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  1. Yes, it is now (but not when I posted)
  2. What happened to the website, both ntlite and nlite websites are offline
  3. Now that 7zip is final, any chance we will see a update to these? Thanks!
  4. Desktop (like the command line) is not going anywhere!!!
  5. You may have to specify a icon_file and/or icon_index
  6. Now that we know the next version of Windows will be v10, you should reconsider my name for the new nLite to be nLiteSEX S (Seven) E (Eight) X (Ten)
  7. Even as it cuts 14% of its workforce, Microsoft threatens to leave for Canada if its 1,000 H-1B visas requests aren't granted. Source reddit http://www.computerworld.com/article/2687534/microsoft-frustrated-as-ever-with-h-1b-policy-considers-options.html
  8. Inject your serial with dism into each edition dism /Image:<path_to_mounted_image> /Set-ProductKey:12345-12345-12345-12345-12345Then use sources\ei.cfg to skip serial entering dialog [Channel]Retail[VL]0
  9. I think those who have 8 it will be free, the rest it will cost only $20
  10. It would help if you were not so vague... What program exactly, what file extension? How am I supposed to know what you meant by UI options?
  11. Try: Control Panel -> Default Programs If the program is not listed in "Set your default programs" try looking for the extension in "Associate a file type or protocall with a program"
  12. Lets also move away from the "Lite" necessity in the filename, maybe will lead to a better name... Get the ball rolling with nTool

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