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  1. roytam1: Could you look into optionally disabling SiteSecurityServiceState.txt? Like debated here: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?1,144881 The current ghetto solution is to set the file to read only, thanks!
  2. tomasz86: You should put a backup on archive.org, one big rar file, because it's DMCA exempt. That's why you see complete single file rom collections on there, and they are not take down! Maybe the BetaArchive FTP server as well? They would most likely be up for it.
  3. Why not include a "portablemoon.bat"? Which does this: start "" palemoon.exe -no-remote -profile .\profile Or even better, could you create a portablemoon.exe, which uses profile as it's default folder?!
  4. Thanks! Here's the newest build in portable form: newmoon-roytam-portable-xp32-20171006-fc3f4bdc7.rar 36.75MB https://www.sendspace.com/file/z54hl0
  5. Here is a quick portable version of 27.6.0a1.win32-git-20171004-61e3f2cfb (with lav dlls) based on Palemoon-Portable-27.5.0: NewMoon-Portable-Roytam.rar (36.77MB) https://www.sendspace.com/file/elvhqp + A few small requests: 1. Could you change the default search engine from duckduck back to google? 2. Remove loading www.palemoon.org/firstrun.shtml on the first run in "browser/branding/shared/pref/preferences.inc" pref("startup.homepage_welcome_url","http://www.palemoon.org/firstrun.shtml"); 3. Change default startup page from "start.palemoon.org" to about:blank
  6. Hooray, this build works now! My Core 2 Duo cpu only supports up to SSE 4.1, not SSE 4.2. Edit: Thanks!
  7. I checked the Event Viewer: "The exception generated was c000001d at address 100034C5 (mozglue!MOZ_Z_get_crc_table)" All it creates are these empty folders: Pale Moon\Profiles\95ji4scc.default\cache2\doomed Pale Moon\Profiles\95ji4scc.default\cache2\entries Pale Moon\Profiles\95ji4scc.default\startupCache Application Data\Mozilla\Extensions
  8. Hi, i don't know if anyone is aware of the dnsapi.dll thing, where certain MS domains are white-listed. So even if you block them in the "hosts" file, the dnsapi overrides it and microsoft.com keeps working. 2K didn't have that yet, and in the XP and Win 7 dnsapi dlls you can hex it out. As in replace in the dll the values for microsoft.com and others with zeros. That in combination with this hosts file would then really block all ms domains! But on Win 8, i no longer see those domains in the dnsapi.dll, but they are still exempt! Maybe the domains are now hexadecimal instead of plain text, i don't know... any ideas? Edit/addendum: It turns out it is still there, even on 10TP, but in unicode, i can't believe unicode derailed me, doh! And a big thanks to the folks over at mydigitallife for figuring this out.
  9. I just found out about the all-in-one update pack by Simplix to update Live Windows 7 SP1 systems. It's a single almost 600MB big file with all the patches up until now, very handy and easy to use... So my question is how can this be, if at all, used to integrate with NTLite? Or do you rather recommend getting those patches with something like the Windows Updates Downloader? What's the officially approved and recommended way to patch up? Thanks!
  10. As everyone may already know Windows 10 was revealed to be the next Windows. And the Technical Preview itself also wasn't far behind, the images are out now! The question now is, how does it fit into the NTLite dev schedule? Will you wait until the final RTM (sometime in 2015) until support? I would put something called Asimov on the top of my list for removal: "Well according to the folks at ZDNet, one of the new features of Windows 9 10 is a feature that has been given the codename “Asimov”. Originally designed by the Xbox team, Asimov is said to be a backend system that will allow the Windows operating system team to see what is going on in a person’s PC in almost real-time. The idea is quite simple: gather as much data as possible to make sure that the user experience is exactly like Microsoft has envisioned. With more telemetry data, it will help the team behind the OS make sure that updates, features, and every other aspect are all working correctly and if not, they will have high-quality data to troubleshoot the issue." Thanks!
  11. Until it's done and perfect like Duke Nukem Forever! And on a side-note, there won't be a big 8.1 Update 2, i say thank god, nothing to delay nlite further. Microsoft Scraps Windows 8 Major Updates. Bets The Farm On Windows 9
  12. +1 for NTLite +1 to give gendouhydeist a free copy of NTLite! & What's the release window now with the name out of the way? A matter of weeks or months?
  13. How does the impending release of Windows 8.1 Update 2 fit into all that, the rumor is early August...
  14. Not nLite7 or nLite8, i mean to actually have all three numbers in the name: nLite789.exe It's at-least clear what you get if nothing else, nLite for Windows 7, 8 & 9.
  15. What about "nLite789"? And then only with the release of Windows 10 in half a decade you go with nLiteX (X stands for 10 in Roman numerals).
  16. >name nLite is known amongst many administrators, and they are those who advise their bosses on what productivity tools to buy for the company I vote for wLite then... to have name continuity, nLite was for XP, vLite for Vista and wLite is up and above, up and atom! Or even have cheaper, separate fine tuned releases, 7Lite for Windows 7, 8Lite for Windows 8/8.1...
  17. You need a marketing friendly name, nLite doesn't say anything to a corporate by-passer. Why keep the lite name formating when it's a whole new product with a whole new business model? It doesn't even fit, it's not light as in less calories when you speed up and debloat the system...
  18. What about payment options, will you accept cash orders or paysafe cards for people without credit cards & paypal? As you know software like this is very popular in eastern Europe & Russia, where they don't hand out ccs like candy. I generally have no problem with going commercial, even better if it means that it will go above and beyond nlite & hfslip!
  19. There are also better front-ends for the build in Windows 7 & 8 firewall, stuff like TinyWall.
  20. Yes, Privatefirewall... or PC Tools Firewall Plus: fwinstall.exe 10mb, official link & mirror
  21. Windows 9 to hit Beta in May... you have to make it at least before that Nuhi!
  22. But speaking of T-Clock, for Windows 7 people should use T-Clock 2010, there is even a x64 build.
  23. I also went and tried some, Directory Opus Pro and XYplorer are the only ones that can do it. And they even have separate drop down menus for the undo history, Directory Opus Pro like: And XYplorerFree, the free edition of XYplorer like that: Sadly you were right, none of the other mentioned freeware explorers can do multiples. But I'll mail them with this request...
  24. All 3 do have Edit / Undo, if that's what you mean, i recommend to switch immediately. And unlike the Windows 7/8 Explorer you can freely customize them to your liking...
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