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  1. @Cixert Is your boot drive visible to the BIOS after you update?
  2. @Dietmar I recall you saying you had encountered this black screen issue before? did you manage to fix it?
  3. @gordo999 You can make a new thread for it if you want. I'm not sure what's going on with your XP, maybe @Dietmar knows something that might help.
  4. @66cats This is all the acpi.sys files as far as i know, including the newest acpi.sys I have. https://ufile.io/xl07mr8a @Dietmar might have a newer one though.
  5. @Zorba the Geek Try Relyze disassembler, or ghidra disassembler, and see if what they output is suitable. Both are free.
  6. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I just tried to apply your most recent .patch file for a build. Did I do it wrong somehow?
  7. @Dietmar Can you run a debug on storport 8.0 beta 8102 to find the cause of this storport 7E BSOD? (remember to restore original XP SP3 HAL and acpi.sys before running debug this) dietmar_storport_8102_7e.7z
  8. @SFMG Sorry to hear that. You could try looking around at one of those PC recycling places and see if you can pick up a GPU for free.
  9. @SFMG I'm not sure what your needs are, you may as well try out the driver and see if it works for you.
  10. @SFMG If you're stuck with the RX580 then you'll have to settle for a generic 2D driver in XP. bearwindows.zcm.com.au/vbempk.zip
  11. @SFMG I'd say your best option would be to get a cheap Nvidia GT 710 or 730 and run it along side your RX580 in a lower PCIE slot. Nvidia kept XP support up to GTX 980 whereas AMD dropped support around the R7 270.
  12. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I know this isn't related to ACPI, but I got my hands on some windows 10 private symbols and was wondering if you could use them to make an NDIS_emu extender using them like how you did for ntoskrnl?
  13. @Dietmar Probably going to stop on trying to backport newer vista acpi.sys to XP. I just don't understand why an exception occurs at a zero address.
  14. @Dietmar I noticed that ACPI 5112, which still has XP RSDT find function in it. also gives this 7E BSOD. So I think I can narrow down the cause of the BSOD to either HalGetInterruptTargetInformation or HalGetMessageRoutingInfo in my HAL and not my ACPI table finding code.
  15. @Dietmar It seems like that's the case, I wonder why microsoft did it that way. I'm going to go through vista beta acpi.sys and see which version is first to BSOD.
  16. @Dietmar OK, thanks for testing. let me try a few things...
  17. @Dietmar There are some IoResource functions in my ntoskrn8.sys Perhaps it's getting stuck there? does loading my ntoskrn8.pdb show anything?
  18. @Dietmar Maybe load the symbols for my HAL and see if that gives more information?
  19. @Dietmar hmmm. so it's not even getting to the ACPI table finding code I added to my HAL. IoReleaseVpbSpinLock wouldn't be the cause would it?
  20. @Dietmar Have you finished with ACPI testing on the HP laptop as of yet? If you have, would you mind trying to trace this 7E BSOD?
  21. @George King Can you run H2testw on it to confirm that it is legit? I'll be genuinely surprised if it is as these are usually scams. https://h2testw.org/ A video showing H2testw in action. https://youtu.be/SI0m7nVn2Tk?t=444
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