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Root Certificates and Revoked Certificates for Windows XP


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I'm getting the same "access denied" on that URL too if I enter it in my browser.
The URLs in the registry entry for the updater seem to redirect to that, and yet the updater works for me!


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People , someone knows how to force this tool to use proxy settings ? It simply ignores LAN settings if I set up a proxy.

I suspect MS doesn't like my real IP , just as it was for some French folks in 360 topic. Otherwise, I'm constantly getting this error.

Oh , and DAVE , it doesn't create any registry entries you mentioned . I tried adding them , the result is the same.


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That's interesting, perhaps only earlier versions of the updater used that registry entry.
I'm afraid only @heinogandacan answer that question, and they don't seem to be around here any more. :(

I do use ProxHTTPSProxy, but I'm not sure that's relevant as it's set to work only with https connections.

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Try using Wget directly to download the files with the links provided by @Ben Markson

6 hours ago, Ben Markson said:

 Download the latest .sst files (from http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/):
 · disallowedcert.sst
 · authroots.sst
 · delroots.sst
 · roots.sst
 · updroots.sst

You can set Wget to use proxy settings:



Try something in the CMD like --> "wget use_proxy=yes http_proxy= http://www.download.windowsupdate.com/msdownload/update/v3/static/trustedr/en/authroots.sst"

Maybe that could help.


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Everyone , thank you for the help ! I was able to update through the manual method , but not with this tool . Even though I've managed to configure the proxy usage for it , the requests were just blocked ! The only way to obtain them was through a well known download manager programme with a UK IP.  And @Dave-H , of course that's not for me to decide , but perhaps you need to edit the post and remove weird text like the word "loud" , I'm not sure what he meant by that. I think it could be shorter , overall , like straight to the point . Too many sentences at the top. And the most important part , please add that the roots update needs to be run as admin , otherwise it won't work on Vista . 

".. entry in the string VERSION should be (missed be) "5,0,2195,0" loud (what is loud?) and in VER "005.."

Perhaps relace should with must. And this :

"...no correct solution for the update of the Roots certificates and revoked certificates found" , but it is found already . Misleading , outdated info.

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As I'm sure you realise, English is not @heinoganda's first language, and many of their posts are therefore a bit strangely worded and need a bit of interpretation!
I will add the note about Vista, but of course the tool was originally only intended for use on XP, where admin rights are not an issue.
I've also reworded the section you mention to make it clearer (I don't know what "loud" was supposed to be either!)
I hope what it says is now correct!

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Hi. This certificate updater is the easiest way to update certificates IMO (instead of having to download rootsupdyyyymm.exe, where y means year, and m means month). I knew about this tool recently, and ran it on my XP SP3 VM and wasn't nagged about the certificates anymore.

What's more interesting is that, this tool also runs on Windows 2000 with extended kernel, and it also updated the certificates successfully. :) Here's a screenshot of it running on my 2000 SP4 VM:


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