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  1. This is my first release of RetroZilla 2.2, any other build is unofficial. This release, as with all RetroZilla releases, is tested on both Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. The changelog appears like it's the first release on the GitHub link because it is only showing the latest release. You can view all the releases, with their associated changelogs here, as well as about:changelog from within RetroZilla. The only differences between the exe and zip versions is the exe is a graphical installer. (i.e. installs into \Program Files, adds shortcuts, etc) Regarding youtubemp4.to, from what it looks like, the JavaScript code used is too new to work in RetroZilla at this time. It may work in a future release.
  2. 2.2 is out! https://github.com/rn10950/RetroZilla/releases/tag/2.2 Edit: It turns out that Github is refusing connections from RetroZilla 2.1, so it is impossible to download RetroZilla 2.2 using RetroZilla 2.1 (and I assume any official Mozilla release for 9x and NT4 as well as IE6). This issue will only affect 2.1 and below, as the security suite was updated in 2.2 (thanks @roytam1). I will look further to see if there is a way to access github using HTTP, or find an alternative host for the 2.2 binaries. There will be no way to change this in existing 2.1 installations, so consider the updater for 2.1 a notifier. Edit 2: Link that works in RetroZilla 2.1: http://www.filedropper.com/retrozilla-22en-uswin32installer
  3. It's finally fixed. After almost a year of a major bug that prevented me from shipping, I finally got a working build! Expect 2.2 in the coming days, possibly even tonight.
  4. Oh, my mistake, I realized that myself before I posted that and forgot to change the link. Here's the correct log: https://dpaste.de/0HrR/raw Yes, I will review them now.
  5. Would a Firefox 52ESR language pack work with Basilisk with slight modification?
  6. @roytam1 I have ran into more build errors. This one seems to be with ffvpx. Is there an external library I need or a special mozconfig flag I need to set? All media patches applied cleanly. https://dpaste.de/KRuN/raw
  7. @roytam1 Patches applied somewhat successfully, there were a few errors but tried building anyway. I ran into an error during the build process that purplexes me, as the patch that contains the modification where the error is present seemed to have applied OK. Here is the patch log, with the build error attached at the end: https://dpaste.de/Kajx
  8. I just wasn't thinking straight, turns out I ran the command from UXP's parent folder. SMH. However, there are a bunch of errors. https://dpaste.de/UFGQ
  9. @roytam1 Do you have updated patches or a complete source tarball? Would you be opposed to uploading your PM28 source directory to a GitHub repo? PM27 is getting harder to use by the day. (I need to work out a crasher that appeared between 27 and 28 that also affects 52ESR and derivatives, it only seems to affect this one specific PC that I have)
  10. @roytam1 Do you have the complete source of NM28 online somewhere? I need to fix a problem specific to my CPU that is keeping me on 27. (For some reason NM28, or any 52.x-based browser for that matter, doesn't like my dual-Xeon setup too much. I tried git-applying the patches, but they don't want to apply.
  11. @roytam1 Have you run into certificate issues? I checked the Mozilla CA file in NSS and there are no root certificates in that file that are not in ours. I get this issue in both Win98 and my Win2k dev machine, both with BlackWingCat's root certificate update for 2018 installed. Do not have an XP+ machine with RZ to test on, but I don't think that will matter, as I have a semi-recent version of SeaMonkey working on Win2k with the updated kernel with no certificate issues.
  12. Has anyone tried running that custom Pale Moon over on the XP forum with KEX? And yes, some of the changes could be backported. Right now, one of the major problems on RZ (at least in my experience using it while not developing it) is some security/cert issues. I have been getting errors and warnings a lot more lately, that's probably the next big thing to be fixed. I'm still thinking of the best way to do rendering. The Mozilla graphics rendering engine switched between 2.x and 3.x, so I have to think about how to go about it. CSS/HTML shims are a possibility going forward, as well as possibly including NoScript and enabling it by default.
  13. Just came across this today, it seems that people are finally waking up to Windows 10's true intentions (which we had known since before it even came out).
  14. Not sure, didn't really test it that much as SeaMonkey is my default browser on that machine. However, on my high-powered XP machine, I did notice an improvement over Fx52 ESR. (This machine has 2x octa-core Xeons and 16 GB of RAM) I don't know if this benefit will be noticeable on more modest machines. I don't have easy access to a vanilla 2k installation at the moment, but I assume that it wouldn't work. Pale Moon was forked from Gecko 38, which was a lot newer than native 2000 support. (The drop in support was due to a change in MSVC versions used to compile it) The BWC kernel adds a lot of functions and newer MSVC support. This 2000 installation was running on a Pentium 4 2.4GHz with 1GB of RAM. It is an upgraded Dell Dimension system, however I do not remember which one.
  15. I can now verify that New Moon works on Windows 2000 with BlackWingCat's extended kernel.
  16. Could you try building an installer? https://developer.palemoon.org/Developer_Guide:Build_Instructions/Pale_Moon/Windows#head:Generating_the_installer
  17. 2.1 is out! I changed many of the default security popup dialogs ("you are entering/leaving a secure site") to be disabled by default, as most people consider them to be annoying, I disabled the sidebar opening every time you search from the urlbar, added the StartPage search engine (Google results without the tracking), added a few urlbar keywords to search easier, and added an update notification to the default home page. Any issues please let me know. Download RetroZilla 2.1
  18. A lot of progress is being made on the stopgap release before I get to updating Gecko. I am planning on dropping 2.1 within the next few days, possibly as early as tonight. Has a few improvements, especially in the realm of search and a few security-related prefs. These fixes are all already in the codebase, roytam1's patches will be applied to the next release, the reason behind this is to get another release out quicker and allow for more further testing and development of the patches. (I may apply those patches in a 2.2 release, or just hold off for 3.x, depending on how certain things go.)
  19. Just tried it out and it's great, the native 64-bit version works and is fast, and it is extremely customizable. I found a Netscape 4/Mozilla Classic theme right away and installed TreeStyleTabs and it works just like my SeaMonkey install. (maybe once RetroZilla stabilizes a bit, I will work on a project that I will dub MoonSuite XP- an XP-compatible Pale Moon based SeaMonkey) Here's my setup if anyone's interested:
  20. Nice, I'm gonna try this out when I get home tonight, see how it compares to Firefox 52/SM 2.48. Would you know the comparative Gecko version of new Moon?
  21. Yep. Windows 95 is an operating system I test RetroZilla on extensively, and I will delay release if RZ is not working properly on it.
  22. The official source tree. If the tree built by VC6 works on NT3.51, we could try to backport the TLS patches to build on VC6 and add NT3.51 to the supported OS list.

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