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  1. Yes, it is fixable. In the next update I will make it work for Google. You can also right-click on the highlighted text and search with the default search engine you selected. Cheers.
  2. Perfect! I wasn't expecting to be easy to make v11 work on XP SP2. It is very good to know it is working. I will proceed to make a v11 exclusively for SP2. I will keep then 2 versions of v11 as I do not know if certain errors could happen with this type of modification. Could you try this out in v9 as well? Thanks for the reply. Cheers.
  3. I tried to find a test and only found this --> https://bitmovin.com/demos/drm The test said that no DRM was used. And in https://html5test.com/ says it has DRM support.
  4. @NoBuggingPlz I have seen something that could help with respect to the fonts displayed by the browser. I want you to check in the Windows Registry the "FontFamily" value in the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/360chrome/default/ui_persist_value" path. Regardless of the value I also want to know if you have the "Microsoft Sans Serif Normal" font installed on your OS and the version of it (you can check it by going in the "Control Panel > Fonts" path). And also, are you running 360EE on WinXP? I have the "Microsoft Sans Serif Normal" font installed on Windows XP and if I remove it and open the browser it displays another font (the "FontFamily" value for me is "Microsoft Sans Serif"). Maybe in your case the font isn't installed or it is an old version that the browser does not recognize. Cheers.
  5. Hello, I played a very heavy video under Win7 and worked very well (Windows Media Player was playing it very slowly). Thanks! Cheers.
  6. I think this is related to the load of the icons of the pages you are typing in the URL bar. Try erasing the "icon" entry on the "omnibox_result_view.xml" file inside the "skin.srx" file.
  7. 2 --> I think it is related to slow/bad internet connections. Once I saw that the link "http://chrome.360.cn/360chromelink/fixsearch.html?" appeared instead of the URL I was loading when using a Modem with bad connection. I guess that this is the web service but I am not sure. The link was eliminated from the "chrome.dll" by 00 hex values. 3 --> It is a option from the original Chromium that was removed in recent versions apparently --> https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/4678156/i-am-missing-the-line-for-use-a-prediction-service-in-my-advanced-settings?hl=en (being honest I think that it does nothing). 5 --> The "smart_preheat.dll", "smartpreheat.dat" and "smartpreheat64.dll" files are related to that option and they were eliminated (I do not know if before the removal they worked). 6 --> It is possible to be related to the 360 Account or the chinese connections that have been removed so if it was doing something before I think now it does nothing. As for the others I have no clue if they work (some I do not know what they do). Cheers.
  8. Interesting. I will see what is this about, hope it is easy to identify.
  9. Updated v9, v11, v12 and v13: - Updated the New Tab (Added JavaScript). You can change the values of the shortcuts while being in the browser now. It was my first time using JavaScript, hope it works well! - Fixed a bug related to the password saving and autofill options. Some modifications to the "chrome.dll" file related to the ".cn" entries and the Search Engines made the mentioned options to break the Gmail login page. Cheers.
  10. Have you tried spoofing a newer version of Chromium (or even Firefox) with an UA switcher? I've seen some Firefox users using this method to load some sites they could not watch. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher-for-c/djflhoibgkdhkhhcedjiklpkjnoahfmg?hl=es https://developers.whatismybrowser.com/useragents/explore/software_name/chrome/ Cheers.
  11. Nice to know that, thanks for the info. Which flag did you activate? I use v9 for my old laptop as I do not require heavy sites to load there. Cheers.
  12. I've tried the "Privacy Redirect" extension and it works quite good to redirect YouTube videos to https://instances.invidious.io/ Invidious Github page --> https://github.com/iv-org/invidious Documentation --> https://docs.invidious.io/Invidious-Instances.md Extension (Chromium) --> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/privacy-redirect/pmcmeagblkinmogikoikkdjiligflglb Here is a GreasyFork --> https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/370461-invidious-redirect Cheers.
  13. Updated v9, v11, v12 and v13: - A few UI changes. - To avoid the login popup remnant at first startup I added a custom popup with instructions to change the theme (v12 and v13). - Added Privacy Redirect to recommended extensions. Cheers.
  14. Have you tried some of the recommendations of the following pages? https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95290?hl=en https://www.askvg.com/fix-blurry-text-and-font-display-problems-in-google-chrome/ https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/9548011/blurry-font?hl=en --> See the comment of "Rob Harvey" https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46535842/why-do-fonts-appear-jagged-in-chrome In chrome://flags/ there are also the "Enable pixel canvas recording" and "Font Access APIs" options. Some flags mentioned by some comments do not appear on newer versions of Chromium. Cheers.
  15. Hello, On the first run of the browser (without having the "User Data" folder) you have to press the ESC key to be able to interact with it. What prevents you from using the browser on the first run is a remnant of a popup window showing a login dialog for the 360 account. I haven't found yet how to remove that unfortunately. In the first post you can get more info about some other observations in the "Some stuff I remember that I left behind" section. Cheers.
  16. Also, maybe using a User Agent Switcher could do something --> https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher-for-c/djflhoibgkdhkhhcedjiklpkjnoahfmg?hl=es Here is a page to find some Chrome user agents --> https://developers.whatismybrowser.com/useragents/explore/software_name/chrome/ As the issue only occur under XP/Vista, try to spoof Chromium 88 under Windows 10 x64 or something equivalent. Cheers.
  17. You could try the following to see if they fix or avoid the issue: - Disable hardware acceleration. - Add the flag: --disable-gpu (I've had problems in Linux if I use the GPU in Chromium). - Have you used the ViewTube extension? As it changes the YouTube player for another player such as VLC or WMP, that might do something. - Use a YouTube frontend client from this page (I only tested one of them on Win7 but it was consuming less resources than running the video directly in YouTube) --> https://redirect.invidious.io/ And, can you send a screenshot of the "chrome://gpu/" page? (just of the "Graphics Feature Status" and "Problems Detected" sections) Maybe there is some information there that can be useful. I've read in a Japanese forum that 360EE was having some issues in YouTube as well. The thread did not say anything on how to fix it. There may be some more possible workarounds (I think the most convenient way is using flags) but for now try these options. Cheers.
  18. Have you tried these tools to update certificates? https://msfn.org/board/topic/175170-root-certificates-and-revoked-certificates-for-windows-xp/?do=findComment&comment=1110568 http://i430vx.net/files/wsusstuff/ https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2021/03/certificate-updates-for-windows.html Cheers.
  19. Yeah, the thing about that theme you are using is that it has a very little animation for the refresh button (only 4 frames). You might want to change to the "Chrome" theme that has a larger animation integrated. To change it go to the "User Data --> Default" path and search for a file called "Preferences". Open it with a Text Editor and then search for a "jisu9" entry (if I remember correctly there is only one) and change the "jisu9" entry by "jisu9_chrome" (or to "jisu9_dark" for the dark theme if you want to test it). Cheers.
  20. Updated v9, v11, v12 and v13 - Created a minimalistic New Tab page that adapts to the Dark Theme (HTML and CSS only). In the first post are the instructions on how to modify the default shortcuts. - Added the WMP (Windows Media Player) plugin for Firefox. - Added ViewTube to recommended extensions. The extension works on all versions of the browser. Cheers.
  21. I've found that the Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox works on 360EE (Win7 with v13 tested only) and I used WMP to view a YouTube video using the ViewTube extension. The extension also works with the VLC web plugin (I had to install VLC for a second time for the browser to be able to recognize the plugin). I did not check how the CPU behaved but I am sure it is working less with this workaround. To use the WMP plugin create a folder called "plugins" in the same folder that is present the "chrome.dll" and paste the file inside. Then, open the browser and go to "chrome://plugins" to check if it was properly detected (the folder and the file were already present among the original files of the browser, I deleted them because I did not know what they were, in the next update I will add them again). The VLC plugin just appeared when installing VLC again. I am not sure if it will be the same for WinXP. - chrome://plugins screenshot - WMP on YouTube - VLC on YouTube Set the "Embed video with" option to "Object" and set the "and play as/with" option to "WMP" (for WMP) or "VLC" (for VLC). I think that you can't use the "Enhancer for YouTube" extension while using this other one. The widesize screen was behaving a little weird, but the normal screen and the fullscreen worked fine. Thanks to @grey_rat for sharing the video! https://msfn.org/board/topic/182647-my-browser-builds-part-3/?do=findComment&comment=1203908 Cheers.
  22. Hello. @cmccaff1 I have to say it, this is a very good comment. Everything is very well described and narrated. It is good to meet people like you, and welcome to MSFN! (you were already a member since long ago but it is nice a little welcome ) I know that it seems weird that I am posting here but I wanted to say that. I've also seen the situation and want to tell @feodor2 not to worry about those guys trying to ditch you up, you have done a very good work. Do not let anyone destroy what you have accomplished. Even if they are correct about the legal issues (the bad intentions make me wonder), that does not mean that you have to eliminate everything you have done (at least those are my thoughts). I am sure everything will be fine at the end. Cheers.
  23. I don't know about programs, but maybe you can try Google Meet web service, Google Duo or Skype. I haven't tried any of them so I'm not sure if they work. Cheers.
  24. I'm pretty sure they are the connections mentioned in the "Chromium's startup connections clarifications" in the first post of the thread, where I mentioned the startup connections this browser makes after all modifications (all internal connections). In case there are other types of connections, I would appreciate a screenshot using Wireshark or LiveTcpUdpWatch. The reason why some startup connections do not appear in @ArcticFoxie's modified version is that he copied the "360Loader.exe" and "360Loader.ini" files from the RuRepack version of the browser and he used them in his version as well as he used the modifications I proposed. In the "360Loader.ini", you can add flags to the browser and, in the original RuRepack, there is the flag: "--disable background-networking" in the file mentioned above. I know that the connections left after using that flag, can be disabled but I left them because they are related to a Chromecast service. Regarding the v13 problem that occurs when using YouTube, I also said in the first post that v12 and v13 behave slower than v9 and v11 (when tested on my WinXP laptop). Version 12 was the last option I could run on my laptop but I thought that maybe other computers with better characteristics could run v13 fairly easily. I know YouTube is constantly "updating" its services and website and maybe that's the cause of that problem, in case the hardware or software is unrelated (or maybe it's some sort of combination of all your own individual settings). Also, I use the Chromium 88-based Kiwi browser on my phone, but the browser specs say that it is based on Chromium 77 with some backported files taken from Chromium 88 to pretend to be Chromium 88 for web compatibility reasons. This could also explain why v12 is not having those problems. It may be that there is some kind of instability since Chromium 80 and, in addition, considering the constant Youtube updates and the use of an old WinXP OS, then v13 is trying to do its best. Cheers.

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