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  1. No idea who discovered those great youtube tricks as first person in the world, but never mind in this case. For such well-known old tricks which were only forgotten for awhile until someone, or many, remembered to try them again, all attempts to identify Who-dunnit-first will go in circles anyway. Like UA-googlebot in general, or anti-polymer key in youtube-URL. In that mentioned long REDDIT topic the earliest UA discoverer seems to be one of the addon-authors, Mirza, a few weeks ago. But whatever, such great tricks should be spread, and the tinkerers among us will surely remember sooner next time to try pesky sites with UA googlebot :-) What a disaster that such useragent tricks will probably fail soon on many main sites, since all big browser makers last year happily announced to transfer those same data -plus more- in future builds only in stealth and unfakeable ways. Much deeper under the hood, requiring modern browsers and new server request methods, so finally all older engines can be identified 100% and get blocked much easier, grrr. But origin or not, since you like to spread such user tricks, here's a tiny, crucial yt-fix which could use more spreading too (while it still works...) Figured it out myself last year after long struggling due to old browser probs, where that pesky "Show more" button for video description is broken since years. It's so basic that probably a bunch of other people found it on their own too, no big feat. Nevertheless haven't seen it posted elsewhere yet, and it's not mentioned in that long reddit-topic either although the prob was discussed there. Looks like semi-modern browsers now suddenly have the same prob, video description cropped and button broken, description remains hidden. But installing a whole addon or a javascript file user.js just to fix this button seems overkill to me. So this fix could please be spread a bit more too... This is just a tiny userCSS for youtube CLASSIC view, which makes the complete youtube description text visible at page load. No need to click that "Show more" button anymore. Minor catch: this useless button still remains visible too, looks confusing, but can live with it ;-P Can be added to slightly older Mozilla browers e.g. in current profile, in file /chrome/userContent.css @-moz-document domain(youtube.com) { #watch-description-text {height: auto !important; max-height: none !important;} } While at it, a reminder of yet another crucial UA trick: to get .3gp movies with TINY file size. Posted by a kind soul (thanks!) awhile back. Only useful for people desperate for extremely tiny filesize, due to bandwith probs or limited disk size, no matter how horrible the quality. Even if those videos have almost stamp size: UA Mobile IPAD still gets those offered, and the page source still contains direct download links too (itag ":36,") example Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10A403 Safari/8536.25
  2. VistaLover found that another old trick still works too, at least partly! Not on homepage anymore, only on single video pages: https://msfn.org/board/topic/181184-yt-may-not-work-on-old-browsers-anymore-starting-march-2020/?do=findComment&comment=1183860 VistaLover said: > classic style is not restored, but still works for independent video URIs: > www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-z7hoEWaH4&disable_polymer=1 > A Google-bot SSUAO however does, as of this writing, work in both cases... > [I'm using just "Googlebot/2.1 (+http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html)"]
  3. youtube: someone figured out that useragent googlebot still gets classic layout https://msfn.org/board/topic/180462-my-browser-builds-part-2/page/91/?tab=comments#comment-1183430
  4. Great! Thanks to you too. Let's hope it keeps working for a while, but sadly not very optimistic. Too bad google and all major browsers makers announced last year in a surprise coup to replace this simple UA-fake method with a stealth one deep under the hood, unfakeable and with even more data secretely transferred, by a new server pull method, known only to newest browers of course. And everyone shouted Hurray, sigh. Then they'll know 100% for sure which browser is used and no such blocking-workarounds possible anymore.
  5. struggling along too... they are breaking layouts faster than one can look, and workarounds too, GRR Someone explained that a classic youtube addon simple sets the UA to googlebot. Funnily it vanished from Chrome's addon repo. Now tried that googlebot UA too - and YES! At the moment that seems my only chance to see the homepage (without search access), or search results - but only if URL is known, called e.g. from bookmarks. And isn't it funny: They CAN still show a NICE, simple layout, no prob at all, but only allow it to search bots! Access to Youtube Search: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=cats&search_sort=video_date_uploaded Youtube last working USERAGENTS: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html) Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot 2.0; +http://www.bing.com/bingbot.htm
  6. Download Manager (S3) There's also a forum for it, 39 pages on mozillazine: http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2793995
  7. (Symbola font) nicolaasjan said: > I converted the newest .otf to .ttf: > https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/z9taofmjo76q6r9/Symbola.zip > > Virustotal scan: > https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/76185e9f80015c7079d4f68ef49cf467075ff7a6d0f737769a206a8a6c1f670d/detection Cool, thanks! How is that done? :-)
  8. bernd said: > Hi Roy, for a couple of your releases, "about:downloads" (Ctrl+J) seems to be partly broken. > I use the add-on "Download Manager (S3) 4.13" (based on the well-known "Download Status Bar") > as my dowload manager of choice. It's my most important add-on and really indispensable to me. > So when I call up the Ctrl+J command, the browser immediately crashes everytime. Last working build > without problems was: https://o.rths.ml/palemoon/palemoon-27.9.7.win32-git-20200404-842aa7563-xpmod.7z > Regarding a "clean profile", I made countless adjustments/modifications in "about:config" > and won't lose them. So this would be a problem... What to do now?? Just some thoughts, am no expert.... Are you using the english version? If not, does it crash in english too? Does about:downloads still crash if that addon is removed? CCleaner and similar tools are often found culprits of weird bugs Or possibly a buggy file in profile folder? Modifications in "about:config": All changes done manually in about:config are stored in your profile folder in file prefs.js, if they are different from default settings. On about:config those are displayed in bold font and marked as "user-set". You can look inside prefs.js with a text editor. Editing is only possible while the browser is closed, but easier on about:config. You can make a backup of that file and restore it later. But better make a BACKUP copy of the whole profile folder, there's a lot other important stuff in it too. If deleting prefs.js helps, you can start experimenting by deleting half its contents to figure out which half contains the culprit. Start the closed browser again for testing. Then delete another quarter of the file and test again, etc. Another trick: Multiple Profiles You can create another, independant new profile, and choose at session startup which one to use. The old and new (or more) profiles are stored in separate subfolders, very handy. Howto: Open "about:support" and click on button "Open Folder" to open the current profile folder. Step one level higher and find file "profiles.ini". If not there, look yet another level higher... Open it with a text editor (did you make a backup already??) Does it look similar to this? [Profile0] Name=default Path=abcdefg.default IsRelative=1 Default=1 [General] StartWithLastProfile=1 Change it to Default=0 and StartWithLastProfile=0 If StartWithLastProfile is missing, create it manually. At next browser start the Profile Manager should appear. Click the button to create a NEW profile, and check the box to ASK at startups.
  9. Not sure if this serves your defrag-info purpose, but do you know windirstat? It seems an ancient, very popular little tool for disk inspection. Small size and runs since Win95. When I finally found it a few years back I downloaded this file from 2007: https://sourceforge.net/projects/windirstat/files/windirstat/ https://sourceforge.net/projects/windirstat/files/windirstat/1.1.2%20installer%20re-release%20%28more%20languages%21%29/windirstat1_1_2_setup.exe/download It's a setup, but was possible to just unzip it. Then started it, copied the folder and deleted contained install-files and some dll files which are only for translation. Perhaps at minimum only the inner exe is needed. PS: Incredible how near impossible SOURCEFORGE makes access for readers since awhile. Pages plastered all over with fullscreen ADS, while the whole main content and FILES tree, PLAIN HTML, seems to be hidden away inside a "SVG" tag and inside "script" tags! And then additionally set to "display: none"! Created this for my user css: svg[style*="display: none"] {display: block !important; border: 8px dashed red !important; } svg[style*="display: none"]:before {content: " (####HIDDEN SVG####) _ _ _ _ " ;} #btn-problems-downloading {border: 2px solid red !important; outline: 2px solid yellow !important; line-height: 1.5em !important; } Huge ad blocks are section#project-nel and div[id*="newsletter-modal"]
  10. mshultz said: > Is this a browser issue or an XPx64 issue? Obviously, I can't fill out this survey, > as I can't decode the symbols into English. I do not have International font support enabled. > Do I need to do that? I have seen this occur from time to time in other places If you hesitate to enable international fonts, I suppose it's for a reason. For this issue it's still not necessary, and easy to fix, even on ancient and very weak computers. For those 2 special characters, unreadable rectangles with a number inside, you just need a font that includes the Unicode-group "Miscellaneous Symbols". On my system I couldn't see those either (nor emojis and... and...) for far too many years, until some day getting two tips. Howto: 1) Get a font with more unicode signs, like the "Symbola" font (free for non-commercial use). Then set it in the browser for cursive/ornate/fantasy, and repeat this for all language groups (not for normal text, Symbola's Latin characters look awful, at least on my system) Aside from "Misc Symbols", that font also includes lots of other unicode stuff, like the emoji-group etc. So it can show the most frequent "mysterious" unicode signs, but not all. On my old system this works since K-Meleon1.6 (era Firefox 3.5), but not in KM 1.5 (era Firefox 2) 2) Get BabelMap for the rest of unreadable characters. It's a separate tool, a font viewer, and can't display symbols from missing fonts either. BUT, at least for urgent cases, it can tell the "name" of those characters. After pasting them into the search field and hitting F2, or typing their visible number into the "Go to Code Point" field. Your screenshot shows Unicode "2605", that's named "Black Star", and "2606" is named "White Star". SYMBOLA-FONT: http://users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/ OH NO - obviously Symbola.ttf is now DELETED too for very old systems/browsers, no truetype anymore :-( I don't know why everything great has to be destroyed without any need :( The homepage has moved to https://dn-works.com/ufas/ and the current version Symbola-13 is now only available as modern ODT/ODF font, not as "truetype" ttf for older systems anymore. If that works in your system/browser, fine. If not, luckily waybackmachine rescued the last truetype version, from 2019! :-) At the moment available yet, here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190502155955/http://users.teilar.gr/~g1951d/
  11. Don't want to sidetrack roytams topic too long with such general discussions, it's a far too long monster thread anyway. UserCSS and userscripts can be discussed endlessly, and are absolutely crucial for self-help in older browser engines. Any chance that a mod can please SPLIT the last image related posts to a new topic? No idea about a new title... perhaps... "image display probs and old browsers, howto workaround or tweak?"
  12. @RainyShadow testpage works now: www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/free-games For writing thumb older KM needs img.setAttribute('thumb', x) not just img.thumb // img.thumb = img.getAttribute("data-src") || img.getAttribute("data-image"); // add here var x= img.getAttribute("data-src") || img.getAttribute("data-image") || img.getAttribute('data-srcset') || img.getAttribute('lazyload-src') || img.getAttribute('data-original') || img.getAttribute('src-load') || img.getAttribute('srcabsolute') || img.getAttribute('data-img-src') || img.getAttribute('data-ezsrc') || img.getAttribute('data-lazzy') || img.getAttribute('data-zoom-src') || img.getAttribute('data-pagespeed-lazy-src') || img.getAttribute('nitro-lazy-srcset') || img.getAttribute('nitro-lazy-src') ; if (x) img.setAttribute('thumb', x.split(' ')[0]); ------- ATTENTION users of browsers OLDER as Firefox38 / PM27 / KM-Goanna76: add this too: img.getAttribute('srcset') || (modern browsers handle this one automatically by pure CSS, no JS needed)
  13. @RainyShadow the data-image path on epicgames contains "/offer" which is adblocked since ages
  14. RainyShadow said: > Can anyone see the images at this page in NM27? > Here is a Greasemonkey script to "fix" the images on that page, on myanimelist, > and many other sites that use "data-src" to hold the true image address: > I tried to add an additional replace to account for the epicgames site, but failed miserably... Uh oh... I'm used to having such probs with my ancient system+browser, but now slightly shocked to hear that even NM27 can't handle all those images anymore! KMG76 (same engine) is my best hope for the future, sigh. Was forced to help myself and created a little KM1.x macro-script years ago, for exactly the same purpose. Then over time, like you, noticed that data-src is not the only attribute, there are more. Actually have meanwhile collected 12. And yet another catch for my older browser, but luckily not for your NM27 anymore, are multiple targets in one "srcset" etc. It works now, mostly, though not perfect, and I prefer to run it only by command instead of automatically. Have occasionally thought about posting this macro, it's really tiny and almost pure javascript, but am too used to be the only one with such pesky old-browser probs and a like for macros, so never bothered. And surely there are always much better scripts out there, from experts etc. Oh well, guess will post it anyway now, when ready. For other browsers the little script can easily be modified as bookmarklet.
  15. Speaking of youtube, just came across this: https://ruclip.com/video/xxxxx/ (xx=youtube-ID) Have not tried yet if videos run or whether their download links work, preferred to keep my JS disabled, but all the rest looks great in ancient browsers too: video preview pic, title and data, full descriptions - and Comments.
  16. flyod said: > just a while ago, i realized i can also force the window contents to update by moving > another window in front of it, then clicking back to the palemoon window. > also, if it would help narrow things down, chrome-based browsers has a very similar problem. Glad KM runs again. And no idea, am no expert at all, but could it be the browser is moved by the system into background and some invisible task jumps into foreground? Perhaps some cleaner, indexer, or malware, system plugin, whatever. But just wild guessing. Or a driver prob as you wrote here: https://msfn.org/board/topic/180462-my-browser-builds-part-2/?do=findComment&comment=1182803 Does it happen too if you disable javascript completely? Or set the browser offline? If you save a little static page to disk and open this one only? If browser related, a couple more prefs which may or may not be involved, trying can't harm: layers.low-precision-buffer dom.ipc.plugins.asyncdrawing.enabled = false other ..."ipc" prefs... layout.interruptible-reflow.enabled (true or false?) plugin.scan.plid.all = false kmeleon.plugins.external.load = false browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo = 0 javascript.options.jit or ".ion" prefs or "wasm" = false ..."prefetch" prefs (Create manually: "network.dns.disablePrefetchFromHTTPS") network.predictor.enabled profiler.enabled (telemetry collection) ..."workers"... ..."webcomponents"...
  17. flyod said: > i'll also redownload on the off chance maybe the download just didn't come thru correctly Ah right, thanks for reminder! I assumed you'd been trying KM since awhile, but if build 20200613 was your first attempt, that's the culprit. It was first crashing on everyone, until roytam1 fixed it just half a day later: https://o.rths.ml/kmeleon/ (as usual keeping the old date still in filename)
  18. flyod said: >i feel like if i could figure out the reason for the immediate crash of k-meleon, > it might get me close to finding the problem with everything. is there any way > to enable some kind of logging mode apart from just the windows erorr reporting? When does it crash - at startup, or when loading pages? If at startup, did you customize anything or never even get that far? If not already done, try if helps to delete the StartupCache folder in profile. Or try a new profile, e.g. by toggling from portable to non-portable mode (renaming empty file KM/profile.ini to profiles_renamed.ini or delete it completely, or if it doesn't exist, create it) Occasionally it happens that KM tries to restore a session with some buggy page and crashes. Can be all sorts of things, or in the past was also caused e.g. by russian URLs (cyrillic?), and someone else got crashes due to a corrupt bookmarks file, or e.g. 2018 (Firefox) kept crashing on someone who then figured out he needs to set pref "browser.display.use_document_fonts"=0 (disabled) to overcome a buggy page in session. Or hardware related prefs.... or some prefs for plugin-container, for gfx or opengl At any rate KM/kplugins/update.dll can be removed. It had an old bug that could crash, hope meanwhile fixed, but for RT builds it's completely useless anyway. And IIRC KMG76 needs SSE2 (or was it only SSE?) Or a KM-user once mentioned he needed to install VisualBasic 2005 (or is that 2010 for current?) to stop startup crashes. KM had an ancient crashreporter plugin, but no idea if still working: http://kmeleon.sf.net/files/crashrpt.zip It needs that pref created and set true, also possible by manual edit of prefs.js: kmeleon.plugins.crashrpt.load
  19. Thanks for the youtube links. Yep same for me, all 3 are forbidden to download. Meaning the yt-script contains only the various download properties but the URL itself is obfuscated. It's probably possible with some sophisticated tricks, but probably a bad idea and anyway over my head. Oh well.
  20. Wunderbar98 said: > Came across a site yesterday that can download YouTube videos via webpage. > It does not appear to get them all, had a VEVO video still fail, but seems to get most, > many of which would be inaccessible to my 9xweb script. Thanks for the tip :) Awhile back tried to get a video as mp3, but no chance. Next time will try keepvid. Just curious if my own scripts works with those 'inaccessible' vids, if you can post links? But can only download allowed videos too, not protected ones. (PS: sorry but I cannot run cygwin or anything, zero chance)
  21. Talking of bandwidth... Not sure if this helps anything, and perhaps mentioned before, just throwing in what very little I know. There exists also a small 320x180px (funnily called 144p) version as 3gp. About half file size as medium 360p and of course quite fuzzy. Can play it with old MPC. Available only on (all black) mobile "m.youtube.com", with e.g. the ipad-UA someone posted here recently Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10A403 Safari/8536.25 or IE9-mobile UA: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows Phone OS 7.5; Trident/5.0; IEMobile/9.0) or FF38-mobile: Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Mobile; rv:38.0) Gecko/38.0 Firefox/38.0 UA iPad is better since it contains 3 formats incl. 720p, while others gets only 360p+144p Hmm, could swear IE9-mobile was getting streaming RTSP-links last time I tried... Or was it 240.mp4? Where has that one vanished now...?! Anyway, trying to find rtsp again, by UAs, OperaMini still gets it, but ONLY in 144p/3gp: Opera/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/9.80 (J2ME/22.478; U; en) Presto/2.5.25 Version/10.54 HUH.... and although equally called 144p/3gp, this rtsp-version is dramatically smaller as the (fake) 144p/3gp above?! Probably not watchable at all, except for preview checks... Weird, and the screen ratio is totally different too, although from the same video. Don't get it again, oh well - as usual with video stuff. 144p in FF38 or IE9-mobile versus OperaMini: (http) small 144p = 320 x 180 px 2.32 MB 226 kbps VIDEO 3GPP (mp4v.20.3) (itag:36) AUDIO_LOW (mp4a.40.2) (rtsp) small 144p = 176 x 144 px 0.76 MB 74 kbps VIDEO 3GPP (mp4v.20.3) (itag:17) AUDIO_LOW (mp4a.40.2) (or is this too offtopic here? Can delete it again, no prob)
  22. Bruninho said: > However SM still crashes A LOT with JS enabled. I have even disabled > hardware acceleration for the browser, no luck. So I disabled JS for now. > I was testing SeaMonkey 2.32, quite stable if you ask me now. Just don't run JS. > For me this is strange. I know the browser can understand the jQuery calls (most of them) > and modern JS. I still think it's a caching related problem, either that or the OS can't handle > the amount of scripts involved in any website. If that means you can't enable ANY javascript at all, it might be worth testing some partial blocks, not only all-or-nothing. Yes I know that will also partly kill functions, but better as none at all. On about:config page, would start with toggling off prefs containing: "jit" (for older engines until 26) ".ion" (younger engines since 27, note the dot to reduce hits) and all "workers" prefs Further tests perhaps try blocking: default content block permissions are hidden out of box, must be created manually on aboutconfig (as INT). Values are 0 or 1 (all allowed), 2 (all blocked), 3 (only same domain) permissions.default.script (only affects external scripts, loaded from a "src" link) permissions.default.xmlhttprequest permissions.default.xbl permissions.default.indexedDB or same prefix for ...object...ping...beacon...font... dom.storage.enabled svg.enabled indexedDB reminds me that SQLITE is completely broken in my KG74, absolute KILLER for history and lots of other crucial stuff. But my main KG74 version is probably not the latest one by RT, only tried newer ones shortly and found they don't help, so postponed due to time probs.
  23. My old laptop is just standing on additional, extra high rubber feet. Occasionally it gets a bit too warm for my taste, then switch on a little USB table fan, standing netxt to it. Blowing from the outside in, just sideways. No idea where the air gets in, and not much obviously, but glad it seems to help too ;-)
  24. schwups said: > The "ca-archive-2.0.1.xpi", min. version set to 24 in the rdf file, gives a unusable, blank add-on page on FF35. > A reboot to XP and running it on FF52.9 is very inconvenient. Yeah, same prob in KMG74 :-( It's really stupid. I do keep suspecting it could easily be fixed for older browsers too (how?) by probably just adjusting a few lines (which?), but no addon experts here to help. Sigh. A few addons are still left here, but for Firefox only those that were also compatible with Seamonkey: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/seamonkey/ Only mini-descriptions and no version info, but quick and handy to load: https://web.archive.org/web/20191102092539/http://legacycollector.org/ https://web.archive.org/web/20191102092539/http://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/index.html Firefox addons in waybackmachine: Prob: seems to be stored only partly, and SEARCH field doesn't work https://web.archive.org/web/20181002055204/https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/extensions/
  25. Jody Thornton said: > Just remember that Waterfox has been purchase by a search/advertising company, > so even there I'd be weary of its future. Yeah it's a horror :-( Especially seeing that it's the source of a FLOOD of imported commits in roytam's NM browsers :-( And aren't they also the (only) hoster of the invaluable 15GB xpi-files of Classic Addon's Archive? :-( The only archive of FF xul addons left, after Mozilla deleted them all and awhile later even legacycollector was killed by attackers. So now, with Waterfox going downhill too, there's soon only waybackmachine left for all those precious addons. But who knows for how long yet until being forced to remove them there too :-(
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