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My Browser Builds (Part 2)

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1 hour ago, 3dreal said:

FB implemented update(they warned browser will not be supported anymore soon) .

try using m.facebook.com then. they'll force users to update their browsers by using more bleeding-edge js functions.

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4 hours ago, roytam1 said:

try using m.facebook.com then. they'll force users to update their browsers by using more bleeding-edge js functions.

1. m.facebook.com IS WORKING.
2. i am now in here again, had to change email twice. first new email didnt get through. could be both are blocked.

3. Can i send you PM? I have a different solution for FB.
4. Explorer and PM/NM still are crashing from time to time. Old location will be reached again even when one has started writing.
Yes pc is clean and organized -defragged etc.

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3dreal said: Very big problems with loging here in PM/NM 27 SSE. worked finally after installing update and adjusting all settings. but today login-problems again. I tried all possible browsers. yes also tried to whitelist in noscript. it was greyed out maybe admin.rights needed. will retry. I am now in Chrome and it worked. at least i know now which PW is really working.

MSFN forum probs can have the weirdest reasons, mainly settings related.
Awhile back someone reported (in the dslreports forum) he could not register here. Finally turned out the culprit was his HOST file - because he had blocked fonts.googleapis.com! (May have been needed by reCaptcha, not sure anymore)
And just recently (NM page 198) someone discovered this pref is needed for posting here:
dom.storage.enabled = true



jumper said: So while I still use SM2.0.14 90% of the time, I continue working on making Roy's browsers more usable on 9x/ME via KernelEx (KG74 is currently the only way I can upload MSFN.org attachments from home!)

Great to hear! Same boat here. Does the Error Console work for you, in K-Meleon-Goanna74? For me only at startup, then dead. Meanwhile discovered: it's also broken in the old K-Meleon74-gecko on XP!
When any bugs are discovered by users of old systems, everyone immediately assumes it must be system related, but very often not true. I remember the early KM7x versions had lots of GUI bugs independant of the system, and were fixed progressively until KM76. The downside was, the more KM bugs were fixed between KM74-76, the more new engine probs were introduced instead, by Mozilla constantly reducing user freedom in every new Gecko version :(

And just yesterday discovered: the ErrorConsole addon and other KM-stuff is actually contained 2x in KMG74? Inside omni.ja and also unpacked in browser folder. Tried to figure out more, which one may be younger etc., but so far no clue yet. Too many files, too little comparing tools, quite confusing. And some file dates differ by exactly 6 hours, which is certainly just a timezone difference.

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I have a note to fork of all nawmoon, basilisk, firefox 45 and other msfn browsers, also to fork mypal from github.
All these browsers have trouble loading google scripts in gmail. This applies to windows XP, even windows 7.
For quickly withdrawing from a running gmail account, closing the gmail card - it freezes browsers. You have to wait for the Google 12s scripts to load completely and longer to go to the previous tab. When the gmail card closes too quickly, the browsers do not respond and the RAM is large and the CPU is busy with 50% and more.
On windows XP there is no choice. Using gmail is a hassle. On windows 7 - in firefox 70.0.1, in ice dragon and even in slimbrowser now created on firefox 68.0.2 - gmai starts quickly in one and a half seconds and a quick exit from gmail does not freeze browsers.

It's good that there are those who modify browsers and you need to do something to adjust the loading of google scripts in older browsers.
By the way, the official palemoon - also sucks, also has a problem with loading Google scripts and also spoils the original ublock - some revenge Tobi?


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I have a bigger problem. I have newmon latest x64 and I have the original palemoon 28.7.2 32 bit. It turns out that the fork and the original have the same profile folder in windows 7.
Suspending browsers does not depend on the profile folder. I have 4 gmail accounts and I switch between them and when I do it too quickly in older and modified browsers in laptop in win7, on pc with XP and on optiplex 780 with win 7 - everywhere I have the same problem

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59 minutes ago, kitaro1 said:

I have a bigger problem

... But you haven't answered in the question kindly asked by @roytam1: Have you tried a fresh New Moon 28.8.0a1 profile (with no extensions) and try gmail behaviour there?

In your screenshot (where NM28 is run under Win7) I see you have installed uBlock Origin (legacy), Disconnect and NoScript; they are bound to conflict with each other - also bear in mind that NoScript is explicitly incompatible with Pale/New Moon and UXP based browsers, so it's better to be avoided! IMHO, your gmail issues arise from using too many/incompatible content/script blockers.

Second, you were told earlier (I think in the original thread) that you are not to compare latest versions of browsers (latest Chrome and Chromium based forks, latest Firefox Quantum/Browser) with the older-Firefox based forks in terms of behaviour on heavily-scripted sites; Google and the rest of the gang (e.g Facebook) always target the latest browser versions on new era hardware and OSes (and it can be argued that browser vendors have to always catch up with Google and gang in order to retain compatibility with whatever alpha Javascript/CSS features they are implementing on their sites) ...

59 minutes ago, kitaro1 said:

I have newmon latest x64 and I have the original palemoon 28.7.2 32 bit. It turns out that the fork and the original have the same profile folder in windows 7.

You only have yourself to blame for this "great" problem of yours... New Moon is mainly targeted for XP (and for the few of us on Vista), where official PM won't run; thus, XP+Vista users of NM won't ever be faced with the problem you've created...

As for NM+PM on Win7 and higher, what you report is to be expected - don't use both browsers, as, of course, they'll share the same profile location - but, and this is worse, New Moon isn't anymore just PM for XP; the codepaths have diverged (and this is even more pronounced in the case of Serpent52/Basilisk52); e.g., the NSS library used currently by MCP in official PM is different to the one used in NM, so expect profile corruption to occur when the same profile folder is being alternatively shared by the two browsers.

If you still insist on using both NM28 and PM28 on the same computer (and windows account), then you should be using the official Pale Moon Portable package, 


so that New Moon maintains a discrete profile and PM28-portable another discrete one...


To cure your self-inflicted issues:

1. Uninstall official PM28
2. Back-up the corrupted NM28 profile, in order to salvage what can be salvaged from there...
3. Delete the original, old (saved elsewhere), NM28 profile.
4. Make sure you have the latest NM28 version, launch it and you should be in a new fresh profile - then start anew with configuring it the way you like - but heed to step 5...
5. Avoid installing too many blockers - ublock0-legacy alone would suffice.
6. When you're finished configuring NM28, exit it.
7. "Install" the portable version of official PM28 - that version should always be launched via the palemoon-portable.exe launcher (you can create a desktop shortcut for it) and with NM28 exited.


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39 minutes ago, VistaLover said:

New Moon is mainly targeted for XP (and for the few of us on Vista), where official PM won't run

yes but not only that, my build also provides some functions they removed(e10s/webide/webextensions/etc.), and maybe additional fixes.

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I am using Kmeleon now with FB.
I am still unsure whats the right FB-adress in PM/NM 27.  They announced soon they will not support this browser anymore. They are very creative to execute. since i have got an error when adding m. infront. www.m.facebook.com then?
2. resetting PW:  i have got the resetlink-a bit long delay on the alternative email. I will ignore since i switched to a different third one.

Will now check if i am getting notifications again in newest mailbox.
3. Noscript. Whats the alternative? on PM27-SSE?

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1 hour ago, Kwasiarz said:

@VistaLover I have a similar problem with GMail freezing the whole browser whenever I close a tab with it open. Even reported it here but was ignored, and no, sadly creating a new profile doesn't help in this case.

Try using the UOC Patch and the Enforcer, if you are using an old computer. See if it makes a difference.

@3dreal Why don't you try FF45 ESR SSE alongside the UOC Patch and the Enforcer? ;)

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Good people shouted at me.
Newmoon is the latest portable and the official palemon is installed. Even a shared profile folder, no crying. There is a problem when I run NM. The language pack is not compatible. You have to click to save.
When I run the original palemoon, then there is a good language pack.
I can't run these two browsers at the same time.

Mypal portable from github has a profile folder in the program folder. I can have 10 versions of mypal and take a browser with me everywhere logged in on a USB stick.

Adguard extension from the manufacturer's side - my ports opened and small executable files began to multiply in the system. Winpatrol plus blocked these files in the registry and at the speed of catching fleas had to eliminate adguard and its remains.

Without blocking ads, spyware and malware - you can't exist on the internet. I don't even risk trying. I'm almost 70 years old and I'm addicted to movies, and websites with movies are often dangerous, even with coin excavators. I can block dangerous content and download clean movies. Added to this is the problem with antiadblock. There are old extensions and filters to block adbkock disable alerts. For such actions - they are a treasure of the browser, in which you can use the necessary additions for protection.
Newmoon does not need to have a common profile folder as palemoon. But this is to be my fault, not the authors of the browsers.
I hear the harlequin laugh.

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I'm absolutely with you here. It's a real Killer-Trap that different browsers share the same profile, without any warning. Even advanced users need a LOT of experience to even consider such a possibility before trying a new browser. Even when fully aware it's a fork.
Am just not sure how difficult it would be to change this behavior. Or if there's any chance that at least a new "parallel" profile is created? (Absolutely love being able to choose from parallel profiles at startup, a native Mozilla function since ages, no idea if still possible in 'modern' versions now)
But IMO at the very least a confirmation/warning should pop up when installing/unzipping a new browser and it adopts an already existing profile.

if not noticed yet, mobile facebook URL is "mobile.facebook.com"
Some sites don't respect mobile URLs though and redirect to full desktop size, if the useragent is not a mobile string too. If you like a GUI to change UAs in KM, I recommand my useragents2018-macro ;-) It makes full use of the native engine functions, toggling only prefs, doing nothing else, and contrary to other macros allows to fake the global default UA too.

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5 hours ago, siria said:

 It's a real Killer-Trap that different browsers share the same profile, without any warning.

the NM28 doesn't share the same profile as FF52 however the 47 it does.

I won't try that crap 47 version anymore but fortunately my FF52 profile was not deleted and I could restore my session

Now my first alternative is the russian made Basilisk fork (executable not portable) and when I need to do specific tasks I use the genuine FF on W7... the performance difference is like day and night.

the Serpent 55 another crap browser sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't for no apparent reason.








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