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  1. Hi General Problem "Iceape-upx ,Newmoon 28 and bnavigator" About:Performance "does not work" About:Support "does not work" Add-ons Manager "does not work" Serpent 52.9 and Newmoon 27.10 is OK
  2. Hi There is a problem in Newmoon 27 and Arcticfox without an add-on with a new profile, the scroll arrows below do not work on any website that uses them... This works on Firefox 45.9.32, Newmoon 28, Serpent 52 and Iceape-uxp. Can we find a solution to correct this problem? https://france.tv/documentaires
  3. Hi I usually test all xp browsers and sometimes I find surprises, for example with Mypal and Centaury where the "beacon" tracking api refuses to be deactivated even though it is set to disabled in about.config... no problem on Newmoon 28 and Serpent. Strange! because this api is not trivial. Maybe a bug, but I can't believe it. I know this is not the place for this post, but other Newmoon users also use Mypal or centaury... so beware... tested on browserleaks and html5test
  4. Hi On Windows XP sp2, I use " faststone capture 5.3" very complete in free portable version and which saves your capture in the choice of BMP, JIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, PDF, it has an editor mode which allows to modify the capture. The latest FastStone capture totally free version is 5.3 for XP
  5. Hi the solution is in this post... VistaLover
  6. Hi Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate List This is the list of all certificates Microsoft currently trusts and deploys via Windows Update https://cable.ayra.ch/ca/
  7. Hi The latest version Arctic fox 27.11 doesn't work anymore on rutube, I confirm in my last post that the Arctic fox browser works with the rutube website but without its video player, because I use an external video player . A new Arctic fox 27.11 version is coming and hop ... for the new year 2021 Rutube disappears from the screens of the arctic fox browser as on the New moon browser 27.9.7 of Roytam1 . it's called an involution. You have to have a strong mind not to get paranoid... Happy New Year to everyone.
  8. Hi Arcticfox 27.11 (fork Pale moon 27.9.4) and Mypal 27.9.4 works with the "rutube" web page...
  9. Hi The problem is different, it's the complete website that doesn't work on New moon 27.9.7, whereas on the previous posts it was only about the video player that didn't work on the "rutube" website. on all Roytam1 browsers .
  10. Hi The latest version of New moon 27.9.7 (2020-12-25) no longer displays the website "rutube.ru" ... It also broke the options of the add-on "watch_with_mpv-0.1.0- alpha.4-fx.xpi "which worked fine in the previous version. that we find in the list https://wiki.hyperbola.info/doku.php?id=en:project:iceweasel-uxp_addons
  11. Hi No problem with Centaury 0.14 for instagram.com disable add-ons ...
  12. Hi i have no video player on "rutube" on any browser for xp: New Moon 27/28, Iceape-uxp, Serpent 52/55, Firefox ESR 52.9.0 test https://rutube.ru/video/102923ff44b823058b195734393ab6e4/ Any idea on this problem?
  13. Hi For "https://instances.invidio.us" this is what works perfectly "https://invidious.kavin.rocks" very strange, here it works fine with newmoon browser the search works and the videos also on kzclip.com.
  14. Hi I no longer use youtube with Windows XP because they do everything they can to make it difficult for us to view videos with scripts that crash all the time on browsers adapting to xp. The "Good Old YouTube 1.16.0" plug-in no longer works on xp browsers, but there are workarounds for this problem. I use "https://instances.invidio.us" which works much better or even the Russian copy of youtube "https://kzclip.com" which uses the old youtube interface for streaming youtube videos and which does not cause any problem on browsers adapting to xp. The proof that this problem is int
  15. Hi the test website " https://speed.cloudflare.com " does not give results with XP and the latest versions of the following browsers: Newmoon 27 (white page) Newmoon 28 Serpent 52 Mypal Iceape-upx Arcticfox (blank page) Bnavigator Centaury works with it: Serpent 55 Firefox 52.9 Nightly 45.9.31 Is there a solution to this problem? https://blog.cloudflare.com/test-your-home-network-performance
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