The crowdbunker website works perfectly on Windows 10 with the Edge browser. Is there a solution to this problem for Roytam1 web browsers ?
  9. Hi I tested the Russian version 13.0.1106.0 by running x-360cse.exe on another machine several times on Windows XP x86 sp2 and everything works normally except for the language that is displayed in a small square. Some 1002 errors on some site when playing video .no BSOD problem after several tries...
  10. "ArcticFoxie", I am also on Windows XP sp2 as stated in my previous post. And I don't want to run the Russian 1106 version on my Windows xp2 at all because I've already experienced it with the same consequences as "we3fan "
  11. Hi I test your version 360ChromePortable Build 2206 - v2 and I am quite happy with the result on xp 2 except for the reading of youtube videos which is catastrophic, I have another version of 360Chrome portable build 2212, but which is not as well finished.because I have problems with video playback with an error 1002 that I do not have with your version of 360Chrome v2 version 2212
  12. Hi I am not allowed to see in my western country the web page with my internet connection for "western democracy" reasons... https://mevius.5ch.net/test/read.cgi/win/1599682854/95-194 all my browsers "Roytam1" displays a blank page with no error code. "Extreme explorer 360 and Otter-browser" tells me "error 451" and the web page are displayed only through my proxy which is in "Kazakhstan". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_451 " = country censorship This is getting really annoying.
  13. Hi I have exactly the same problem with his links, it does not work on Firefox 52.9,Mypal ,Centaury, Serpent 52/55,Newmon 27/28, Bnavigator, Firefox 45.9.33, Iceape-upx and Otter-browser on windows XP It works very well if you use a proxy on all these browsers PROXY I think the problem is " https://www.msnbc.com " which poses a problem with OS XP "
  14. Hi Thank you VistaLover, but after the changes on "manifest.json" this add-on settles well, but does not work on Serpent. It settles on firefox52 but does not work either ... brief ... trash

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