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My Browser Builds (Part 1)

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New build:

32bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.6.0a1.win32-git-20171010-0c0b811bb-xpmod.7z

64bit https://o.rthost.cf/palemoon/palemoon-27.6.0a1.win64-git-20171010-0c0b811bb-xpmod.7z

Official repo changes since my last build:
-Disable window.showModalDialog. 2d8bef0
-window.onerror catches JSON.parse error in Promise fulfillment (follow up) 11e0af6
-Merge pull request #1399 from janekptacijarabaci/error_improvements_1_followUp_1 f46295e
-[UXP task] xpfe\appshel\nsWindowMediator.cpp 8026ed0
-[UXP task] layout\base\nsLayoutUtils.cpp a52e5cf
-gre/components/FeedProcessor.js e2b5d74
-gre/components/FeedWriter.js 16e5553
-gre/components/nsINIProcessor.js (etc.) 3611278
-[UXP task] gre/modules/commonjs/dev/volcan.js ad0e8d1
-[UXP task] gre/modules/commonjs/sdk/lang/weak‐set.js 8f539ae
-gre/modules/devtools/qrcode/decoder/index.js e9710e1
-[UXP task] gre/modules/devtools/tern/def.js d320a79
-gre/modules/devtools/sourceeditor/autocomplete.js 5db10c8
-Building with "‐‐enable‐debug" ‐ fix one of assertion failures 81a5397
-(1/2) Launch command: palemoon "‐migration" and "‐migration ‐p" (follow up) cbba33c
-(2/2) Launch command: palemoon "‐migration" and "‐migration ‐p" (follow up) 15da107
-Synchronize blocklist timestamp. c87b7e2
-Merge pull request #1400 from janekptacijarabaci/debug_warning_1 662844d
-Merge pull request #1401 from janekptacijarabaci/debug_assertionFailu… c07455c
-Remove incorrect assertion (OnStopRequest calls this with null) c60749d
-Merge pull request #1402 from janekptacijarabaci/migrate_followUp_1 dcd13b4
-Re‐generate HSTS preload list without stale entries. b25d88b
-Update HSTS preload list generation script. 0c0b811

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6 hours ago, bphlpt said:

What's wrong with sticking with New Moon?  I like it!

Cheers and Regards

Because All unofficial build of Pale Moon will be called New Moon.

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Nice, I'm gonna try this out when I get home tonight, see how it compares to Firefox 52/SM 2.48. Would you know the comparative Gecko version of new Moon?

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