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  1. Why the link unavailable for those not logged in to the palemoon forum? Is this a suggestion to register there? Promo? I don't like the Tobi forum ;P
  2. Browser security will allow malware, excavator and miner into the system. Antivirus will let in too. Add-ons will not allow access to minerals, malware or other fakes. I download movies even from dangerous websites. I personally scan the files. I haven't had an infection for the past 10 years. Browser security is mainly based on google badware. Google virus is a problem, because it is known good files and highway is entering the system. The browser cannot block malicious googe scripts. Blocking dangerous files by the browser is illusory and charges the browser.
  3. Add-on copied from firefox 71.0, pasted into serpent 55 in the profile, unpacked. The add-in has successfully installed. Netcraft extension: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HdVZrCjShtESKZffxm4WHgp5ricAJSBC Unpack the folder, unpack the xpi, paste into the extension folder in the serpent 55 profile.
  4. Netcraft extension, disconnect me, uBO
  5. Downloading serpent 55 problem solved.
  6. ? I think serpent 55 has wrong settings Speedtest for serpent 55 OK. Download snail...
  7. not happening here. basilisk 55 download files roytam1: Firefox 71.0 download files roytam1: Internet 50Mbs...
  8. Give modifications to support netflix. Please.
  9. Linux? https://prnt.sc/qcpdy6 Looks like something from kde. Virtual desktops applet. However, it is difficult to see, because it also looks like a full-screen application and I do not know where the conclusion is that it is XP. It looks more like 7, 2008, 2012R2 with a classic theme. I see other places, different computers, different systems. I can't see XP. http://prnt.sc/qd6pko
  10. Windows 7 x64 - The same problem with the comodo icedragon x64 FF 65. I reported on the comodo forum. They have to fix this in the next version of icedragon browser. https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cid/drm-not-action-t125228.0.html The same problem with the serpent 55 - three weeks primetime won't install Does the primetime adobe server have limitations?
  11. Server not found http://www.legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/ Solution - https://web.archive.org/web/20191110141618/http://www.legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/
  12. And I do not have this setting, but very good vod.tvp.pl: http://prnt.sc/q063dz http://prnt.sc/q064it NM and serpent are good now.
  13. Serpent 55 x64 - Good flash version https://www.whatismyflash.com/ Serpent 55 32 bit identically identifies. This current version is the best on swf games and flash movie sites.
  14. How to serpent 55 2019.10.22? Current version serpent 55 2019.10.25 - basilisk55-win64-git http://prnt.sc/pxbmr0 The latest flash OK and swf displays well. The problem is in Adobe online installers. You need to download uninstall adobe flash player. I provide a direct link to the offline installer that works correctly. Adobe Flash Player Stable https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/latest/help/install_flash_player.exe
  15. LAV Filters installed? Directx 9.29 redist? All Visual C ++? Enable MP4 (H.264 + AAC) HTML5? Server Disney + now works correctly in mypal, newmoon, basilisk.
  16. Why msfn no potrable paf exe browsers? Unpacking is just the beginning. I install a lot of portable programs. In the case of the mypal installer, which launches the application / extraction to created applications, it also adds items to regedit and firewall I also use portable paf programs. Example: https://sourceforge.net/projects/portableapps/files/Mozilla Firefox%2C P.E. Legacy/Mozilla Firefox%2C Portable Edition Legacy52 52.9.0/ It is a convenient and installed / extracted browser based on the firewall approval operation.
  17. Good people shouted at me. Newmoon is the latest portable and the official palemon is installed. Even a shared profile folder, no crying. There is a problem when I run NM. The language pack is not compatible. You have to click to save. When I run the original palemoon, then there is a good language pack. I can't run these two browsers at the same time. Mypal portable from github has a profile folder in the program folder. I can have 10 versions of mypal and take a browser with me everywhere logged in on a USB stick. Adguard extension from the manufacturer's side - my ports opened and small executable files began to multiply in the system. Winpatrol plus blocked these files in the registry and at the speed of catching fleas had to eliminate adguard and its remains. Without blocking ads, spyware and malware - you can't exist on the internet. I don't even risk trying. I'm almost 70 years old and I'm addicted to movies, and websites with movies are often dangerous, even with coin excavators. I can block dangerous content and download clean movies. Added to this is the problem with antiadblock. There are old extensions and filters to block adbkock disable alerts. For such actions - they are a treasure of the browser, in which you can use the necessary additions for protection. Newmoon does not need to have a common profile folder as palemoon. But this is to be my fault, not the authors of the browsers. I hear the harlequin laugh.
  18. I have a bigger problem. I have newmon latest x64 and I have the original palemoon 28.7.2 32 bit. It turns out that the fork and the original have the same profile folder in windows 7. Suspending browsers does not depend on the profile folder. I have 4 gmail accounts and I switch between them and when I do it too quickly in older and modified browsers in laptop in win7, on pc with XP and on optiplex 780 with win 7 - everywhere I have the same problem
  19. I have a note to fork of all nawmoon, basilisk, firefox 45 and other msfn browsers, also to fork mypal from github. All these browsers have trouble loading google scripts in gmail. This applies to windows XP, even windows 7. For quickly withdrawing from a running gmail account, closing the gmail card - it freezes browsers. You have to wait for the Google 12s scripts to load completely and longer to go to the previous tab. When the gmail card closes too quickly, the browsers do not respond and the RAM is large and the CPU is busy with 50% and more. On windows XP there is no choice. Using gmail is a hassle. On windows 7 - in firefox 70.0.1, in ice dragon and even in slimbrowser now created on firefox 68.0.2 - gmai starts quickly in one and a half seconds and a quick exit from gmail does not freeze browsers. It's good that there are those who modify browsers and you need to do something to adjust the loading of google scripts in older browsers. By the way, the official palemoon - also sucks, also has a problem with loading Google scripts and also spoils the original ublock - some revenge Tobi? http://prnt.sc/pthzg8
  20. And how can you add from an online archive?
  21. My sorrow now is a problem with additions to modify palemoon and firafox. At http://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/, he clearly states that Note: this archive will be shut down in December 2019. Anyone know something about this problem?
  22. I'm sorry. I set the topic to 300 pages - the latest topic page is always displayed.
  23. Newmon is slowly loading scripts for google services. You have to wait until the gmail has completely loaded. When you switch faster than gmail loads - then you have a heavy CPU load and newmon freezes. This also applies to other modifications of the palemoon - serpent, i.e. mypal, and also the original palemoon itself. Another firefox comodo icedragon fork on FF 65 has quick startup and fast gmail support. Neither serpent, any newmon and mypal have a quick start. Icedragon you will polish, add a lot of extensions and amaze with speed. It's much faster than firefox 70.0, than chrome. Why authors of slow browsers do not use instant icedragon solutions? @roytam1
  24. DeskIconSetup.exe https://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Other-Desktop-Enhancements/DeskIcon.shtml List - desktop icons. Works on XP and Windows 7. http://prnt.sc/ozncte
  25. You read about the palemoon on a pendrive. Very good. However, this is not a palemoon from MSFN. This is a modification from github. https://github.com/Feodor2/Mypal/releases You are downloading a palemoon mypal 28.6.0 modification. Create a new folder on the pendrive and name it as you like. Run the installer on the disk in the system. In the first installer window, select the portable version. In then select the new installation folder - created on the pendrive. Install the browser. The installer will extract the portable to the folder. Use. The browser's folder will contain profile folders - transferred from appdata and from local appdata. All settings and cache will be in the installation folder on the pendrive. Be happy.
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