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Root Certificates and Revoked Certificates for Windows XP


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Thanks, but those registry files are automatically backed up on the first boot every day on my system, using ERUNT. I can easily restore the registry to its condition at the first boot of the last five days.

Restoring the registry to a point before the problem appeared did not fix the problem.

That combined with the fact that my netbook seems to have the same problem, and it hasn't had the last Root Certificates update applied, seems to now indicate that the update is not the cause of the issue.

I think the fact it appeared when it did just after I'd done the update is in fact just coincidence.


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It now seems that the problem is due to something that changed last week on my broadband connection.
If I connect to another wi-fi the problem does not happen.
I guess nothing to do with the Root Certificates update.
Sorry to have disturbed this thread!

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On 6/24/2021 at 7:39 PM, XPerceniol said:


Thanks! You were faster than me!¬† pokŇāony.gif

Only the contents of the updroots.sst file were actually changed; the content of the other * .sst files has not been changed.

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Hello. I discovered this thread yesterday thanks to @UCyborg. I want to thank @heinoganda, his tool helped me solve the certificate problems I had. I know the author has been offline for a while and I would like asking anybody, who can answer, if it is possible for me to link (to the 360EE thread) his comment concerning this tool to solve the certificate problems that new people may have.

I also noticed that some of the Cloudflare certificates were not updated. I would like to know if this is my problem or something else.

Thanks in advance. Cheers.

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Just ran the @heinoganda updater today and saw this for the first time ever.


Slightly worrying, but when I said yes, it still seemed to work OK.
Anyone any idea why it would have appeared, I'm certainly not obviously short of memory, but presumably this is low-level memory, not RAM.

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