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  1. I would like to clarify that i do have all the updates with Intel Skylake 6700HQ, although remembering which update is beyond me at this point
  2. I dont think any official statement was there, but they quietly fixed the HAL timings on a patch tuesday, which did help quite a bit.
  3. Ofcourse its not? i said its a slight upgrade since IE9 doesnt load much nowadays. Maybe we could even use the w8.0 updates on it and try, provided both actually work to begin with.
  4. i wonder if we can install IE10 with this, would be a slight upgrade to IE9 even with updates.
  5. Hopefully, would love to see it running properly on vista and could possibly fix some issues with some games aswell.
  6. only the very old ms edge works afaik. Chromium 72-75 level probably.
  7. No you cant, even if u did, it would revert like vista and above.
  8. Pascal is the max one can go that too with crappy performance, 9xx series is the last that is actually usable currently. The last driver that can actually work is 372.70 so you can try something from that if youre really keen on trying.
  9. You need hxd editor to remove the unsupported os message, even so it wont load the store or library in large mode, only small mode will work. You will need to modify 6A 00 61 or something like that to 6A 00 60.
  10. The times change so no one knows, what stop supporting what. Sometimes the change is undocumented for a long time. But who knows.
  11. maybe it now requires dx11 but they havent updated their requirements, 8600gt only supports dx10
  12. The option to have it at the side is also available(like 7 8.x and 10)
  13. Yes, while i do have UEFI-CSM as an alternative i did try native uefi for Vista and 7, one would need a VGA emulator like UefiSeven for UEFI class 3 or something like that or you could replace the bootmgr.efi file and maybe even bootmgfw.efi and replace it with windows 10's, anyhow while it works on 7 vista just gets stuck on a black screen, it just doesnt boot at all, i even tried with windows 8.0's files and it still didnt work.
  14. That would be great but i think a way to bypass the OS check isnt found yet which is why he did it manually.
  15. Its the original 372.70 kernel file and 373.06 dwm files, so its expected.
  16. Actually 375.63 gives more fps than any of the older ones its only like 5-10fps but its better than nothing.
  17. Yes its blocked on Windows 7,it wont allow me to update with that OS unsupported error when i click check for updates, i will keep an eye out for any issues thanks.
  18. Ok i got that but, when i try 375.63 the control panel doesnt open any workaround for that? EDIT : Actually after restarting twice it appeared and worked.
  19. @Vistapocalypse Actually i just checked and funnily the GHUB on Vista Updates beyond 7 and 8.x, lmao Which also means that they can actually run on 7 and 8.x (somehow idk how)
  20. How do we use this? install 373.06 and then replace the files?
  21. Well done indeed. Looking forward to it.
  22. Why yes i am using it on windows 7 as my main, actually that pic is from windows 7 only, vista wont update past 2021.4 either but doesnt give the unsupported os error
  23. Its probably BS but if it were true by a small chance it does make one wonder how support was extended by full 4 years extra and that too for only 1 region.

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