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  1. Hi Thank you "grey_rat" it works well with H264 and firefox 52.9 on youtube... http://web.archive.org/web/20190805082454/https:/www.youtube.com/html5
  2. Hi The test was performed several times on a real PC, p4. 3Mhz,2Go, no GPU,x86 xp2 and not on a Vmware computer, and without any doubt 360chrome 12 .1592 is superior to 12.1247... same thing with https://www.wirple.com/bmark/ Humming Owl 12.1592 test1=133 test2=138 ArcticFoxie 12.1247 test1=98 test2=100 Humming Owl 13.2250 test1=98 test2=114 ArcticFoxie 13.2206 test1=84 test2=86
  3. Hi After several tests on x86 xp sp2 p4 3Ghz with the GPU disabled, as it is not supported by 360chrome on xp2. the latest version "Humming Owl" 360chrome 12. 1592 works better than version "ArcticFoxie" 12. 1247 build5. No problem on youtube for both versions, but the 1592 version is faster and better finished. http://antutu.com/html5/ Humming Owl 12. 1592 ArcticFoxie 12. 1247 version 13 crashes on youtube constantly...thank you for your work together
  4. Hi I don't have any 360loader.ini. Does v12 have one? You do not need "loader.ini" to have "User Agent" in Chrome, it is necessary to create a shortcut of your PRG 360Chrome.exe and then add in the properties of the shortcut the definition of the user agent, and then You verify with this address its operation by running the shortcut of the PRG. You have to leave a space between "and --
  5. Hi No, not for all, version 9 and 11 of 360chrome is incompatible with xp sp2. 360chrome developers have decided to put back xp sp2 compatibility on version 12 and 13, because in Asia many users are still running x86 xp sp2. The Asians understood the interest of this. I hope "Arcticfoxie" will understand why the Chinese have backtracked on xp sp2 compatibility to 360chrome from version 12...
  6. Hi You can get the latest version of mpv for XP from the mpv server,but the 2015-10-29 version does not show up immediately with "Open with" the previous version of 2015-09-23 starts immediately and works better at this level, but I prefer to use with Newmoon 27-28 and Serpent 52-55 "mpv-youtube-dl-binding" which is much lighter than "Open with". because the xpi only works for MPV and is less heavy for newmoon 27 . for xp compatible video players the choice is important here https://codecpack.co/ origin servers xp 32: http://mpv.srsfckn.biz/mpv-i686-20150923.7z xp 64: http://mpv.srsfckn.biz/mpv-x86_64-20150923.7z
  7. Hi Here is a very useful tool for those who want to intervene on the command lines of 360chrome https://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/
  8. Hi I have already reported strange security issues on mypal in centaury here that we have not on Newmoon You disable in about:config "beacon" and it says it is enabled in the tests on "browserleaks".
  9. thank you ... I used the control at the bottom right of the video that does not work well with roytam1 browser...
  10. Hi Congratulations not a single crash on YouTube, I opened 9 tabs and everything works perfectly ... for the moment. This version 12.0.1247 is also faster. I'm on x86 xp SP2 Pentium 4 to 3GHz, 2GB MEMORY, ATI AGP 8 X Graphics Card
  11. HI A problem occurs with the website " https://tv.gab.com "and the "Roytam1" browsers. All the last versions of Newmoon 28 to Serpent 52/55 have the same problem, it is impossible to have the full screen on the videos that we visualize, because it is displayed only on the half of the upper part of the screen... It's even easier with Firefox 52.9 the videos don't work at all. It works perfectly on 360chrome is there a solution ?...
  12. Hi Really YES! and I'm just, and I regret not taking a screenshot two days ago on Google from my country or no results appeared on the request "360 chrome 13.0.2250.0". The reactivity of Google is staggering concerning this post in particular, because you will notice that there is only that one which appears whereas 360 chrome 13.0.2250.0 is quoted throughout this thread... Now remove my post which is after your screenshot and you will see that" msfn.org link has 360 chromes" hardly appear anymore... You have a search engine with the latest improvements in A I and its correction is done in real time and according to the country. I'm not going to tell you that Google's relevance in China leaves a lot to be desired. And I still say that the translation of 360 chromes in English does not do the business of Google... Moreover, the multiple crashes of Youtube (google) with 360 chrome English leave me doubtful...
  13. Hi thank you google connections are gone
  14. Hi For youtube you need to install this add-on " Youtube redux " on 360chrome and no more window problems, well anyway I don't go on youtube with 360chrome, because my GPU doesn't support videos and on my old PC the cpu is at maximum.
  15. Hi Beware of Yandex and Kaspersky? It's strange to find that google.com doesn't give you any results on msfn.org when you type "360 chrome 13.0.2250.0" you will have the Chinese and Russian websites, but not the English versions. Conversely, you can easily find msfn.org forums "360chrome13.0.2250" on Yahoo and Yandex. It's strange for the world's leading search engine to ignore the English language forums dealing with 360chrome. I think that Google is not very interested in these translations of 360chrome and that for questions relating to the control of the populations and thus to observe Chinese browsers to be anglicized and to get rid of the Western spywares. The latest version 13.0.2250 of "Humming Owl". causes systematic connections to Google servers every time the browser is launched, unlike ArcticFoxie's where there are none. I have set both browsers identically, once again google is trying to take control over exotic browsers. I use " Okeano " which gives me all the results unlike google.com and in addition you make a gesture for the oceans. https://okeano.com/why List of exotic engines to avoid the kind of problem mentioned above. https://searchengine.party As well as an engine specialized in video searches, and particularly, those censored by Youtube for economic or political reasons. https://www.peteyvid.com/ and all these search engines work perfectly with 360chrome 13.0.2250. and xp2

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