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  1. I knew about those but they are basically copies of DC. IIRC the original one was FX browser. TS browser has a permanent certificate issue with all websites no matter what you do. I have not used ChromeCore.
  2. Sorry for the delay in the answer. Can you tell a little more about the version? do you still have the older package? I really don't see why a rebase would change how the browser interacts with websites Cheers.
  3. I believe you can just use a user-agent switcher extension and you will be fine. That's just a little notification Google does to scare you to be honest (at least for now).
  4. AFAIK yes. The modifications are not a big deal, just take a look at this --> https://ia802303.us.archive.org/28/items/360EE_Modified_Version/DCB_4.0.7.22_Modified_Notes.txt Your welcome. I use XP on a 2003 laptop (Dell Inspiron 600m iirc) and it is very slow unfortunately. Rebasing did improve memory usage so I just decided to go for it. Hope you can make good use of the browsers!
  5. How much RAM does v11 use with only 1 tab opened on your system (without extensions)?
  6. Good call, I edited the updated dates on the first post and in the Internet Archive item.
  7. Do you have a list of the 360EE versions for each engine? I also assume that there are those small engine updates on v9, v11 and v12.
  8. Updated 360EE v9, v11, v12, v13, DCB, and both MiniBrowser browser's files. - Rebased chrome.dll (and chrome_child.dll where it applies) to address 0x10010000. non-rebased DLLs are kept just in case. https://archive.org/download/360EE_Modified_Version Cheers.
  9. To be honest I am still hoping someone will be able to compile newer Chromium or Firefox versions on XP that don't require such "dirty" methods to make it relatively safe/useful for people (ie. patching hex strings so connections to china.cn aren't made ). I would prefer lower versions as the ones in which 360EE is based as the most recent ones consume a lot of resources on older computers that need to run XP because they can't run anything higher. For example, I would be happy with a Chromium 69 version with no certificate issues with its code on github or an equivalent platform (similar to what Feodor is doing). I can't run 360EE v13 on my laptop (Chromium 86) so if there is some other chinese chromium based browser with a higher version than Chromium 86 I would only be able to run it under another "newer" computer with Win7, which is quite weird because the whole point is to be able to use it under XP. Sorry that the reply does not have to do much with the comment quoted .
  10. Sad to see that it isn't up anymore. I actually used some good info from there when I started searching these browsers. Forgive my ignorance but, what does OP mean? Cheers. EDIT: I think it is Original Post after thinking for a bit.
  11. Also, going to see when I have the time to update all browsers with chrome.dll and (chrome_child.dll for the ones that use it) with a different preferred base address (probably 0x10010000) as RAM consumption gets reduced a lot when doing that. I will preserve the non-rebased DLLs in case something goes wrong. PD: Thanks to @NotHereToPlayGames for pointing it out.
  12. Certificate issues are always going to be a problem with XP. It is something related to XP not having support for some newer certificate types. These browsers were not built to treat those certificates issues so you should expect these problems to vary between browser versions and different websites. There are some tools to manually update XP certs as the one @VistaLover pointed. You may be able to fix some of the certificate errors by using that tool. Cheers.
  13. I did some tests (under Windows 7) using Process Hacker's PE Viewer and noted that the checksums for all chrome.dll files (and chrome_child.dll for v9, v11 and v12) were incorrect. After rebasing to another address (rebase.exe, any correct address) and going back to 0x10000000 the checksum was "fixed". I don't know about this checksum stuff but, could it be related to the memory consuption issue on XP? On Win7 memory consumption is not an issue (at least on my end), I've read a little and I assume it is because of ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) --> https://stackoverflow.com/a/4871945 Again, don't know about this stuff
  14. chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blocklist As pointed by @VistaLover for example.
  15. AF, which tool did you use to rebase the chrome.dll file and how? I think I am going to follow that method with my releases as well by default. Also, why at address 0x3e1c0000? Cheers.
  16. I keep the browser files involved with WebGL. IIRC some flags need to be turned on to be able to use WebGL. @Chuck Do you still experience the fonts issue you said before?
  17. You could use (if possible) the Viewtube script with Greasemonkey. IMO it is the best to avoid ads --> http://sebaro.pro/viewtube/
  18. You don't need to use 360EE any Chinese Chromium-based browser on Windows 10 at all I recommend Ungoogled Chromium as it is the only one I use on Win7 for example (you can get binaries for your platform from here) --> https://ungoogled-software.github.io/ungoogled-chromium-binaries/ A Firefox alternative (that is a Firefox fork) can be LibreWolf (Seems nice to be fair) --> https://librewolf.net/ Cheers.
  19. AFAIK those are normal connections the browser does, I remember having those as well on the Ungoogled Chromium build I tested. I wasn't able to eliminate them unfortunately, but they seem to be for some of check or something like that (I can't tell what they do to be honest). Maybe others can tell the purpose of those. https://ipinfo.io/ --> Cloudflare https://ipinfo.io/ --> Fastly https://ipinfo.io/ --> ReliableSite.Net LLC Also, they usually occur when the browser is fetching information from a website you are accesing (they would appear when any extenal connection is made).
  20. No, I provided a package called MiniBrowser_Rebase.7z for that. Your welcome.
  21. I never said this was portable (whatever that word means in regards to that matter) it is only a package in which the important browser files are so you only need an usual decompressor to get the files and avoid an installation process. The user data folder can be set up on any path you want using the --user-data-dir flag when the browser launchs. Probably because the website uses JS for its normal functions. It will assume that a browser that blocks/can't process JS files to be IE (but that's a guess on my point of view). I think it is the default thing on all browsers, you can set the setting as you want after the first launch. Nah, I don't know how to modify the looks of the interface. However, I think you can test installing theme extensions from the webstore. I remember installing a dark one but it didn't look pretty.
  22. Done. You can change the default language DCBrowser has on the settings page.

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