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  1. hmm , yes i agree with you , he should open source , should it be the case of the reason stated above
  2. i dont think he has the drive to get this project to its end and afterall it does take too much time which he does not possess unfortunately.
  3. windows 10 mobile is pretty good aswell , there are many 3rd party apps that run better than the original for eg. MyTube , got an hp elite x3 here.
  4. well im having issues with updating it to the latest by windows update (2016) , once updates are done and it reboots it just gets stuck on the loading circle with oem logo and nothing happens , if i do 1-2 updates at a time it seems to load successfully but im not sure if i have enough time to waste on that
  5. yea i pretty much want to stay more lighter and have a faster ui and hate windows 10 for what it is , ie11 was coming to server 2012 and embedded 8 wasnt it although it doesnt matter. Do you use any software/registry to enable aero or have any clue how do i get it , thats one of the main concerns right now , i havent been following anything in the windows 8 scene. I think im going to get windows 8 instead of 8.1 because why not right
  6. oh thanks , i wasnt aware of this , ill check it out.
  7. Windows 7 support is drawing to an end and i was planning to upgrade to 8 or 8.1 , i was wondering if there was any reason to go to 8 instead of 8.1 , is 8 lighter than 8.1 and less hungry on resources due to lack of features? also some suggestions for aero would be nice aswell.
  8. damn im impressed , it works ,im not sure about speeds , but thanks didnt think i'd see this day im using skylake (100 series chipset) should i install the switch driver anyhow?
  9. no luck for skylake? unfortunate , the original intel xhci would be which one? is there a link? i dont mind usb 2.0 speeds as long as it works
  10. if it was that easy , people wouldve already done it by now i think , we've been trying since years to get them working
  11. how did you get the intel drivers working? let us know please
  12. it will work but with issues and usb 3 was never supported by intel
  13. Hello , A warm welcome to MSFN
  14. I just clicked it , i use win7 as main so it's not surprising to see it being so outdated
  15. i am indeed using 4.4.304.0 , also dropbox wont work like we already expected , although my local files are still accessible https://imgur.com/a/KsOlmgP
  16. it works , using version 1.2.0 here https://imgur.com/a/Ae2JRhg
  17. afaik it doesnt work on vista either , i had tried torch before back in 2017 and it wouldnt load with missing dlls and errors
  18. Afaik there isn't any but I may be wrong.
  19. just get them from microsoft update catalog with filters? search Windows Vista SP2
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