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The upcoming new tool for Win 7/8/+ : My suggested name: nLiteX


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I'm pretty sure people will use it regardless the name.   Seriously, I used the first two versions (nlite and vlite) even though you spelled 'light' wrong both times.   :angel


Maybe you could call it


Huge Windows Disk Phixer or HWDP for short, probably be pretty popular with the euro crowd.

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Since all new OS are based from NT Kernel why not use


Sure, all new OS's starting from Windows NT 3.1 in July 1993 ..... ;) (though at the time you didn't actually *need*/*want* to make them "lite", the game was to add to them things you needed).


A few years later I had a NT 4.0 with only the help/doc files deleted and slightly optimized on a ZIP 100 disk :whistle: 




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ricktendo, nTool looks nice, but it is (probably) widely used. And unprecise, the "tool" part. But it sure looks nice and clean. While nLiteX looks a little messy.


MrJinje, dencorsosixcentgeorge, :)


gendouhydeist, ooo...we have a winner, and it was so obvious. NTLite... that's it, we're done, thank you for participating. Second favorite is nLiteX.

Why do I like NTLite. First it's similar to nLite, then it's not (too obviously) taken, and NT is self-explanatory, which covers any today's Windows version, as X would do.

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... until its done ....


So it still can be anytime (months, years, forever), nothing certain. Ok, I am not wasting more time, do my things without...

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LeakHunter, in one of my previous posts in this topic I said 2-3 weeks (that was said on 3rd of August).

I am sorry if I leaded you on to wait, it wasn't my intention, but the completion of the first public version is near, of course.

I may have been off in my calculations for a week, we'll see.


petrus, I am aware that the development shouldn't be stretched for too long. Imagine how I felt more than a year ago when it started, and on each bigger obstacle question the entire idea. But of course, I love this, and it will show in the tool.

Good about Update 2, indeed.


If you guys knew what details are delaying it, you would slap me. But, I feel that the summary of those details are the key.

And since I see a little bit more hype than I would like, it bears repeating; don't expect too much from the first version, nLite was developed for years.


These days starting to work on a website,that means the critical todo list has finally shrinked.

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