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  1. Well I thought myself a more advanced windows user, but could not follow the guide and I gave it up. I went upgrading to XP home, but thanks for helping anyway.
  2. Could you please to provide a guide how to use these drivers? I'm trying to install them for over two weeks, but the installer files are not doing at all nothing. Same thing with the HD graphics driver, The newest kernel installed from you. Also before I install this kernel, before installation gives several options, NT5, NT6 and whatever, would be also very helpful a guide on that which way to install. Please help, I really would like to make a good working 2000 on my laptop!
  3. That is wonderful news, exactly looking driver for 6250 intel wifi. Looking forward to try it I have the first generation intel core i5 520M. Can you link a working driver than please? Intel HD Graphic Driver supports from 1st to 4th Gen Drivers. But the included packages are different each version. I think your install version was not match.
  4. All right, I have found it and could install the extended kernel. However trying to installing your hd graphics driver, says my system does not meet the requirements. What else does it need? rollup 1 package installed, extended kernel too, frameworks too...
  5. I try to install this v2.4d4a kernel, but it requiers ie6 SP1 installed. Unforunately I cannot find any place to download the full package, any suggestion on that?
  6. Are you the creator of these windows 2000 extended kernel staffs? Is safe to to download the latest English(v2.4d4a) and install or I should go with the V5? Is that so simple, just install?
  7. Come on, there should be some easier way than creating a new installation media and reinstall the win 2000. Some other guys installing win 2000 on 4th gen Core I processors, the first gen should be more easy to get good drivers. Here I've found something, but still not working, because the System Require: W2KSP4+SRP1+EXCore(v5) What is that EXCore(v5) ???
  8. It is an 5 years old laptop; Dell Latitude E4310 and I already have troubles to find drivers for windows 2000. I have tried Windows XP drivers, but unfortunately most of them won't work. The most important would be an Intel HD graphics driver and a Intel Centrino 6250 wifi driver. Can you guys help? Also My USB 2.0 ports are also not working. Any solution on that?
  9. So guys, how and what would be the solution to add EnableBigLba support into the installation disc? I really having hard times here, because after windows 2000 installation it is too late to add... I think I've 20 times reinstalled windows 2000 on 500GB HDD...
  10. Hi, i have tried to install this driver under win2000, but it just keep twelling me some short of kernel 32 problem, exactly like with the original xp driver. I try to install this on a first generation core i5 laptop.
  11. Yes, i am not sure if windows xp ahci driver is compatible, but I thought I do not have better choice. I'll try this uniata driver, many thanks for it!
  12. Well I want win2000 with ahci, because I have more windows installed and painful to boot into an another by changing sata operation in bios every time. I followed the description in your second link, unfortunately it is not working yet. I've used IaStor.sys file from my windows xp, also an another file from the downloaded intel matrix storage manager. Not sure what is next? Maybe need a different code, because in the description is for P35 ICH9 based board.
  13. Hi Guys, Finally I managed Windows 2000 installation on my Dell Latitude E4310, however I could have done it only in ATA mod. Could you please to guide me further how to enable AHCI mod? My chipset is Intel 5 Series/3400 Series. I have the necessary XP ahci drivers from Dell website, what now?
  14. Yes, exactly that is my chipset and integrated it well into my iso file with nlite! However at booting process I get always iastor.sys problem. Is this related to USB 2.0 problems? Can you please to advice how to fix it?
  15. So it still can be anytime (months, years, forever), nothing certain. Ok, I am not wasting more time, do my things without...
  16. Ok, we have the name, would have been better 9lite or winlite, but whatever. I need the program to get rid out of metro and charm from 8, how long do I need still wait? My fingers are crossed...
  17. I vote for Wlite and for 9lite. If you want keep n, than my suggestion is WinLite. Plus or Pro should tag only the paid edition.
  18. I need Windows XP on my new laptop, but cannot find drivers. I'd like to install in ahci mode, my chipset is HM87. I have HD4400 integrated graphics and discrete Radeon 8850M. ​Could you please guys advice a solution?
  19. I do not beleive anything, it is been a year in building process and we did not get even a screenshoot.
  20. I did not understand the guide, but went ahead with NTFS file arrangment and seems the usb boot is working. I can boot both windows XP and 7 installer .
  21. I am not sure how can I create a windows xp and 7 multiboot pendrive. I should use fat32, but when I select the windows 7 iso file, it says too big file for fat32. I've also uncompressed that iso file, but for windows 7 I can give only iso and not folder location.
  22. Yes, at least few screenshot to see how it is looking like...
  23. Ok, Thanks man, I've got it! I'll put just the AHCI drivers into and if BSOD still comes, I'll install Windows 7 to find out which one is the really proper one.
  24. Thanks guys for the help. So is good if I simply select all the drivers and integrate them? Will the windows 2000 installer able to choose the correct one for my chipset?

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