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  1. In mypal28.5.0 there is no problem with swf, but has a problem with the polish language pack. Such is the fate of an old man.
  2. Serpent 55 http://prnt.sc/nldpwy Palemoon28.4.0 http://prnt.sc/nldq6n The search and search icon is normal. :)
  3. https://github.com/JustOff/pale-moon-localization/releases/tag/28.5.0_RC2 Yes. From this page, I choose language xpi and install it in palemoon 28.5. In about: config set general.useragent.locale en-GB. So much.
  4. You must block Google's scripts! http://prnt.sc/na7fe8 My filters uBlock Origin: .googlesyndicaton.com
  5. This is not funny. MFSN was a discussion forum. There is a dispute now. Such a forum is not for me. Tobin came with pretensions, anger and threats. I'm going out of here. Farewell.
  6. The good doctor is not a free series and therefore unavailable for free.
  7. What problem? I have no problem with me. In my XP ffmpeg with github is installed. FFmpeg-N-86763-g341f012-win32-shared_legacy. I downloaded a portable version from direct links - https://www.dobreprogramy.pl/YoutubeDLG,Program,Windows,86713.html https://www.virustotal.com/pl/file/4fed7cb6aa66e48b3344620e627c5fa4e8e92716db81e13683ea09dabf049b08/analysis/ I unpacked, launched, set and downloaded 19 films. Success. I did not play with the links. After starting the movie on VOD, I pasted the URL from the address bar. In the program I added the URL of subsequent videos. I downloaded. No problems. The trick is that I block advertisements, harmful content and pop-ups, and so I have set that the websites do not detect blocking. I have good links in the address bar and unmodified to paste into youtube dll gui portable. Youtube dong gui portable is cool !!! Extensions enable: Strict Pop-up Blocker 0.1.1-signed.1-signed true jid1-P34HaABBBpOerQ@jetpack I don't care about cookies 2.6.7 true jid1-KKzOGWgsW3Ao4Q@jetpack Disable Anti-Adblock 3.1.1-signed.1-signed true {d49a148e-817e-4025-bee3-5d541376de3b} uBlock Origin 1.13.8 true uBlock0@raymondhill.net Disconnect true 2.0@disconnect.me
  8. Super! Thank you very much. A suggestion was enough. I found the Youtube-DLG portable 96MB GUI. Slowly, but it gets from VOD. : D Download mp4 extra:
  9. Easy download from VOD PL? And what to download? Extension? https://vod.tvp.pl/video/ojciec-mateusz,odc-100-sklep-z-zabawkami,8286051 https://images92.fotosik.pl/123/7ab3c020bf209194.png
  10. No problem. The home page is fast. http://prntscr.com/m3mjfe
  11. Stupid Bing translates so that you can set the Polish language, but you can not save. Sorry.
  12. SwMSM sometimes is not visible in the Add/Remove Programs panel. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/uninstall_view.html www softuninstall:
  13. So much I know. I added primetime to Firefox. But Basilisk has built everything. I play everything on the video pages. Redundant shockwave only duplicates Flash Player, this installs the SWMSM spy developer. Nothing depends on him.
  14. Primetime? Shockwave? What about what? Plugins: Extensions: http://prntscr.com/lsrih2
  15. In the basilisk, palemoon and mypal - from now on I do not want to run the google translator extension. It stopped working, The icon turns green and does not translate. Is there any addition, what changes the text and do not pop up nasty translation windows?
  16. It's already mypal - palemoon 28.2.1 on firefox 60.9. The installer has a portable wizard in any selected folder and partition. I call the folder as I want and choose a portable installation for it. The profile folder is in the program location. https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/releases/tag/28.2.1 Works the Polish language pack from the palemon site.
  17. Newmoon, palemoon, mypal - after installing the h264ify extension - they also lost https://prnt.sc/l1phj6
  18. @roytam1 Basilisk 55 Extension h264ify disables webm and mse. Will h264ify replace the webm vp8 and mse & webm vp9 support? Is it better to remove h264ify?
  19. Yes. Downloading movies - failure. FF52.9 esr became slow. I came back to download flash and video 1.86 and firefox was light, I downloaded the movie without problems including the extension.
  20. Comparison of the browser versions and their compatibility with the graphics driver. SWf open cool Swf problems: Paranoid requirements.
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