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My Browser Builds (Part 2)

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1 hour ago, 3dreal said:

Where is the trigger for email-subscription of this part2-thread. since part 1(til page 200) is closed i  dont get email-messages anymore.


Addition: The above procedure may only be relevant for those who have not yet posted in this new thread; once one posts here for the first time, and according to one's own forum preferences, a "Notify me of replies" switch button should be present to the far left of the "Submit Reply" button - in the bottom of your newly composed post - turned to ON by default... ;)


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thanks for you very detail long support post, you mostly right.
I test pushbullet-316-an+fx.xpi its work fine in 38esr firefox, i download it from first post, unfortunately its doesnt normally work in NM 27 like you say (and like i say to =) ), but in my opinion its even good, because i can use web Push when i need it, and its dont take system resource of my poor Pentium III )

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and rmottola upstream pushed lots of commits of front-end side, so a merge commit issued and new test build is uploaded: http://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/arcticfox-27.9.18.win32-20191030.7z

as a trial of auto-signing in my packaging script, an ".asc" GPG detached signature is provided now. You may append ".asc" to 7z URLs from now on to retrieve signature of corresponding archive.

- Bug 1141692 - use an actual Atomic for nsThreadPoolNaming::mCounter; r=bsmedberg (08bd42557)
- Bug 1140509 - remove the unused Infinity keyword from the xpidl parser; r=bsmedberg (f45fced00)
- pointer style before patch (e67d52f86)
- Bug 1141067 - byte operations on x86/x64. r=sunfish (072056e84)
- Bug 1138348 - byte array test cases. r=h4writer (9495e2804)
- pointer style (3a458b6e8)
- Bug 1138348 - byte ops on x86_64. r=h4writer (e5ad2140a)
- update (860ea8385)
- remove accidentally added patch file (53ef97e74)
- Bug 1134791 - Show the testharness.js output when the browser remains open after running the test; r=bz (27fedb2ed)
- Bug 1137515 part 2 - Change to media [partially applied] (203599e89)
- Bug 1125848 - Consolidate PCompositor's creation-destruction logic. r=sotaro (022a02f8a)
- Bug 1137291 - avoid clobbering an input register. r=h4writer (9d742a093)
- Bug 1136352 - Fix RemoveTextureAsync handling r=nical (172b17d45)
- Bug 1139935 - Re-enable RemoveTextureFromCompositableTracker r=nical (ea9735be9)
- update (b841084c7)
- Bug 1036341 - Use the existence of any session files to determine if a profile crashed or is fresh. r=ttaubert (ea27b5184)
- Bug 826409 - Remove onBeforeDeleteURI and onBeforeItemRemoved notifications. (8dad74bfc)
- Bug 877748 - Make it possible to open the Library with a given hierarchy r=mano (3c60401df)
- Bug 910167 - Remove remaining uses of nsISessionStore in browser/base/. r=dao (cc0b56523)
- Bug 926928 - Pull out the code that builds the 'Recently Closed Tabs' and 'Recently Closed Windows' to a separate module. r=Gijs (3e8d69ffa)
- Bug 819274 - Disable the Restore Previous Session command for private windows in per-window PB builds; r=dao (f074c997c)
- Bug 928640 - middle click open recent tabs and restore all tabs broken, r=jaws (2c609dba0)
- Bug 942464 - make middle-click recently closed tabs work in Australis menu panel, too, r=ttaubert (9935a2a3d)
- [Partial, no CustomizableUI] Bug 928843 - start polishing the Australis history view by improving labels, r=jaws (a1a2f12d9)
- Bug 1016240 - Exterminate CR+LF line endings. (9fc7dc9e6)
- Bug 660237 - implement nsIDOMStorage with a proxy, r=bzbarsky, r=mayhemer (9c4e45592)

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11 hours ago, roytam1 said:

and rmottola upstream pushed lots of commits of front-end side, so a merge commit issued and new test build is uploaded: http://o.rths.ml/gpc/files1.rt/arcticfox-27.9.18.win32-20191030.7z

I have tried Arctic Fox on the RDD, but unfortunately I cannot get it to work, giving me XPCOM errors whenever I try to start it.

On which browser directory shall I try it? New Moon 27? Firefox 45 ESR SSE? Or is it not for SSE only machines?

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1 hour ago, looking4awayout said:

is it not for SSE only machines?

normal build is not suitable for SSE-only machines.

and AF builds are for me to test their front-end changes and I don't have a plan to switch my codebase to it right now.

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1 hour ago, kitaro1 said:

My sorrow now is a problem with additions to modify palemoon and firafox.
At http://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/, he clearly states that Note: this archive will be shut down in December 2019.
Anyone know something about this problem?

It's been archived at the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20191013130454/http://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/

Also, review this post from the old thread:


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Oddly, legacycollector.org's alphabetical list contains "AdBlocker for GMail," but not "Ad-Blocker for GMail" (the link you gave above). They appear to be two different add-ons that have very similar names.

If an add-on isn't linked to in the alphabetical list of add-ons, the Wayback Machine's web crawler won't find it. You'll need to add those to the Wayback Machine manually, by clicking "Save this url in the Wayback Machine." (I added that one and it now works.)

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That "ad-blocker" is actually there too, in the list just some lines above. Frankly that had me quite confused too!
And archived here:

But thanks for letting us know that horrible news :-(
It's an absolute desaster for users of older browsers or forks. Everything that good people created gets destroyed fully intentionally since many years, everywhere, without any need :-(
How long until those addons will vanish from waybackmachine too? Or perhaps the waybackmachine will get destroyed? How long until justoff with his CAA-archive will have to give up too? Whoever created legacycollector as a service for humanity was FORCED to stop!!

legacycollector.org said:

Since starting this, end 2018, in response to Mozilla removing all legacy extensions from its add-ons site, with plans to expand to include more, similar "legacy" content, a few things have changed needing me to re-evaluate both the need for this site and my desire to run it.
Most importantly I've received several threats to my person for running legacycollector.org - not the kind of thing I signed up for.
But hey, Internet, if that is how you want to play ball, I'm out.

But that's how things are going in this downhill era.

So currently only CAA addon is left, but I can't even read that on this computer, it only runs on more modern browsers :-(
And the Seamonkey addons are nice, but only a tiny few of all Firefox addons.
Have also read that Seamonkey is having growing problems too with Mozilla cutting all engine bridges that forks could use in the past. And hardly any developers remaining either, so assume it's only a matter of time until Mozilla will kill their addons too. Edited by siria
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On 10/30/2019 at 5:08 PM, siria said:

legacycollector.org said: I've received several threats to my person for running legacycollector.org

Wow - that's insane (not to mention illegal - I hope the legacycollector.org Webmaster reported these threats to the authorities)! Why would anyone threaten another person for merely running a freeware web site? Some folks really need to get a life, I guess.

Archive.org has considerably more resources, however. So I expect them to continue for the foreseeable future.

Moonchild Productions is reasonably well resourced too, and as long as they're around, there will be a need for non-WE browser add-ons. I wish they would scoop up legacycollector.org while it's still around; it could really expand their addons.basilisk-browser.org site.


I just noticed that @roytam1 has started adding GPG signatures of his builds (in .asc format) to his server. Thanks!

But naturally, it threw my poor old browser downloader batch file for yet another loop, as it started trying to download the .7z.asc file instead of the .7z itself. (Who would've thought that .7z could appear anywhere but at the end of a file name?)

So once again, here's the latest update to my batch file. I've added signature verification if the user has gpg.exe in the default directory (%ProgramFiles%\GNU\GnuPG\). It will download the .asc file corresponding to the file just downloaded, try to verify the signature, and pause so you can review the results. It's also been enhanced to install the UOC_Patch_52.js into NM 28, Serpent, or BNavigator after downloading any of those browsers.

Edit: I've re-uploaded the entire .7z containing:

  1. my batch file
  2. zip.exe
  3. two backgrounds for Serpent's "Help / About Serpent" box
  4. several word-marks for that box
  5. my standard SSUAO file
  6. @looking4awayout's latest UOC Patch.

Note: you must install the UOC Enforcer manually, according to the instructions at the UOC thread. But the UOC Enforcer goes in your profile, so it doesn't need to be reinstalled when updating your browser. The primary purpose of this batch file is to reinstall files like the UOC Patch that might otherwise be lost each time you update your browser.

Update: I added options to filter out prefs known to cause compatibility issues when installing the UOC Patch for version 52+ browsers. If you don't use Flash (or the above Serpent extensions) choose N and my batch file will install the UOC Patch with no changes, for best performance. If you do, choose Y for the thing(s) you use and the incompatible prefs will be removed during installation. Note: this change only affects version 52+ (UXP/Moebius) browsers.

Update 2: Worked around minor bug: Batch file would end after installing MailNews instead of asking to install another browser.

Update 3: For @msfntor: added option to download and install LAV filters for pre-UXP browsers. The batch file will automatically download the correct LAV build for the architecture you choose (though if you have an SSE2 processor, the Adobe Primetime CDM is probably a better choice than the LAV filters for FF 45).

Update 4 is here! The batch file now lets you choose either FF 45 SSE or new FF 45 noSSE browser.

Update 5: Re-uploading the entire .7z again, due to updated UOC patch files and minor updates to my SSUAO file. I updated all SSUAOs to report Win 8.1 as the OS, due to Win 7 reaching EOS, and removed the SSUAO for YouTube due to the impending EOS for older FF browsers.

Browser Installer.7z

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2 hours ago, siria said:

How long until justoff with his CAA-archive will have to give up too?

The extension's XPI file is hosted on GitHub which, as you might know already, is now owned by Microsoft; it is a relatively big file (for an extension that is :P ), so it's probably consuming a big chunk of GH's bandwidth with its downloads - a "valid" pretence for them to request its removal from a free repository - IOW, I don't trust M$ one bit :angry: ; fortunately, the extension is just a database, the legacy addons themselves are being hosted on Waterfox servers...

2 hours ago, siria said:

So currently only CAA addon is left, but I can't even read that on this computer, it only runs on more modern browsers :-(

Aren't you able to even run the SSE-only compile of New Moon 27? Not even the ia32 (no-SSE) compile? Because CAA installs and loads fine here in New Moon 27 (the standard, SSE2+, build)...

As for the legacycollector.org site/service, the alphabetical index resides here ; please give the URL proper time to load fully (it's all on one scrollable page; I guess this is a poor web design choice on the part of the maintainer :whistle:). The database for this site is humangous, circa 15 GiB, so not quite sure at what extent it could be saved in the Internet Archive... Of course, individual legacy extension users like you and me have one month (?) to save (both locally and on the IA) those addons they're interested in... 

The admin of the site has also generated a compressed archive of the whole site (in .tar.xz format, circa 8.23 GiB) and made it available over the Bit Torrent network (but not for long), for people wishing to pick up the baton... :cool:

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10 minutes ago, VistaLover said:

I guess this is a poor web design choice on the part of the maintainer :whistle:).

do you recommend any of those obsolete addons that could be useful on a daily basis ?

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Hello everybody!

Is there a way to use a Socks5 proxy with password on New Moon or Arctic Fox via extensions only (with no additional software such as Proxyfier)?


On Roytam1's Serpent and in MyPal I use the hack for the FoxyProxy extension from Palemoon forum (https://forum.palemoon.org/viewtopic.php?t=20886) and it works perfectly fine. However, for some reason it refuses to work in New Moon or Arctic Fox.

Do you have any clues why and if there is a way to overcome this?


Here's the hack:

--- components\common.js.orig Fri Jan 27 13:35:18 2017
+++ components\common.js      Fri Nov 16 18:33:52 2018
@@ -27,3 +27,3 @@
   // We need that to handle bug 769764 properly.
-  fp.isGecko17 = this.vc.compare(this.appInfo.platformVersion, "18.0a1") < 0;
+  fp.isGecko17 = false;
   // We only need to add the foxyproxy service to our wrapper if we are about
@@ -38,3 +38,3 @@
   // SOCKS is supported but not with authentication.
-  fp.isGecko45 = this.vc.compare(this.appInfo.platformVersion, "45.0a1") >= 0;
+  fp.isGecko45 = true;


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